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Geek Squad Complaints & Reviews

Best Buy Geek Squad - Minnesota, Minneapolis / Geek Squad Protection Plan

Fritzjoelle29 on 2016-04-05
Best Buy / Geek Squad It has been over 48 hours since my last call. I have still not received an email confirming my refund of $250.02. I would really like a response back regarding this matter. I am now paying interest on your charge. Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone On Wednesday...

Geek Squad - New York, South Glens Falls / Kaspersky Security

Reviewer55145 on 2015-12-14
I purchased an H/P Pavilion 20 All in One June 2013 with Kaspersky Security and after 2 years, I renewed. Had problems after 2 years and was referred to the Geek Squad as I had all kinds of viruses according to the Geek Squad. How did this happen with the protection I paid for? The Geek...

Geek Squad / Phone Protection Plan

Reviewer54355 on 2015-10-13
I too was lied to in order to get me to purchase the protection plan. I have had protection on cell phones through Sprint with Assuron for years. Was told this was soooo much better because there was no deductible. One son dropped his phone on Saturday...went to Sprint...had a new phone in...

Geek Squad - Alberta, Calgary / New bought Laptop

Reviewer40699 on 2015-09-24
Called geek squad if they can help me with my new laptop since it was telling me that I have to log in as administrator every time I update an old game of mine. The agent told me it's an easy fix (agent name is Brandon P) and started asking for my visa info. To make the story short...

Geek Squad / Geek Squad Ruined My Computer

dwismith on 2015-06-20
A couple of years ago, I was getting virus warning messages on my computer, so I took to Best Buy/Geek Squad to be cleaned. They also installed Kaspersky Antivirus on it and said if there were any further problems, they would correct it for no charge. At the end of a year, I started...

Geek Squad / Phone Protection Plan

Caribrico on 2015-04-20
It is sad to see how Best Buy train its employees to lie in order to sell Protection Service for Cell Phones. I was clearly told that there will not be a fee assessed if ever my phone needs to be replaced. Customer beware, I PLEDGE not to ever trust ANY PROTECTION PLAN FROM GEEK SQUAD. I...

Geek Squad Cell Phone Service Plan / Scam

Atwoo on 2015-03-31
I purchased a cell phone protection plan from Geek Squad in December. I told them I had the protection plan before and I liked it. However, they failed to tell me that the plan had changed in the following ways: 1) service is no longer available in store 2) there is a $200 deductible each...

Geek Squad - California, Tustin / &Cheat Squad& not Geek Squad

JamesKingsley on 2015-02-26
“Cheat Squad” would be a more appropriate company name. Seems the company’s business model to “sell the $200 protection plan” and don’t worry about the fall out if your skill set is subpar for making in house repairs…. A simple task of installing...

Best Buy Geek Squad - New York, New York / Backup Data Scam

geekscam on 2014-12-19
has anyone brought a computer to Best Buy (or its “Geek Squad”) to have the data on that computer transferred to another computer/drive, and ultimately were told that the old computer drive was corrupt (or some such), so that if you wanted the data transferred the old drive...

Geek Squad / phone replacement

multisync4441 on 2014-11-27
I purchased 2 Samsung Galaxy 4s and a IPhone 5s... Spent over 500 dollars in the store. The Best Buy representative advised that I get a better insurance for my phones instead of Sprint. He informed me that my phone would be replaced if lost, stolen, or dropped. I specifically asked if it...

Geek Squad Data Recovery / Geek Squad Data Recovery Center= FRAUD

ARJ123 on 2014-11-25
On October 20th, I had accidentally deleted my entire camera roll from my Android S4. My first child's first year was on that phone so I was willing to do whatever it took to get them back. After being up all night researching ways to get the pictures back, I decided to go to Best Buy...

Geek Squad - Kentucky, Paducah / Product replacement/Customer Service

Susan Bare on 2014-10-15
1. No notification was sent to Geek Squad subscribers of the policy change for service. You have our e-mail. 2. No signs posted for customers to know that they need to make an appointment for service 3. No sign means that no one lets you know you need an appointment until they have time to...

Geek Squad-best Buy - California, Costa Mesa / Phone Insurance

Adriana Rodriguez on 2014-10-02
I believe that all of us consumers who have been mislead by the Geek Squad and Best Buy Cell Phone Insurance Contract are entitle to file a Class Action Law Suit! All of us discovered that when you sign up you are lied to assuring the repair of your broken cell phone on the spot and once...

Geek Squad / refuse to replace phone

fordkid50 on 2014-09-22
geek squad refused to replace my phone because it had a bent frame and cracked screen when i dropped it, after checking with my carrier they said if i had insurance with them they could replace the phone with little or no service fee because geek squad wants to charge $150 to fix my phone...

Best Buy Geek Squad / Continued charges despite cancelling

MP85 on 2014-07-07
After carrying the protection plan for a few months, I had called to request canceling the monthly renewal back in Jan. 2013 and was verbally told it would be cancelled. Despite that - my card has continued to be charged for the last 18 months!!! I called again in June, 2014, to again...

Geek Squad - Washington, Gig Harbor / TV DVD connection

Gig Harbor, WA on 2014-06-19
I had Comcast install HD on three of my TVs and afterwards my DVD would not work. When I called Greek Squad the first time I was quoted $149.99, for all three TVs, and I confirmed the price for the three TVS. I said I would call back if I could not see what the problem was and fix it...

Geek Squad Best Buy - California, Los Angeles / They cost me over $500

Jason Kr. on 2014-04-05
Ill preface this with stating that I'm relatively computer savvy, however there are times when I simply do not have the time to fix the issues caused by my families web browsing habits, nor the patience. I've utilized Geek Squad quite a few times since the late 2000's with...

Best Buy Mobile/geek Squad - New Hampshire, Portsmouth / Poor product and customer service

7942 on 2014-02-08
We were up for new phones. Instead of getting our phones directly from Sprint we went to Best Buy instead. We got three of the same phone, and purchased the Geek Squad service agreement for all three. Thank goodness we did, as we have had nothing but problems with two of the phones -...

Geek Squad / Best Buy / Child endangerment

Diana6656 on 2014-01-15
I had purchased a 1 year geek squad protection plan on my young child's laptop. When the membership renewal time rolled around I decided not to renew. I already had webroot protection for 3 computers and each time I tried to activate my version of webroot it would revert back to a...

Geek Squad / Annual Contract

marheart on 2013-09-21
My request is uncomplicated and straight forward. I want confirmation that I paid $99.99 for the annual renewal of Geek Squad household computer protection program. And I want the paid for renewal contract. After hours and hours on the phone being transferred and put on hold, and sending...

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