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Intelius Complaints & Reviews

Intelius / Intelius.com unauthorized charges

Chac Savid on Jan 10, 2017
This company charged me $29.95 each month total of 3 months starting September 27 2016 till November 27 2016.i only caught it today while trying to review what I bought from November.this is just scamming people out of their money.i only did the ones time fee of $.95 and was never aware...

Intelius / Customer service

Reviewer44839 on Feb 8, 2016
I paid 3.95 to get phone number of friend's sister, because I can't reach my friend. I know her sisters name, address and got her phone number free off the internet a couple of months ago. So I paid for simple information that said in a list it included the phone number. When I...

Intelius.com / Continued billing every month.

Douglas Rust on Jan 26, 2016
I am having the amount of $29.95 from my bank account from this company that I never signed up for. This has been going on for quite some time and I have been to my bank and they do not have any information on this company. This is the first I have found any thing on this company and I...

Intelius / Background Check to work for intelius.com

Reviewer20239 on Sep 10, 2015
Between May 1st and May 5th of 2013, I applied for employment at LIFE ALERT in Tampa Florida located at 1211 North Westshore Boulevard #110 in Tampa, Florida 33607-4601. LIFE ALERT requested a criminal background check through Intelius..The search revealed an arrest on May 10th 2010 for...

Inointelius.com / Sb / UN AUTHORISED CHARGES

P S Turiya on Feb 21, 2015
I noticed on my bank statement a debit charged of $19.95 on my account by INO*INTELIUS.COM.Giving ref: 8778936132 US. I have no knowledge of me authorizing this charge rom my Credit Card 5176XXXXXXXX2015. Please remove me from any account immediately and credit my account for above...

Data Broker Scam Com. Intelius! / Idnetity Theft and Fraud

FRAUD/ABUSE on Mar 21, 2014
Beware Of Intelius!!! This is a fraudulent company very deceptive, corruptive, steals your identity your name and other personal information and then put in different other names and then if you click on a name that is similar to your last name but will show up as another name with your...

Intelius / refusal to delete my credit card and name information

stephanie2013 on Oct 14, 2013
On this website you register enter your information and then when you go and try to get the information for the reverse lookup it keeps putting you back into the login mode. They refused to delete my information and only disable my account from their side. They said their is no way for me...

Intelius People Search / Wrong Information

Sarge_9 on Sep 25, 2013
I recently Opted-Out my name from the the Intelius people search website. When checking their site after searching my name, they had wrong addresses, wrong relatives associated with my name. I submitted the needed information to Opt-Out and it appeared that they took down thi...

Intelius / Intelius SCAM ! Beware

Jessy1877 on Jul 21, 2013
Intelius ID Theft Protection is a SCAM. Instead of protecting your identity they will steal it! Intelius is actually a data broker. They collect personal data and resell it to the public. Intelius has very bad reviews and thousands of consumer complaints. They have been sued several time...

Ino Intelius / Unauthorized withdrawls

cynwrig on Feb 21, 2013
This company withdrew funds from my account even though I have never ordered anything from them, and have never heard of them. I just finished reporting them for fraud!

Ino Intelius.com / Sb / unauthoried debt charge of $19.95

robenanc on Jan 2, 2013
I noticed on my bank statement a debit charged of $19.95 on my account by INO*INTELIUS.COM. I have no knowledge of me authorizing this charge. Please remove me from any account immediately and credit my account for above charge Thank You Robert Russell

Ino Intelius.com / Repeated Unauthorized Credit Card Charges

ladyengineer on Dec 12, 2012
I appear to have multiple unauthorized charges from this INO INTELIUS.COM company. I have never used their site and have no idea where these charges stem from. I tried to call their number and the lady on the other end said she would help but then the line went blank. This happened...

Ino*intelius.com / Sb / Repeated unauthorized charges

Brenda Hare on Nov 19, 2012
Repeated Unauthorized Charges applied to my prepaid debit card for nothing. This company is scamming people and I am sick of it once and for all. Done! 11/18/2012 INO*INTELIUS.COM/SB Pending -$19.95

Intelius.com / Unlawful charges to my Cred. Card

Herminio Quadros on Oct 21, 2012
This company occasionally submits charges of $20.95 to my credit card without my permission. Apparently INTELIUS.COM is a people search online activity which I don't use, never had motive to use and although, I have requested a new credit card number, the charges continue to happen...

Intelius / Gave out my bank card number

Warningwarning on Oct 18, 2012
I signed up for Intelius to check to make sure a cop who has a lot of computer skills and access to records and computers in our county, was not posting false information to our names, because we had turned in a family member of his for selling photos of kids online linked to mature photo...

Intelius / unauthorized charges

Jammm on Aug 4, 2012
I did a search online (once) on Intelius' website and I only authorized $6.95 to be taken off my credit card and they took that ($6.95) PLUS 19.95 which was unauthorized. When you do a one-time search, you're automatically put into a year long program (called membership), where...

Intelius / Billing practices

Dan39 on Aug 2, 2012
Like many other people who have commented on Intelius, I used the service once to look up a phone number only to find during a review of credit card bills that I was being billed $19.95 per month for a service I did not sign up for. The good news is that some persistence on the phone with...

Intelius / Fraudulant billing

No Schmuk on Aug 1, 2012
On July 22 I ordered a reverse phone look up. Their e-mail conformation was for $4.99. On July 26, they e-mailed me stating that they were unable to provide the requested info and were CANCELING the transaction. On August 1, I checked my bank statements and find that they had billed me...

Intelius / membership fee

2AsMomma on Jul 11, 2012
Did the one time $0.99 charge to do a reversal phone look up. Did not receive any information on the number except that they could not find any information on the phone number. It was suppose to be a one time fee. Now they have charged me twice for $19.95 & have sent my bank account into...

Int*intelius Sb / Bogus (hidden) charges

Buzzy62 on Jul 9, 2012
This site sells an information package (or several types) that you can use to look up information of people (ie: old addresses, phone numbers, etc). When you purchase the package (usually $4-$10), they are "sneaking" in a monthly subscription that costs $19.95 a month for some sort of...

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