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Micro Center - California, Tustin / No help and worthless manager

Going downhill on 2013-06-29
This place has the worst service that I've ever encountered. All I wanted was some help buying a Windows product. The Service Desk at the front of the store said that they had no time to call a salesperson for me. When I got to the back of the store, there were 6 guys standing around doing nothing. The first guy I asked acted like I was bothering him. The second guy was just as annoyed. I asked for a manager and was told that he would know nothing. All he does is manage them. This was correct. The manager (Greg Zupan) was very rude, indifferent and uninformed. I asked for his boss'...

Micro Center - California, Tustin / Customer Service

Jeems96 on 2012-11-04
I called to inquire about a laptop, to see if they have any in stock. A lady answered and was very snippy, as if I was wasting her time. She told me she was going to transfer me, I let the phone ring for about 5-7 minutes. She picked up after the wait and said no one was going to answer, would I like to try to wait more? If no one was willing to help, why would I wait? Too bad for them, it was a $2000+ laptop. I'm going to Fry's electronic, same attitude, cheaper prices.

Micro Center - Ohio, Mayfield Heights / Bad CSR

tch647 on 2011-12-04
Purchased a laptop at check-out, CSR advised me that card was denied. Knowing there was more the enough funds to carry the purchase. Tried couple more times, with same result. So gave addition cards, same thing. When question about this she advised me my funds where the issue not the machine or cards. We then used my wife card that went though. Once home I contacted my card holder which I was informed funds where remove from all accounts for the purchase price. That store would have to release funds back into my 3 accounts, that may take 7- 14 days. When trying to contact store got recording...

Micro Center / Very unefficient customer service

shipraidar on 2011-11-11
I have never felt so frustrate dealing with any customer service before. Dealing with Micro center is. I made an online order to purchase 2 printers used my citi virtual credit card. I have been contacted 3 times because they can't verify my billing address with citi. Every time, I have told them it is a virtual credit card, you will need to mention it when you contact the credit card company. After the 3rd call, I said I will contact my bank to see what the issue is. I talked to my bank and I was told as long as they tell the bank customer service people it is a virtual card, and provide...

Micro Center / Avoid them

taxkik on 2011-09-28
I bought an OEM Samsung notebook drive from MicroCenter 1.5 years ago, with what was supposed to be a three-year warranty. The drive failed. Samsung said it was a 'grey market OEM' that was not supposed to be sold in the U.S. I took the drive back to MicroCenter, but they refused to accept any responsibility or make any kind of refund or exchange. Moral of the story: Do NOT buy OEM products from MicroCenter unless you like gambling.

Micro Center / Trying to sell returned bad stuff

customeri on 2011-05-25
Argh! Bought 2 hard drives. Opened at home. One hard drive okay; another showed signs of being used before (opened pack with bolts), and lo and behold -- it turned out to be bad. It must have been returned before and then pushed back to the next unsuspecting customer. Wasted an hour, gonna waste more going to the store and exchanging it. I am very disappointed... No, it wasn't even a "refurbished" deal or something; a usual sale.

Micro Center / Don't go there

kolortech on 2011-05-13
Needed product for easter sunday. I was hoping to swing by pick up item and be on my way to visit family. the item was a clearance wieless keyboard. description said it was complete. I have never been so angry...When the csr brought it out to me i handed him the money as I asked if I could open the package and check the item. he said sure. so as I was opening the box he proceded to check me out. I noticed that the wireless usb thing was missing. so I told him. he handed me the receipt and said I had to take it up in the returns dept. on the other side of the store. I asked him if he could just...

Micro Center - New York, Westbury / THEY SELL GARBAGE


Micro Center - Ohio, Cincinnati / Paid for no repair

To make a long story short, I took my computer in for repairs. It took them two weeks, and I got it back the way I brought it to them, not working. I took it to another computer store, in less than five minutes, it was working. The best part, no charge. Micro Center was threatening me to charge me more money to have it looked at a third time. I was very happy that I was able to find another computer repair shop. Never again will I take my computer to them for anything. If they cannot see the problem staring them in the face, they do not know what they are doing.

Micro Center - New York / Netbook Purchse That Was Damaged

Cadogan on
I purchased a Netbook from MicroCenter on 11-01-10 in Yonkers, NY. I drove home to my house in Milford, PA to turn on the computer and notice a small round spot on the screen. I bought the computer refurbished for $199 and was told by the salesperson that I had a 30 day warranty on the netbook(Acer Aspire One). When I returned the computer to MicroCenter, I was told that it has a crack in the LCD, and that it was considered physical damage and that they couldn't help me. I spoke with managers and was told that they couldn't do anything for me. As it stands now, they want me to pay...

