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Intelius Complaints & Reviews

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Intelius - Arizona, Phoenix - Fraudulent Charges continue

Posted: 2011-05-31 by    CSword
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Signed up for Search program on a month, one time basis, and did one search on the first day. Didn't use it again. They have charged my credit card for two more months on the 30th of each month without my authorization. I have tried to contact them with no results or response to email. I have contacted my bank and they said that I need a negative response, in writing before they can take it off my account. How can I get a response, in writing, if they don't respond?...

Intelius - Deceptive business practices

Posted: 2011-05-17 by    scott5150
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
They offered a 99-cent special on a reverse phone lookup, which I paid for with my credit card. In making this purchase, their web site kept trying to push me into a monthly service subscription for $19.95/month. I thought I had succeeded in purchasing the 0.99 search without signing up for the monthly charge, but, you guessed it -- they charged my CC $19.95.
Called their customer service (did not experience any long wait time, at least). Service rep told me that the fee could not be refunded (as I had "agreed to the terms of the subscription"). After getting nowhere with telling the rep...

Intelius - New Jersey, East Brunswick - cancellation of free trial

Posted: 2011-04-25 by    Donna Malanaphy
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I have been trying to cancel with intelius since last friday 4/22/11 and have been unable to do so. They are telling me in order to cancel I need to pay a fee of $49.95 which is absurd! You should not have to pay to have a trial period cancelled. they are refusing to to put my funds back on my debit card. I want them to return my money back on my greendot mastercard immediately without me having to pay a uncalled for cancellation fee. I will be calling the better business bureau on this company if my funds are not returned to me by thursday 4/28/11. I need someone to help me retrieve my funds asap....

Intelius - Fraudulent Charges

Posted: 2011-03-17 by    Stefanieroe
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
Intelius submits recurring fraudulent charges to your account on a monthly basiI used Intelius one time to purchase a "report." Since that time, the company has submitted numerous monthly charges to my bank without my knowledge or permission. There is no way to redress this situation; when you try to get in touch with someone from the company there is no way to reach them. And so the charges keep coming and coming with no recourse...and thats the way it goes. on and on and on. And the company does this to numerous other people, from what I see on the internet. They should be shut down if this contninues....

Intelius - Scam artist

Posted: 2011-02-24 by    Jstrong11
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I was charged for three months $19.95 after looking up one phone number for $4.99. They said I signed up for a monthly 100 checks for the $19.95?? Who does that?? 100 checks a month??? really??? In the end no refund??? Scam artist at its finest...

I only wanted to find a friend back in December, and now in Februaery I notice that they are still charging me a $19.95 fee? They are idiots, and I recommend that you tell everyone that you know about this companys shady tactics. How is it that they are not under investigation??? If you rob someone on the street you will most likely go to...

Intelius - Bogus information provided

Posted: 2011-02-14 by    jim678
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Investigators in my firm use Intelius at times. We have found that Intelius rarely has
up to date or accurate information on the owner of a given phone number. This inaccurate information has thrown investigators off track, put them on the wrong track
and created weeks or months of additional investigation. Although their reverse phone
search ads give you the impression you will get a name, address etc., that seldom happens. They appeare to be getting more and more blatent. Here is what they provided
on several recent reverse phone searches. 1. The oowner of the phone...

Intelius - Watch out! Deceptive marketing

Posted: 2011-01-25 by    Elias
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I used this company for a one time look up. I missed that somewhere hidden in the web page, I was signing up for a bogus "identify protection" Missed that they were charging me $20 a month. When I noticed the charges I was working in Africa was unable to cancel fior three months. Never would have signed up for ID protection and don't even want this company to have any information about me. From talking to them, they are usedto this sort of complaint. Am disputing the chrages through my credit card company. These people are deceptive and should be stopped!...

Intelius - Wisconsin, Milwaukee - Ladrones.

Posted:    Chihuahua13
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Desgraciadamente abri una menbresia con intelius, supuestamente era por 5 dolares aprox. los primeros 7 dias, no lo recuerdo muy bien x q ya hac como 3 meses d eso. Hable antes d los 7 dias para cancelar x q supuestamente si cancelaba en ese tiempo no me ivan a hacer ningun cargo, y todo estuvo muy bien, m cancelaron la membresia, pero hasta la fecha m siguen cobrando d mi tarjeta 20 dolares mensuales y hasta 2 veces por mes. Ya he hablado 2 veces para cancelar y supuestamente todo esta arreglado pero me siguen quitando mi dinero. No se como hacer para partar esto....

Intelius - Fraudelant Charges

Posted:    danysmom
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I used their service to look up one #. The site clearly said that one # would cost me 4.99. As soon as I clicked OK my bank (who emails me with every transaction) emails me and I see a charge for the $4.99 AND 19.95. I immeidately contact their customer service-which is the rudest by far. They advise me on how to cancel the membership and that I will receive a refund. its now a week later and instead of a refund I get another charge.
PEOPLE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! They scam and take money out as soon as they get your card info....

