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Panasonic / Customer service

Reviewer60479 on 2015-12-16
Hi, Never Never Never buy Panasonic products. Worst service or no service once you purchase. We been waiting for the company respresentative to fix the issue and we are not getting any response from them. It's been months now. No Answer and there is no other way to fix it. Once purchased you may either have to throw or loose you temper, time and money in following up and ultimately throw the product out. Panasonic should be banned from selling it's product in INDIA.

Panasonic / No discount

Kotaro Yoshihara on 2015-09-22
I bought a Panasonic VIERA 50V flat screen television at the cost of ¥142, 340- (TH-50AS630 VIERA SN: UB4230062) 5/8/2014. Fifteen months later, the LCD screen suddenly went dark. Repair personnel told me the cost would be at least ¥60, 000- but he would request a discount be given from his superiors because the failure was so soon after the warranty period and reflected on Panasonic quality. His superiors, however, refused any reduction & I would have to pay at least ¥60, 000-. The value of the model today is around ¥120, 000-. A representative of Panasonic called me after I sent a complaint...

Panasonic / Very Poor Services

hemantkumarbakshi on 2015-09-15
With great disappointment, I am saying your mobile phone and repairing service are not upto the mark, It has hardly been an year and I have faced many problems in hand set and now my phone's touchscreen is not working properly also sound is very slow which give difficultly at the time of talk/call. Hence I have given my mobile phone to Panasonic Smart Phones service centre at Vasundhara for repairing on dated 29-July-2015 at Shubham Telecom Job Sheet No. KJASPUP444715PI3842, the set is under warranty period, My Mobile Set is Panasonic T41, EMI Number is 354533060078336 till today, my mobile...

Panasonic / Defective Panasonic Mobile

Dr. A.D. Bindra on 2014-09-27
I purchased one Panasonic Hans set on 30.8.2014 from Hello G dealer Ludhiana to gift my daughter on her birthday on 19.9.2014. When it was opened on 19.9.2014 the display was diffused and defective. Dealer refused to replaced it. When contacted the Company through email twice they did not respond. When contacted service center they said it will be repaired after one month. What is my fault in it. I had lot of mental and financial harassment.I want its replacement.

Panasonic / Problem with refrigerator

Swati1 on 2014-09-16
@PanasonicIndia I had purchased Panasonic Refrigerator Model no. NR-BW 464 VS1N on 3-10-2011. Over last 2 years Refrigerator is giving regular problems of cooling. Though our compliant was attended but every time some or other parts has been replaced and we paid for it. since last 1 week we are again facing the same problem and your engineer has suggested that some fan is not working and its needs to be replaced. (cost around INR 2500) We had purchased the refrigerator considering its a Panasonic make, we never expected such problems. I am really worried about the quality of the product now considering repeated breakdowns. Regards Swati 022 26366036

Panasonic - Ontario, Iroquois / Digital camera

swordfish1945 on 2014-05-03
Issue#1: I have owned a number of Panasonic cameras including the DMC-GH3. I now have a DMC-GH4. The GH3 has never had a proper RAW codec for the Windows 64-bit system. I complained to Panasonic about this in 2012 but still no CODEC. At that time I was told to purchase the third party ‘FastPictureViewer’ codec which I did. Turns out this codec returns ambiguous data for RAW images from the DMC-GH3. Now the GH4 has the same issue. How does Panasonic expect professional photographers to take them serious when they don't provide the necessary tools for their cameras? Issue#2: With the GH3...

Panasonic / Plasma TV 42 inch

Ved Kumar on 2014-03-26
Please advise Dear Maninder, Is this reply to my mail dated 20th March ? Have you even read my mail? I am aghast that this is the standard of Customer support services in a Company like Panasonic ! Please provide para wise reply of para 1 to 4 to my mail for me to proceed further. Regards, Ved Kumar On Fri, Mar 21, 2014 at 6:41 PM, Helpline <helpline@in.panasonic.com> wrote: Dear Mr. Kumar, Good Evening !! "This has reference to the below mail regarding performance of your Plasma. At the outset, please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. We earlier...

