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JC Penny / Furniture Order Attempt

BSmith357 on Feb 23, 2016
February 23, 2016 The Order From Hell By The Company From Hell To try and communicate to you how deeply upset and disturbed I am at the level of gross incompetence I have encountered in trying to make a purchase from JCPenny (JCP) is impossible. The events that I am going to recount cannot even be considered in the category of a “comedy of errors” as they are so common at every level of JCP’s ordering and fulfillment process they can only be considered gross incompetence. I do not understand how JCP can stay in business treating customers and handling transactions the way I have been...

JC Penny - Texas, Plano / I was not paid

Coralr on Aug 12, 2012
I was hired a month ago by JC Penny in Plano, TX to work from home. I was told that my pay would be direct deposited and I was never paid. I can not get a straight answer from JC Penny. They owe me an explanation and more importantly I want my money for the work I have done. At this time the owe me $148.00 I am attaching the employment agreement with JC Penny to prove that I was hired by them. Thanks for any help you can give me. Here the person who hired me and he does work for JC Penny. I have verified that fact. Steven Franke HR Manager JCPenney Department Store # 2801 Monday-Saturday: 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM Sunday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM Phone Number: (800) 519-9150 Coral Roberts coral_roberts@yahoo.com

JC Penny / screaming television commercial

dawnleyde on Jan 31, 2012
Who ever approved this commercial should have done some research.. What consumer wants to listen to a bunch of screaming women? Not I. I have to press the mute button on my remote control due to how LOUD this commercial is. Plus, it is running on several TV stations. Boy, JCP must have money to burn in the advertising department. I not only find this commercial loud, it also, in my opinion, protrays women in a poor light. Shame on JCP! I will not shop your new program of sale advertising due to this commercial.

JC Penny - Arizona, Tucson / Defective shoes

pissedintucson on Apr 2, 2011
I purchased a pair of 75 dollar sketchers in January of this year. They have already started falling apart, so I went back to the store to see if I can get them exchanged for a manufacture defect considering I am still under the 90 day policy. I was told that since I wear my shoes everyday this is not a manufacture defect. They had a manager come down and say that they can’t do an exchange since I have worn them and they will be unable to resell them. I stated that this is a defect to her and same response as the associate. I guess you just can’t teach stupid.

JC Penny - Florida, Miami / email saying 1000.giftcard

as a good custermer it is awful that your name is front of trickery. I filled w/all kinds of personal stuff. I was thinking about grand kids in St.Pete, they do not have much. completed your application & it says Im not eligable. What is that I did everything it said. pls send my gift card this is not right. Someone has sent you a WAL*MART Gift Card! From: Congratulations! <certificateslwf@weatherwebservice.com>Add to Contacts To: id50618338@weatherwebservice.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Receive a $1, 000 Walmart Gift Card! Take a brief...

JC Penny - California / faulty design

I bought the Sydney Daybed & Trundle from JC Pennys on 2/24/08. The bed has a back slat 1"x4" 8 ft long that is the manin support for the mattress slats on the back of the bed. My daughter had a friend over so the trundle portion was in use. During the night the back slat snapped in two and the bed center crashed in on my child. Luckily she is 5'5" and 115 pounds and not a toddler. She was stunned and suffered some brusing but a younger child could have been severely injured. I spoke with JC penny Customer relations and they do not stand behind the product. They were like oh well you have...

JC Penny - Georgia / Employes

WOW!!! Treated so bad!!! Before leaving the mall, through JC PENNYS we bought a drink. My son dropped the drink by the bathrooms. While I was trying to clean it up, a worker said to me so ugly, DID U CALL ANYONE TO CLEAN THIS UP, as I was on my hands and knees, with 4 children, she walked over me and said on the speakers, ugly again, that someone needed to come clean up a spill. Then a "manager", said while I was on my hands and knees, I guess here is the spill...allowed to me clean it up while people where literally walking over me, even when I said that person just kicked me...Then when I said something about the lady being so rude to me, he shrugged his shoulders at me. I will NEVER go shopping here again!!!

JC Penny / withdrew $9.95 with out notice

I orderd from JC Penny on line so I don`t have any address and I`ve just noticed after paying my bill that they went in my account for another 9.95$ Showing it was SB Fun Family rewards and I never received any notice, I would like to now if I can have my Money back . my e-mail is danielle3089@msn.com the only proof I have is from on-line banking if you would like it please let me know and I will send it to you. I am not very pleased that they go into your account with any further notice I can only imagine what else they can do. They should not be legal. Thank you for looking into this for me, Danielle

JC Penny / Demographic Discrimination

I placed an order for an item of clothing at JCP. I then received an E-mail notification that the item was on backorder. I later looked at the JCP website and the item was still shown in the color and size that I wanted; however, I was notified that the item was low stock and then asked for my zip code. After entering my zip code, I was then notified that it was not available. I callediInternet orders customer service and inquired as to why my zip code mattered, and why if the item is available in the correct size and color, it could not be shipped to any zip code? I asked if JCP i...

JC Penny / Credit Card

I was just called by someone who spoke a foreign language (sounded like someone from India or similar culture) who had an inquiry into my crdit card he claimed I had with JC Penny. I never applied for a credit card with that company and I do not have any business dealings with that credit card. My husband and I often receive calls and mailings from supposed credit card collection agencies about credit cards they claim are in arrears and apparently have our social security card numbers, etc. We do not have the cards they have listed nor do we pay anyone with nonsense claims that we "owe" them...

