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Santander Consumer Usa Complaints & Reviews

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Santander Consumer Usa - California, Laguna Niguel - Business Ethics

Posted: 2015-07-27 by    julian001
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
This is by far one of the worst scamming Auto Finance companies there is. To start my credit was not that good when the dealer went to Santander Consumer USA for approval; my FICO at that time was 690, which I later found out was good. My payments were on time for over 3 years and I have always paid $60 over my monthly payment, the secondary market in which Santander operates is plagued with similar companies but Santander takes the icing on this. Just try calling their Customer Service line and find out how long it takes to get a live operator online or if you wanna make a payment over the telephone...

Santander Consumer Usa - Past Due but not Past Due

Posted: 2015-05-21 by    Dennis Paul II
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I went through and divorce, during that time frame Santander supposely lowered my payment. Since I have got back on my feet I have been paying more and the statement said I was ahead and only a small amount due each month. I continue to pay above the payment amount. On the 5th of May 2015 I have a statement that says I am current and my payment was posted. The next day I am called to make ammends for a 67 day past due amount for 2500.00. I have been told it was under review 3 times and would take 72 hours. I have recieved a letter cure of default if not paided my the 29th of May 2015 they will repo...

Santander Consumer Usa - over charging auto loan

Posted: 2014-12-04 by    Paulette/Henry Green
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
I have read so many complaints against Santander Consumer USA, but I didn't any successful resolutions. I want answers, the title of our vehicle and a refund of all monies we are continuing to pay past loan maturity.. We purchased an automobile $23, 000.00. We entered and signed a contract, financed by HSBC. It was for 72 month $563.62.. Our loan some how ended up Santander Consumer USA. The loan and our payoff has increased instead of decreasing.
We have paid $565.00 for 72 months and according to Santander Consumer USA, we have a balance of approx. $5, 580.00. This is suppose to be...

Santander Consumer Usa - Late charges and miss placing funds

Posted: 2014-08-14 by    hdiron12
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
We got a loan through Santander consumer USA in 2004 our mature Date was July 2014. We paid the loan principal off June 6, 2014. They didn't even credit our account until after 12 phone calls an 35 days later. Now they are saying we owe them another 768.68 an has marked our credit with a 90 day late. We never received a letter or email about an other money being owed. When we called them they said we didn't make a payment since may 2014. The refuse to close the loan out until we pay them their money that we really don't owe. I would never tell anyone to use them to finance anything...

Santander Consumer Usa - Overcharging, ripping people off, wire fraud

Posted: 2014-07-15 by    Joy and Ron Win
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
IS SANTANDER RIPPING YOU OFF????? Have YOU paid you loan off and made payments on time? Has SANTANDER debited you checking or savings account without YOUR approval? Then pay attention!!! You need to file a claim with your state attorney generals office. I am betting that they receive numerous complaints about this company. My wife and I were financed through CITI FINANCIAL and our loan was sold off to SANTANDER (SCAMMERS) CONSUMER USA. This is when everything went sideways and backwards. We made payments to them via check and within a few months they tried to debit our account for 2-3 payments that...

Santander Consumer Usa - Texas, Dallas - ILLEGAL COLLECTION

Posted: 2014-05-15 by    Dirty Debt Collectorz
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I submitted this resume to Santander Consumer USA Today.
Wish Me Luck

I used tactics approved by the FDCPA and gained trust and showed empathy to obtain money from people on dead obsolete debts. I am currently studying for my GED and I pay my trailer park rent with my current job and collecting bottles. My household is subsidized with food from Welfare. It is hard to maintain my five hundred pound body 500 lbs but I manage. I want this job because I know most debt collectors are uneducated, mentally challenged over weight loosers who are miserable in life... and that's...

Santander Consumer Usa - False pretenses

Posted: 2014-05-01 by    shadows43
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I have a loan with Santander Consumer USA. I was suppose to be given a payment reduction for my truck. I have contacted them numerous times about my approval. I was told I was approved and they would email me the paperwork to be signed. I would look everyday in my spam and email, nothing there. Have corrected them about my email address 6 times. They always say 3 to 5 business days. I have had to make partial payments the 2 months, I talk to representative and they say the rest will be on rear-age of loan. That was a lie. They are saying I am way over due and still charging me full payments. They...

Santander Consumer Usa - Texas, Dallas - Scamming Crooks

Posted: 2014-01-14 by    TxBeauty
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
I have had my loan for a little over a year in which I've made sure to never be late for credit reporting purposes. I recently called to make a payment for December and I was told I would only owe $200 more but my account was fine. A few days later I receive a call stating that I now owe $600 because 1 payment was not received months back. I have all of my payments and recorded conversations that I am sure will prove I do not owe any money for missed months. I am a young woman trying to survive and I do not have money to give away to your company due to errors.
I requested almost a...

Santander Consumer Usa - Georgia, Dallas - Auto Financing Scammers

Posted: 2014-01-13 by    TxBeauty
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I have had my loan for a little over a year in which I've made sure to never be late for credit reporting purposes. I recently called to make a payment for December and I was told I would only owe $200 more but my account was fine. A few days later I receive a call stating that I now owe $600 because 1 payment was not received months back. I have all of my payments and recorded conversations that I am sure will prove I do not owe any money for missed months. I am a young woman trying to survive and I do not have money to give away to your company due to errors.

I requested...