Panasonic / Dont every buy any Panasonic products

Balaji_77 on 2014-01-30
HI All, Pls don’t buy any Panasonic products. They dont care any of their customers. I bought a 42" Plasma TV( TH-42PV7HS(Serial number of the model is Y57550013) for Rs 64, 000) by 12.05.2009 and then with in a year it had an issue and when their service center person came, he said the board has cost burnt due to high voltage. they claim to have an fuse insde which would burn in that case. not sure what happen then. I also have a Vgaurd Stabilizer as well. IT is working fine but my TV’s Board got burnt. I Paid RS 6000 to fix this even though my TV was in warranty then. by...

Panasonic - Utah, Enterprise / inverter microwave

Terry Gardner on 2013-06-29
I bought a Panasonic microwave in jan 2013. I had it 4 months and it quit working. for over two weeks Panasonic gave me the runaround, first they wanted me to send a copy of my receipt by email, that would have been alright if they gave me the right email address, which they didn't. They left part of it out. The only place they take phone call about microwaves is in the Caribbean, you can't talk to an American at all. The next thing they give me the address for a repair shop close to my home. I call the shop the owner informs me that he only repairs tvs for Panasonic. I call the...

Panasonic - England, Hampshire, Portsmouth / panasonic cut me off,after i phoned them

john etheridge on 2012-06-11
I rang up panasonic this morning, 11.6.12, i wanted to ask a question about one of your hooversMCUL712'S, I wanted to know, another name for the angle of the panasonicMCUL712'S 90 degrees turning circle, is it a right angle, left angle, centre angle. I am disgusted by your customer service, i was on the phone for 10 mins, then your staff cut me off, i am so cross with your company, apparently you charge a pound a minute, ive lost 10pounds because of you, you have ruined my day, i want that 10pounds, because they have cut my wages at work, i didnt even get an answer that i wanted.

Panasonic - Maryland / remote controller

Christian17 on 2012-03-21
I purchased a 42 Inch Panasonic Viseo in late January 2012, I had to wait a few weeks until install. I opened the box and there was not a remote control. I immediately called Panasonic and on 2/10/12 I faxed them all of the required information; proof of purchase, etc. I had to call a few days later to ensure that they recieved; first horrible service issue. Once I did, I contacted them again some days later and they told me it was on back order until 2/24/12. I called them on 2/24/12 and they proceeded to tell me it was still on backorder and could not provide me with a date as to when it...

Panasonic / NOT RECEIVED

CINNABON on 2012-02-17
Booked At Booked On Delivered At Delivered On Details SAUDI ARABIA 04/02/2012 Not Available Not Available Details Date Time Status At Event 04/02/2012 20:48:00 Origin Office Item Booked 06/02/2012 07:34:00 SAUDI ARABIA Item Bagged 07/02/2012 05:21:28 INDIA Item Bagged 07/02/2012 05:36:25 Exchange Office Sent for Customs Verification 08/02/2012 18:12:01 NEW DELHI Item Received 09/02/2012 00:50:47 NEW DELHI Item bagged for VARANASI CANTT 09/02/2012 04:09:48 PALAM TMO Bag Received 09/02/2012 05:13:22 PALAM TMO Bag Despatched to VARANASI CANTT 09/02/2012 18:33:58 VARANASI CANTT Bag Received 09/02/2012 18:37:23 VARANASI CANTT Bag Opened 09/02/2012 18:37:23 VARANASI CANTT Item Received

Panasonic - California / Plasma TV Poor Quality

StephenMM on 2012-01-12
I purchased a Panasonic 50" Plasma TV, model # TC-P50G10. The TV only lasted just over 2 years, and it wouldn't turn on again and the power light blinks 5 times when I attempted to turn it on. Bought the TV to one of the authorized repair shop suggested by Panasonic, found out that 3, YES, 3 BAD circuit boards, estimated the repair cost for almost $700, just ridiculous! Panasonic wouldn't stand behind their product, nor cover a portion of the repair cost due to the POOR quality. Ended up throwing that TV away since it's not worth of spending the money, and bought another brand...

