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Iowa Steak Company Complaints & Reviews

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Iowa Steak Company - South Carolina, Myrtle Beach / Steak/Chicken

Reviewer65040 on 2015-08-31
I purchased 2 cases of steak and 2 boxes of chicken from Rachel at Iowa Steak Company in Myrtle Beach, SC. She informed me at the time that regardless of the 3 business day cancellation policy on the invoice, that if I was not satisfied, she would take care of the matter and issue a refund. After trying a few of the steaks, I was very unhappy with the quality of the meat. One steak even tasted sour. I called Rachel and she informed me that she would talk to the manager about a refund and return my call. I questioned her regarding this procedure since SHE was the one who assured me that SHE...

Iowa Steak Company / Horrible Meat Plus Disgruntled Customer

Reviewer45527 on 2015-08-27
I bought a package of these steaks on 7/29/15 from a young man who came to my door. He assured me these were the best, delicious steaks ever. Well, they were not! They were tough, poor quality meat and paper thin. My husband, who is an advid beef eater, said they were the worse steaks he has ever had. I called to complain about these steaks to a phone number listed on their webpage and the woman told me someone would call me back from the Novi, Michigan office. Well, no one ever did. I feel this is very poor customer service. I was not expecting a refund, but they could have at least called me back. I will never buy or recommend these steaks to anyone. Disgruntled Customer in Casco, MI

Iowa Steak Company / Tough dry and burned!

Reviewer42285 on 2015-08-22
August 21'st 2015. A salesman stopped at my door and I was immediately skeptical. I should have known they would be bad steaks. First of all the salesman was dressed poorly wearing blue jeans, t-shirt, baseball cap, and sporty sunglasses. What kind on salesman dresses like a like that? I think he must have been on drugs and was just trying to make money for more drugs. Secondly the truck he was driving, although newer and had what seemed to be a commercial grade freezer built on, it was dirty and the front grill had dead bugs on it. He said that he was doing some deliveries in the area...

Iowa Steak Company / Be a Believer

Jody Evans on 2015-08-15
I was always skeptical of the door to door people selling meat. On 7/8/15 I made the decision to go ahead and give it a try and purchased steak and chicken breasts from a door to door salesman here in Ohio. My grand total came up to be $165.00. After eating some of the steaks I knew that this was a bad decision. The T-bones were like chewing on leather. The chicken breasts are not real, they are wanna be breasts. The lime cilantro ones are absolutely horrible and so salty that they are not edible for humans or animals. Please believe the negative reviews that are posted and do not buy anything...

Iowa Steak Company - Oklahoma, Edmond / no complaint they are good steaks

barbara< on 2015-04-06
after reading all the negative reviews I was feeling buyers remorse, after buying meat from a door to door salesman.*kid*. and I read the reviews after purchasing a case. I tried the steak, I also had my brother in law try some not letting him know where it came from. he and I and my husband all admit. the steak is tender, has a good flavor, and taste good. there is no smell, if i can afford it in the future after my case is gone I will reorder. They are small and do shrink but we found to prevent shrinkage and so the meat is tender, cook on low ..do it slow and low and they are good steaks. I...

Iowa Steak Company - Oklahoma, Oklahoma City / Terrible customer service / product

mc2012 on 2014-07-08
The worst meat company I have ever dealt with in my life! My husband has been in this business over ten years, even having owned his own company and I've never heard such bad reviews! Their meat is the lowest grade you can receive and tastes like poo! Their customer service is even worse. They came to pick up the truck when my husband quit working for them because of their terrible rap and shutting off his truck at 10:30 at night leaving him stranded two and a half hours out with a pregnant wife less than a month from delivery at home. James the manager at the okc office proceeded to yell...

Iowa Steak Company / Bad Quality

tt wilson on 2014-03-13
My husband was approached by a gentleman selling meat out of an Iowa Steak Company truck this winter. The gentleman compared his meat quality to Omaha, being an avid Omaha steak purchaser my husband was sold on his sales pitch. He bought a box full of meat. Every piece of it has a poor quality, tastes cheap and nasty!! I can't even believe they can sell this disgusting meat. I'm going to send the company an email to let them know how dissatisfied I am with their product.

Iowa Steak Company / Poor quality.

fishmonger on 2014-01-21
Old enough to know better. I can write a summary of all the complaints as they pretty much all apply to my experience with this junk product. Its no good for the BBQ, its loaded with water or other substances to increase the weight and appearance and the flavor is awful. We're now trying it as stew meat, if that still not passes our taste test, it can be found in the dog's bowl. I've not make an attempt for a refund due to reading the complaints and the lack of a responds for this company, my time is worth more than the amount of the refund .

Iowa Steak Company - Colorado, Englewood / Refund not received

CotterJDC on 2013-09-17
Per your cancellation notice, you are in default and owe me an immediate refund of $329.00. I faxed in my notice of cancellation the day after the purchase, and was confirmed received by IA Steaks per Mariah. I told Mariah that the meat could be picked up on August 28 between 11:30 and 3:30 or after 7 pm or August 29 between 12 and 3:15 pm. On September 12, I spoke with the Manager Tracy and said that someone could pick up the meat September 13 between 1:30 and 3:15. He assured me someone would be there to pick up the meat. I laid on the couch in the front room waiting and no one arrived. I called on...

Iowa Steak Company - South Carolina, Spartanburg / Poor quality

cassandra111 on 2013-08-30
This even 2 men from iowa steak knocked on the door and i aggreed to look at what they were selling. All of they had looked great. I elected to buy the 1 box of steak for 100 bucks. These guys are high pressure sales. He was origionally trying to pimp a whole package for 379 dollars. 30 minutes ago i cooked 2 of the ribeyes. When they are in the package the steaks look nice but when I thawed them and took them out of the package, I noticed several things that I was uneasy about. First off, there was a lot of really hard yellow fat or maybe it was gristle. When i say yellow, i mean banana...

