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Terminix Complaints & Reviews

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Terminix - Kansas, Overland Park - Failure to honor Guarantee

Posted: 2015-06-25 by    SSJeep
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Terminix purchased the pest control service that I had been very happy with. I allowed them to do the first treatment but the results were so poor that I would not let them treat again. I was told the product they use kills spiders but does not continue to kill new spiders. My previous company had a superior product. Two days after the treatment my patio and roses were overrun with spider mites. I canceled the service explaining the issue yet they still billed me for an ineffective service. They guarantee a refund if you are not satisfied. So why the bill? I called to dispute it a second time but...

Terminix - Virginia, Glen Allen - Pathetic customer service and fraud

Posted: 2015-04-28 by    unhappyterminix
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For background, I signed up Terminix service on 08/29 through James (Contact#479-857-6517). He came to our community and signed-up around 15 people. I happen to be there at my neighbor and signed almost at sunset time. He was in hurry and signed in rush giving the conception that its $80 per year (whereas HomeTeam is $240), so it was no brainer for me to make that call.

The first few concerns I had with Terminix was that I received multiple statements with my first and last name screwed up differently on different statements. And sometimes even the street address is different; I guess...

Terminix - Washington, Bothell - No Show/no call

Posted: 2015-03-10 by    KathyL12
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Called the customer line on 3/9 and representative said theres availability next dat 3/10 between 1-3pm. Free estimate. I went ahead and got the appt. March 10 I took the PM off to wait for their call. 3:05pm no one called so I called customer service. Put on hold and got hung up. Called again and they left msg for the technician. 4:15pm no call. I called customer service again. They did the same thing. It's 4:44pm I highly doubt I will get a call. Terrible service. Terminix should go out of business!...

Terminix - Failed to transfer

Posted: 2015-01-27 by    TUMF
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
My wife and I just bought a house in Huntsville, AL.
This is not our first house - so I've been down this path before, but not with these results.

Prior to putting an offer on the table on the house we were interested in, I researched to find out what termite company had a bond on the house. I spoke to their local representative, who told me that the contract was transferable, with no cost to transfer. We'd only have to pay the yearly fee (less than $200) for their protection service, which included treatment of the house to prevent termites, and full repairs should...

Terminix - Service Inefective

Posted: 2014-05-19 by    Terminix
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Service sucked. Came to my house to spray for bedbugs but never finished the service. Every time they came they couldn't use the proper equipment because it was either broken or being used by another employee. As a result the bugs kept coming back and in even greater numbers. $700-$800 later I still have the bedbug problem but don't have the $ anymore. Stay away from these people. They just want your money....

Terminix - Cancelled service, but charged me anyway

Posted: 2013-11-04 by    humanfly
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I cancelled their services because I was going out of town, and no one would be able to let them in to do the work. Well...they came anyway, and charged me $200. I called and discontinued services forever. Then they called earlier today (2 months later) to verify an appointment. They would have done it all again if I hadn't caught them at their scam. lousy, heartless people. I am on dialysis and I can hardly afford my medicine. $200 wiped me out that month. I was using half doses by the middle of the month. Thanks Terminix, I hope you needed that money more than me....

Terminix - Pennsylvania - Misleading/False Advertising

Posted: 2013-10-25 by    Natalie Z.
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I called Terminix to inquire about their services. They offered me the Ultimate Protection Plan.

The plan states, "Thank you and congratulations. Your home will soon be protected by the strongest pest and termite guarantees in the business. We bring 80 years of Terminix experience to show you what Ultimate Protection really means.

Your upcoming services

Your first Terminix service will include your annual termite inspection as well as a complete pest treatment to both the interior and exterior of your home. Our professional treatments eliminate existing...

Terminix - Virginia, Virginia Region- Chesapeake - Unprofessional Violation of Contract Terms

Posted: 2013-05-04 by    Accused UNSTABLE
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
I cannot fathom how this company can violate its own contracts, keep vague and incomplete records, conduct themselves rudely to paying loyal customers, have outdated billing services, insult and yell at customers and provide treatment services THAT ARE COMPLETELY INEFFECTIVE and continue to stay in business. I was called unstable by James Haugh over the phone for asking why my claim was denied when my husband and I found LIVE termites in our walls. I ended up paying over a thousand dollars for services that the head manager said was originally conducted incorrectly by the man who did the initial...

Terminix - Texas, Frisco - Advertising

Posted: 2013-04-30 by    Kathie Smith
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I think showing the commercials "Termites are monsters" are not age appropriate for preschoolers and early grade students during "prime time". The picture of the termite is too graphic and the phraseology is scary for young children. It is hard enough to get the image of the termites out of their heads let alone the phrase "termites are monsters". As you know, kids will stop everything they are doing to see the commercials and I just feel that these commercials need to be viewed at a later time....

Terminix - Texas, Dallas - Service and reliability

Posted: 2013-04-30 by    Roll Tide
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
We had termites last year April 2012 and signed a service contract that cost thousands of $$. They came out to do annual check in March 2013 and claimed everything was okay. 3 weeks later we cannot sit in our backyard as there are termites everywhere including in our swimming pool. I called for them to come out an retreat and asked they call my cell phone when they were on the way so that I did not have to sit at home for 4 hours. Did not get a phone call and of course they were here when I was not here. I had to call again and told them once again to call my cell and to send a service man not an...