Panasonic - Nevada, Las Vegas / Customer Gouging

dlmvegas on 2011-10-09
Purchased a HDD Camcorder. Upon getting a new computer and not using the camcorder for awhile I have misplaced the software disc. Panasonic doesn't put their software on their support site for download as most major companies do. They would prefer that you pay them for another disc. I told them about the other companies but no we want to gouge you even more. Stay away from Panasonic products. They're not that good as far as quality goes and it you need any replacement items be prepared to be raked over the coals to pay for them. Needless to say I won't be buying any further products that this company makes.

Panasonic / Inferiority

Paul W Scott on 2011-09-10
I used to believe that Panasonoic products were among the best. Had I not believed that I would have taken so long to realize that they are inferior. 3 strikes and you are out, Panasonic! I'll never buy your products again! (1) I bought my wife a Panasonic Lumix camera. Much of the time when outdoors the you can't see an image on the LCD. Also, picture quality is inferior to my Canon's. (2) The key pad on my Panasonic telephone/ answering machine sometimes takes multiple presses to input a digit & other times it inputs the digit twice. Also, its developed a loud irritating hum when...

Panasonic - Pennsylvania, Trevose / false pricing

Nina_L on 2011-04-06
I purchased a plasma TV through employee purchase program at what I thought was a great price $751.67. When I tried to track the status of my order a few days later, the order tracking showed a much different price - $1, 769.00! I wrote to their customer service, and they said that it was a type-o on their website that day, but the price is $1, 769.00 and that's what I have to pay...this made no sense, so I called customer service, and they said the same thing! And they said their "pricing policy" is disclosed and it allows them to do this...so I checked and the terms and conditions when...

Panasonic / Panasonic

Gerchu on 2011-01-27
Past April I´ve bought a Panasonic HDC SD 10 digital HD camcorder in Bergamo, Italy. I used it for 4 hours as much without troubles, except for a poor color balance in general. Past weekend, my camcorder has fallen from my hands to the flor from a height of one foot having not any noticieable exernal damage. After this, my camcorder has shown a failure at its LCD display and unrecognizing the SD card. Once contacted with Panasonic of Argentina, they told me that such camcorder is not under guarantee or service responsability in my country given it was not sold in Argentina offering me an...

Panasonic - California, Huntington Beach / faulty electronics

foadurab on 2011-01-11
As like many others I bought a $1700.00 Panasonic TH50PX60U Plasma that after 2 years does not work 10 blinks of death.Seems like now days everything is about high profits and staying ahead of the competition at the expense of the consumer any problem will be addressed (after warranty runs out) just put it out on the market and the next model will probably have the fix.The only way to response is to personally to consider that company out of business so not only the type of product you bought but all products from that company in this case Panasonic. Very Dissatisfied Consumer: Guy Lazzaro

Panasonic / High repair cost

The mail forwarded to Panasonic is as follows, Irrespective of this they want us to pay 8600.00 Rs. ________________________________________ From: HELPLINE@npi.panasonic.co.in [mailto:HELPLINE@npi.panasonic.co.in] Sent: Monday, October 18, 2010 2:23 PM To: Aman Monga Cc: VINOD.SHARMA@npi.panasonic.co.in; vinodsharma.npi@gmail.com Subject: Re: Complaint Registration NO- 019680 Dated: 16.10.2010 Dear Sir, We thank you very much for purchasing our product. We are in receipt of your E Mail Dated 17th Oct 10 addressed to our Help Line. We have noted the contents there in. We regret for the...

Panasonic / Stole our money

Leon on
We had purchased a Panasonic hybrid phone system from this company after ours was hit by lightning and destroyed. When we hired a local company to come and install the unit, it was set up and plugged in. It would not turn on. KX-TD.com was contacted. We were told too bad so sad. No refunds and no exchaged after 5 days of receipt. It took 5 days to get someone here to install the unit!! We sent the unit back. They accepted it, but still refuse to refund our money or give us a new working unit. This company will send you defective merchandise. They have a no refund policy. When you return the defective merchandise, they will accept it, keep it, NOT REPLACE it and keep your money too!! BUYER BEWARE!!!
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