Intelius - Washington, Bellevue - Cannot Delete Account

Posted:    Consumer_Beware
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Intelius charged my credit card without my authorization through a company namec ValueMax. Fortunately ValueMax returned what they took from me but now I cannot delete the account that I have set up with Intelius. After speaking with a supervisor, she claimed they are unable to do that for "tax purposes" which is totally ridiculous. No where on their website is there anything telling you how to delete your account. Beware before you give your credit card information to this company. I wish someone had told me this before I used their site for a people search. At least the supervisor supposedly disable...

Intelius - Steals credit card info

Posted:    Tunes2u
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
A $19.95 bogus charge showed up on my debit card...it turned out to be Intelius randomly charging on a Sunday, for unauthorized credit check services. Now, I have to file a fraud complaint verbally to the bank. Then when the bank sends me a signature form, I'll need to sign it and return it to the bank. The bank will then investigate (supposedly) and will decide to reverse the charge or let it stand.

The company Intelius gets off scott-free. No wonder they look for trusting fools like us, because no one is going to prosecute them....

Intelius - unauthorized charged

Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
To Neil of Intelius customer service

I have called today at spoke to Tim without lastname as he stated that he doesn't provide his lastname and he is the only one in the call center by this name. The issue I am writing about was that Intelliues has been charging my debit card for $19.95 without my knowledge and doing research on my account, I have found two charges from October 15, and for today pending transaction. Tim have cancelled my account and was told that he will credit to me the $19.95 for this pending transaction. I am not interested with any type of program/membership/or...

Intelius - Wrong corporation

Posted:    Samy
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
I used a cell phone of a person who I knew the name of and the results turned up two DIFFERENT people who lived in different cities and were not the person I was looking for.

This is totally ridiculous because how can one number turn up two different people who live in totally different cities and none of the results showed the one person I was looking for? I wanted the address of the person but unfortunately I didn't get it through Intelius. Save your money and use another service. You will regret it if you use Intelius.

Total waste of time and money...

Intelius - Cheaters

Posted:    Rott
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 4 votes
I went on-line the Intelius web site once to find a phone number and must have had some extremely obscure box checked that I didn't notice and apparently had to un-check in order NOT to have signed up for their monthly supposed identity theft protection for 19.95/month. Two months later when I received my VISA bill I noticed the charge and called immediately to cancel. I was told that two months of charges would be refunded to me. Next month when I received my next VISA bill I had only been refunded one month. I called again, was treated rudely and told that I was lying. BEWARE of this company!!!...

Intelius - Texas - Beware their website

Posted:    grdowling
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I used Intelius to find someone and was charged $1.95. I was notified that I had agreed to their monthly subscription plan costing $19.95. I immediately emailed the company and clarified that I did not want a monthly subscription. After 2 weeks no credit had been issued to my credit card so I called them and got them to agree, reluctantly, to a refund.

Their website is quite tricky and it is easy to sign up for the subscription as it's posed as a email verification. Even worse, their mechanism to cancel online is impossible to find, even following their instructions....

Intelius - California - Fraudulent charges to my credit card

Posted:    Miklos4569
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I just looked at my credit card statement and I have been charges by Intelius $19.95 twice within a week of each charge... I never authorized these charges to my account and do not know how they got my credit card information! The listed phone # on my statement for Intelius SB is 877-974-1563....

Intelius - Refuse to cancel service

Posted:    Bleighty
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 5 votes
I have sent at least 3 emails requesting that my service be cancelled and the fee refunded.

I signed up for the free trial for people search to find one telephone number that I couldn't get until I had accidently agreed to the identity theft service. I immediately requested that both services be cancelled and requested.

But 7 days later they billed me for both services. I did get a refund for one service but after 3 more requests to cancel, I am still getting billed for the other service. I find that their website is a complete rip off. It deliberatley takes you...

Intelius - Nebraska - High cost for lack of information!

Posted:    Linda
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I paid the nearly $50 fee to check out background information on someone - specifically how many times he/she had been married and found that they did not provide it because Nebraska does now allow it. No where, before or after paying the fee, does it list SPECIFIC states that do not provide information one might need. They also allowed me to view information on other people with similar names that I did not need to see nor was I interested! I only wanted the info on a specific person. They DO NOT provide what they claim to provide and I will advise anyone I know to NEVER use Intelius. They did...

Intelius - Arizona - I DON'T ASK FOR THE SERVICE

Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes

Intelius - Rip off

Posted:    Atkins
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
Used their services to trace a call.When I got the bill from my credit card, they had conveniently added another 19.95 charge in addition to what I had been billed for trace. "Slavia" at Intelius said she could credit me $5.00 since a billing cycle had passed since charge. Asked if I remembered one of the website pages with a picture of something I didn't recall at all.She indicated that is where I signed up for this monthly charge.Have the invoice for the trace charge, but never bought so don't have invoice for whatever they are billing for now.I am disputing with Mastercard.Maybe they...

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