Terminix - Virginia, Roanoke - suposedly rid my home of bedbugs

Posted: 2013-01-31 by    Annie Bailey
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Workers came out on 01/07/2013 to rid my home of bedbugs. on 01/13/2013, I called and informed them that we were still being bothered with bed bugs. I was told that someone would call on the 01/14/2013. No one called and I called again and was informed that someone would call and set up an appointment. Today is 01/31/2013 an I have heard nothing from them. Paying someone $2680.00 for a job that was not up to standard is quit a bit to take....

Terminix - Work was not completed

Posted: 2012-07-26 by    Intexe
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
On 7/29/11 Terminix came to my house at 224 Black Pond Road, Hubbardton, Vt and installed several one way doors around the chimney flashing of my home to remove bats. This was guaranteed for 18 months. The bats returned and two new one way doors were installed on 5/24/12. Despite repeated calls to Terminix, no one has come back to remove the doors and seal the flashing to the roof as was done the first time. I called the Terminix Office at 34 Locke Road, Unit 1, Concord, NH., (603)-622-3651 numerous time. No one has responded....

Terminix - Disgusting &Monster& Commercials

Posted: 2012-06-10 by    ArtC
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
The current "monster" commercials Terminix is running, showing horrible creatures crawling out of drains, eating houses, etc. are scaring the hell out of my kids. They don't want to brush their teeth or take a bath because they're afraid these things are going to get them. Come on, you guys, have a brain! Those are really scary images!...

Terminix - Texas, Frisco - Bait and Switch with price and company

Posted: 2012-05-03 by    Me in Dallas
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Terminix Buys EcoFirst raises prices. No notification. Just bills us.
Mormon Scammer David Royce Has sold out 3 times to Terminix. He's Boss (Mormon) started company and sold to terminix, Royce started another company and sold to terminix. Then in 2009 started EcoFirst and again sold to Terminix. Here is how the bait and switch scam works...
Offer great deals with a contract on auto pay. Then raise prices and sells to Terminix. All on auto pay so people don't notice. David Royce should run for Vice President maybe with these low morals. Mitt needs a bud. Where are all the...

Terminix - Florida - Poor Service/Customer Service

Posted: 2012-04-09 by    bdwoodruff
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
Growing up, Terminix had always been a part of my life. Our Terminix man, Dave, visited us regualarly and was almost like a part of the family. We were always pleased with our service. So when it came time for me to choose a termite and pest control product, I didn't think twice and went with Terminix. I can't sufficiently enough express how absolutely disappointed I am with my decision, and with how poorly this organization now treats its customers.
When I moved into my fiance's home, she had termite bait traps, but no pest control plan. We received a renewal notice for the...

Terminix - California, Chatsworth - Non Paying over time

Posted: 2011-10-14 by    hateTMX
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Did you know that Terminix doesn't like paying overtime?????
I used to work more than 60 hours per week as a tech and will never be compensated reasonably for overtime.
They want to control the time every tech is in the stop and will literally write you off if you spend more time with a customer.
Funny thing is that they will overbook your day and expect you to work only 8 hours.
I am so glad I dont work for these sharks any more!!!...

Terminix - California, Chatsworth - Managers suck

Posted: 2011-10-14 by    hateTMX
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Managers will schedule 21 stops per day or more for the techs at this branch.

Terminix - California, Chatsworth - Poor Management

Posted: 2011-10-14 by    hateTMX
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Management in this particular Terminix office is terrible.
I had a manager by the name of Julia Valenzuela (didnt know anything about how to manage people)
In her meetings she will instruct us to finish our routes no matter what... meaning, if the gate in a house will be closed we had to spray the front of the house only and charge it as a full job.
She will always save herself and blame it all in the techs so she could save her job.
So beware out there home owners, do not fall for this company and specially for this so-called manager she will always be ready to take...

Terminix - Killed our parrot

Posted: 2011-07-02 by    73c
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
We had terminix out to get rid of our ant problem. A guy showed up and im pretty sure he was a new employee. Since he was out we have been getting mail asking for more business. Even we have ask not to recieve any more mail. This guy used a spray can and whatever he used killed our parrot. So, im asking you to stop sending us mail. Have a heart guys, just stop;.

We had terminix out to get rid of our ant problem!. A guy showed up and im pretty sure he was a new employee|. Since he was out we have been getting mail asking for more business:. Even we have ask not to recieve any more...

Terminix - Ohio, Piqua - ants

Posted: 2011-05-13 by    levismama
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I set up an appointment on the 16th of April this year for Terminix to spray my home inside and out for ants. They sprayed and a wk later no results so I called back and I was told they would call me back anyway to make a long story short I've been calling and waiting for almost a month now, nobody calls me back until I tell them I want my money back. The last guy I talked to I told him I didnt want them to spray again for a third time I was tired of dealing with Terminix and their horrible customer service! He basically told me that was not an option. So I told him well fine come and spray...

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