Santander Consumer Usa - West Virginia - LIARS

Posted: 2013-07-30 by    Penguins87Fan
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
When I signed up for the Extended Warranty with Santander Consumer USA, I was told that EVERYTHING will be covered, no matter what the problem is, it will be covered under my warranty. When I had issues with my vehicle spitting and sputtering, all the sudden it was not covered. It was some kind of coil. For it to be covered it had to be over a certain amount and on a certain list of things that are covered, not what I signed up to receive. I drive a decent amount of miles to work on a daily basis, so I made certain before I signed any papers that brakes, rotors, brake pads, if the clutch goes out,...

Santander Consumer Usa - Over charging a loan

Posted: 2013-03-23 by    bilking_me
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 4 votes
I started out with a Loan from HSBC and then it was sold to Santander in March 2010. It seemed like forever my payment would not go down. I called several times asking why and their response was it's a simple interest loan and interest charged after the end of each month. When I purchased my vehicle it was for 72 months that' is what I expected; this was back in 2005. Today I'm still making payments even after 8 deferments and its 2013. I know that I'm being bilked have another vehicle purchased in 2011 balance owed on this vehicle is only half the amount more than what I'm...

Santander Consumer Usa - California - over charging, adding fees, and late fees

Posted: 2013-02-01 by    Marcus D.
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes

Santander Consumer Usa - North Carolina - Join in on the class action lawsuit

Posted: 2013-01-19 by    Okay123
Complaint Rating:  95 % with 73 votes
Join in on the class action lawsuit against santander consumer us!!! It will put a stop to this madness and unfair charges that they are charging people due to taking over a loan from hsbc, citifinancial auto, etc. Santander charged me interest on deferred payments that i had with cifinancial before they accured the loan. They will not show me documented charged and the amount that they charged me, they just told me i owe an addtional $6, 000 after my loan is payoff on 5 / 13 / 2013. This is unfair to many americans today. We seriously need to put a stop to this company!!!...

Santander Consumer Usa - California - Mishandling of loan payments

Posted: 2012-11-17 by    Laura Ann fernandez
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
For an entire year santander has mis appropriated funds, missing payments of checks that were cashed by them and not applied. I was asked to fax proof of payment by my bank and I did...mistakes are are continuously made. I'm given instructions on how to send checks with notes attached to pay principal only as I'm paying my car payment and a half a payment Still they can not get it right. Accounting is incompetent or I am being scammed. September was the worst, I sent 3 checks totaling 1, 100. One payment was missing and the other two payments were applied to some else's account. I...

Santander Consumer Usa - poor customer service

Posted: 2012-11-15 by    Steve N
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
I had a vehicle that was originally financed through HSBC that was sold to Santander after paying the loan off I received an e-mail stating that I would receive my release of lien within 30 days of 7/24/2012. After waiting more than 30 days I still had not received the paperwork. I called and spoke with a representative who told me that they would mail one out. Waited again, still no release of lien. I called again, after about 30 days AND still no release I called and was told that they would mail one out and have one faxed to me. You got it, NO fax or mailed copy. I called once again today and...

Santander Consumer Usa - Payment Fraud and contract minipulation

Posted: 2012-09-07 by    DuWayne Jones
Complaint Rating:  80 % with 5 votes
We agree with the recent complaints against Santander Consumer USA! We are having many of the same issues. My loan started with Wells Fargo back in 2008, then passed to CitiFinancial Group, which we are being told changed their name to Santander Consumer USA. When the name changed, apparently so did my original loan amount. How can they change my original loan payment agreement to a higher amount without my acknowledgement or consent? My payments were 729.00 and I was on time with all payments, how do I go from a contract owing 31, 000.00 to owing 38, 000.00 after months of payment 729.00? but when...

Santander Consumer Usa - Texas, Dallas - Payment fraud

Posted: 2012-08-13 by    Joan Beaudoin
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I dont owe but $1, 900.00 on the Dodge Caliber but Santander says I owe $4, 000.00 I know thats not correct and Im having problems with the car.so, something has to be done to stop them from ripping people off. Anthony B....

Santander Consumer Usa - Texas, Houston - Payments

Posted: 2012-08-08 by    artemiomadrazo
Complaint Rating:  67 % with 3 votes
I have been paying more than I am supposed to every month, and I have either called or used the chat option on their website to let them know that the extra payment I am actually making should be towards the principal. The first request was back in March, I have called them again a couple of times, and they a;ways tell me that the request is already in. Now we just started August, and my next payment is scheduled to October the 14th. When all those payments should had gone towards the principal. Whenever you call, it is always somebody explaining that the interest should be satisfied, as if I had...

Santander Consumer Usa - Georgia, Atlanta - Customer Service Harassment

Posted: 2012-07-03 by    ChiDenise
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
CitiFinancial sold my vehicle loan to Santander Consumer USA and it has been terrible. If the company doesn't receive your payment on the exact due date the phone calls begin. When I say begin, I mean begin 9 a.m. and ring almost every 2 hours up until 9 p.m. I was having financial issues and just couldn't take being called like they had me on speed dial. SOLUTION: I pulled the company website up, went to "About", then "Contact Us" and sent an email to an office where someone actually took action. I told them that I know and understand that I owe them each month for...

Santander Consumer Usa - Bad Service/ Harassment/ Unprofessional

Posted: 2012-05-18 by    Mal2586
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
When I got my car loan, I was dealing with Citi Bank and was reasonably happy with it, well Then they sold my loan to Santander and the experience has been HORRIBLE.

My Complaint is with the OUT-OF-COUNTRY Customer service department. I SHOULD NEVER to have my calls redirected during normal business hours (9am- 5pm) to someone in a different country. Yesterday I wasted over a TWO HOURS of my time, dealing with more than three different agents, Trying to do a simple task with "UNDERTRAINED" Customer service agents. (This was expressed to me by the last agent whom I talked...

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