Iowa Steak Company - Washington, Tacoma / Terrible meat product

K. Tortorelli on 2013-03-27
We purchased the meats from one of their door to door trucks. We bought 3 boxes of steaks for $100 in February of 2013. We have prepared two meals with the product, and both times the meat tastes funny and is tough as a board. Sending a complaint to them provided no response. Please be forwarned...the meat is horrible!!!

Iowa Steak Company - Pennsylvania, Erie / Scammers

Becca W on 2012-12-11
Came home today from the grocery store and this big red pickup truck with Iowa plates came driving up my street the wrong way and parked right in front of me. This guy got out and came up to my truck and knocked on my window while I was on the phone with my dad. He stood outside in the freezing cold for ten minutes waiting for me to end my call. He was standing on my porch with a big box. He kept telling me that he was the manager of the Iowa steak company and he could give me this great deal on all of these great steaks. He opened all of the boxes on my porch and showed me all of these...

Iowa Steak Company - Minnesota, Burnsville / Rotten Meat

I worked for Jay, the main crook. The leader of the other crooks. They are in fact travelers and will swindle every red penny they can manipulate out of you. The leader teaches prospects how to be crafty and talk like a snake. He reminds me of a carny at a fair, a fast talker who will try to attack any weakness he can find on you. They let the steaks go for $100 to employees and the rip off begins. If Jay feels he cant control his prospects he will cut the head off the snake. The meat is thawed, refrozen, wet, refrozen. They put dry ice in the trucks and still sell the meat. I finally cooked...

Iowa Steak Company - Michigan / bad product and service

Amy from MI on 2012-01-12
One of these trucks comes through my neighborhood often. They have stopped at my house before but I always refused. They stopped again just before Christmas and caught me in a moment of weakness. I found myself being talked into 2 boxes of seafood for $50.00. I was told the product was guaranteed and if I was not satisfied it would be replaced. When I took the seafood out of the boxes to put in my freezer, I started to realize that it would have cost a lot less at the grocery store, but I was willing to overlook that for quality. I started to thaw out the shrimp and noticed it had a strong...

Iowa Steak Company - Tennessee, Bartlett / Meat package Deal

Iowa STAKED! on 2011-09-24
These flim-flam artists knocked on the door with a sob story about needing to get home for the w/e. Boo hoo hoo. To empty their truck so that they could get home, they would sell the meat at a 67% discount. My wife and in-laws were suckers!!! They payed $6.50/lb; I can beat that at Kroger any day, all day long. The internet is full of complaints on them, their practices and their products. Don't be a sucker!

Iowa Steak Company - Texas / poor quality product, poor service

cowponydesign on 2011-02-25
someone drove up to our ranch and offered us some supposed deals on meat. that said it was all guarenteed. he said how this neighbor and that neighbor bought from them and loved it. we were stupid and bought $329 of meat. it was awful. the ribeye tasted TAINTED. tons of chemical taste. the fillets were tough and tasteless. the loin strips had a very funny, bad after taste. i wrote them and they did not answer. i called them and got some response. he said he would bring me down more meat. i told him i did not want the same steaks as they were awful. he said they have fish and i said we like...

Iowa Steak Company - Ohio, Youngstown/Akron / Poor Qualtiy Meat/ Bad Customer Service

donna724 on 2011-02-06
I bought the steak package from a salesman who told me these steaks would melt in my mouth and would have a freezer life of 1 year. I purchased these steaks 12/2010. These are the worst steaks I have ever tasted! They are tough as shoe leather! Within 1 month of purchase, I called their office in Akron because several (6) of the ribeye steaks were black. I ask them to replace them. They asked how I paid and that a salesman would be in touch with me to replace them. Famous last words!!! I have not heard from anyone and I have called them more than 3 times! Do not buy from these people as they are a rip off!!! Save your money and go to the meat market - at least there you know what your getting.

Iowa Steak Company - Minnesota / Overcharged

ruffwill on 2011-01-07
This meat truck pulled up to me at a gas station saying they had great steak for really good prices. I told them I was not interested because I do not cook very often but then they said they had $3 fillet's. I took a look and he tried selling me a case of like 50 steaks. I declined and he asked if I'd buy 10 steaks for $30. I reluctantly agreed. He manually wrote down my credit card info and had me sign it. He didn't mention that afterwards he added on a 10% tip and didnt authorize that with me. He also did not give me a receipt. His name is Ryan and he wrote his number a...

Iowa Steak Company - Tennessee, Nashville / Bad Meat Bad customer service

DD1 on
Bought a case of meat from them.The salesman tried to get me to let him carry it in the house and put it away . I refused. After he left I went to put it away and it wasnt frozen on a 90 degree day. I called him the next morning .He said he would be out that evening to replace it with a new one.. Did not show Did not call.. Called him back the next day .He said he didnt have any meat that he was waiting on a delivery and would be at the house by 5pm .. Again did not show did not call .The phone number on the recipe is a non working number..I put a stop payment on the check .Tried to call and let them know and He is not answering his phone .These people need to be SHUT DOWN ..

Iowa Steak Company - Texas, Bedford / Poor food

I really should have known better, but we were trying to get ready for the 4th of JULY. I thought I'd help out my neighbor and paid $625.00 for the worst meat we had ever tasted. It tasted OLD. I feel like such a fool. I guess I needed to lose that money, 'cause I'll sure know better if they have the nerve to come back here again. This is not ending here...I'm disabled and I could really use that money.
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