JC Penny - Colorado, Colorado Springs / Management

Living 63 miles from the city has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Advantage: By the time I get home from my commute, I am usually decompressed and relaxed. Disadvantage: When I have a bad customer experience, it gives me time to crystallize my thoughts. Yesterday I looked into my closet and decided it was time for new suits. Being economically stingy as I am, this meant my bi-yearly trip to my “local” JC Penny’s, which, as I stated above, is 63 miles away. In the past this has been a mutually satisfying relationship: I give them my money and they provide a suit I can...

JC Penny - Illinois / Misleading Advertising

AND NEVER ORDER FROM THEIR CATALOG. They didn't offer the items I wanted in the store, but said they were available online. Even though I planned to order online, since I was in the store already I decided to buy the new ($3) catalog since it came with a $5 coupon "good for catalog orders or orders from JCPenny.com". Unfortunately when I placed the order online, the promotion code didn't work, so I called customer service. They said the code was not for $5 off, but instead for free shipping. So I said great, give me the free shipping. They said it had to be for items from the catalog...

JC Penny - Oklahoma, Oklahoma City / ring sizing

My son purchased a ring for me for my 60th birthday. I took the ring back to the store to have it sized(they only sell size 7 rings)for my index finger. I ask if I could bring my own gold in so they would not have to stretch the ring, I was assured that they do not stretch but they add gold to the ring to enlarge it. I went to pick up the ring and the band was so thin it was like a wire around my finger. I refused to accept the ring becasue I knew from personal experience that it would bend very easily as thin as it was. Jc Penny agreed to rectify the problem by adding gold to the ring to make...

JC Penny / bogus coupon

I received a coupon from JC Penny before the holidays. It stated that if you spent $20. or more you would receive $10. off. I went out of my way to stop at the store to do some Christmas Shopping and use the coupon. I picked up my stuff and went to check out. The cashier was very quick to point out that the coupon was not valid for any of the items I had. I then read the "micro" fine print. Virtually every department was listed on the coupon as being exempt from accepting the accepting the coupon. It was not even worth the paper it was written on. I know I should have read it prior to going...

JC Penny - Utah, Riverdale / rings sizing

I went in to get a ring that was priced 100.00 in the store ad i got the ring it was too small so i asked to get it sized employee was very irritated but still helped me so we determined my size and she told me she would call me when it was back I asked an expected date or how long it would take she said maybe two weeks because the holiday she then told me not to call she would call me three weeks later today I still havent gotten a call so i called the man that answered was very rude and told me that its not here he woud call when it got in and to not call again.. after work i am going to Jc penny

JC Penny - Alabama, Tuscaloosa / no service

I visited my local JC Penny Department store in hopes of purchasing or getting an estimate of drapes for our new home. I was very disappointed that the associate didn't seem to know what to type into the computer. I had a complete diagram with every measurement in hand. I asked to speak with the store manager and was told he was not in. This turned out not to be true. He must have been hiding in his office. He told me they didn't do custom drapes and referred me to their store in Birmingham which is an hour away. I had told the associate which fabric I wanted. I quess none of the...

JC Penny / Fraud and cheating

I purchased a Bulova watch as a birthday gift. I paid $160 dollars for it from JC Penny store. The watchband was too tight so I brought back the watch. Another watchband had to be bought so an additional $20 was added to purchase. I believe the store could have taken the band back and exchanged it. No way, JC Penny was not helpful, totally not with it in Customer Service. I told them to keep the original band and give it to someone else with that size wrist. Customer service is not existence and clerk all have too much time on their hands.

JC Penny - California, Sacramento / Harassment and abuse

First of all this is for my mother. She doesn't understand much english. She works for a warehouse run by J.C. Penny here in Sacramento, CA., and she has been working there for about 8 years. For about those 8 years, most of her co-workers have or has quit due to verbal abuse. Today as she was working, the lead of her line screamed at her and over and over, smacked down her hand on the table where my mother was working. It wasn't the first time, and she is not alone in this situation. Too afraid to speak up, my mother has stayed working there. She finally spoke to me about this. The...

JC Penny / Account sold to collector

In 2003 i remember paying off my j c penny account. The amount was only $500.00 Last year i started getting phone calls from aacc. This is the collection company that jcpenny sold my account to. They are claiming i never paid. They have no record and they are asking me for a receipt which i do not have. I paid this amount in cash. When i called jcpenny they said they have nothing to do with me and i should call the collection agency. I asked for a letter of dispute from acc and they send me one that said i owed them and i should provide a receipt. At this time i am in the process of applying...

JC Penny - Vermont / SBS Fun Family Rewards

SBS Fun Family Rewards credit card charges - What a scam when ordering online from JC Penny's all of a sudden you end up with endless of these charges for $9.95 each. You apparently don't even have to had ordered the products! I was charged this $9.95 amount on my credit card on 4.22, 5.2 and 5.3. I did not order from JC Penny online each of these dates. I had found this charge two other times from JC Penny and called and had the charges removed but this months bill had three charges on my bill! This is simply WRONG and a scam.. How do we stop this?
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