Micro Center / This is a scam by Microcenter or its refurbishing center

Kaleus on
Microcenter in Patterson NJ is passing off non OEM 3rd party equipment as part of their "factory refurbished DS" product. I purchased the Nintendo DS for $79.99 and it was supposed to come with a wall charger from Nintendo. When I got home and plugged it into the wall it fell apart because the screws holding the recharger together were missing (had been removed and were not in the packaging)- It was only held together by friction. Careful inspection of the charger revealed it was made by "Nintondo" not Nintendo. I returned to the store (waiting in lines for 1 hour) for an exchange. The...

Micro Center / As a consumer, this was the worst experience ever

Rimboo on
Do not buy a computer protection plan from Micro Center ! Rip Off! I purchased a desktop computer in August of 2008 and had a problem with it a year later. I called for help and was transferred around for TWO Hours and then they disconnected me. Then, I was told that my protection plan expired the month before. Really? I gathered my paper work and had purchased a THREE year plan; I still had TWO years left on it. Now, I had to go through the hassle of getting a new claim # etc. all over again. After running this time consuming gauntlet, yet again I was told it was a software problem and they...

Micro Center / This place is a rip off

This place is a RIP OFF! Customer service and tech support are an absolute joke. I bought my laptop here (a Sony VAIO $1999) three years ago and purchased their platinum protection plan ($500). Their sales reps smiled and congratulated me on my purchase, walked me and my purchases to the car, and explained that if anything should go wrong or happen to my new laptop, just bring it in, its covered and they'll take care of it... Cut to December 2008, my laptop was overheating, I took the laptop back for servicing. After some confusion with passwords, I was told a week later it was ready...

Micro Center / False advertisement and bad service

Trubolt on
I never notice this company's existence until recently.I decided to give this company a try not because of word-of -month but because of their Ads mailed to my house. Normally, I don't buy computer parts from stores like Best Buy, Fry's, or Micro Center, because their staffs are normally lacking of computer knowledge, and their customer services is not as good as private owned local computer stores. I finally made it to their Duluth store to shop for Father's day present. There were sales representatives walking around the store, but no one seemed care to say Hi or try to...

Micro Center / Buyer beware

Shamss on
I went to local Micro Center located in Marietta, Georgia store on 2/11/09 to purchase a laptop that was on sale. When I arrived at the PC/laptop department there were three salesmen on the floor, two of which appeared to be assisting customers. The store had very low customer traffic and there appeared to be sufficient staffing. When I approached the two different salesmen to help me locate an available salesperson in the PC/laptop dept., I was immediately told "I am busy with a customer...SIR!" and was ignored. All I wanted was for either to contact another sales associate who would be able...

Micro Center / No Service on Extended Warranty

I purchased an extended warranty on my desk top. When one of my drives failed, I called for service. I was told that the part would be ordered and I would be contacted when it was received. After not hearing for weeks, always receiving different and conflicting information. First, the part was on back order, then I was told the part was in (I was given a tracking number) and a tech would call to schedule a service dage. When no tech called, I phoned the company again and I was told that the part just came in that day and again, a tech would call. When I received no call from a tech, I called...

Micro Center / Do not buy their products

Dullo on
I bought an OEM Samsung notebook drive from MicroCenter 1.5 years ago, with what was supposed to be a three-year warranty. The drive failed. Samsung said it was a 'grey market OEM' that was not supposed to be sold in the U.S. I took the drive back to MicroCenter, but they refused to accept any responsibility or make any kind of refund or exchange. Moral of the story: Do NOT buy OEM products from MicroCenter unless you like gambling.

Micro Center / Inconsistent customer service

Brad on
Ordered Acer Aspire AS5515-5831 notebook from on-line store for pick-up today. The store accepted the order, took credit-card information and printed the confirmation. Then I have got pick-up cancellation message: item is not available, even when it was shown on-line as available and took the order. What a mess! This is not the first time that I had misinformation from this vendor. Of course sometimes it has good deals, but customer service is horrific.

Micro Center / Fraud and scam

Tony on
Bought the computer, PowerSpec V350 on Sept. 22, 2008. Paid additional cost for one-year warranty at $39.99 includes 'Lemon Policy'. The computer was prone to freeze (5-10 times everyday). Finally decided to bring it for repair on Feb. 3, 2009. Got worse, not only with prone freezing, but it refuses to add or delete some info on the computer. Called a couple of computer experts, not with Micro Center. One of them told me the repair service at Micro Center does not know how to repair, but made it worse. With mt wits'end, I went back and declared the computer as a complete lemon. They...

Micro Center / Totally unacceptable

Johnson on
On December 13, 2008 I purchased a Sceptre 22'' LCD Monitor at the Micro Center in Wesbury New York. I pay a total price of $174.00 with the applicable tax and a rebate of $40.00 as advertised. All the necessary paper work and receipts were mailed to the Sceptre Rebate Offer. It's almost 4 months now and I haven't receive any rebate from the Sceptre . I contacted the Sceptre via email but nobody respond or email me back stating my issue with the rebate. The Micro Center are aware of these rip off practices by this Company but they said it is a third party so they are not responsible. That's totally unacceptable.
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