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Discount Tire / Defective Tires

ckas78 on 2014-09-19
Purchased 4 Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 tires for my Honda Accord. The tires were supposed to have a 50, 000 mile warranty. After less than 30, 000 miles on the tires and still 50% tread life left, they refused to do anything about the tires - rough handling, bumpy ride, shaking the steering wheel, seats, etc. They rotated and balanced them twice within 3 weeks, but they said it was the car - not their tires. Took the car to a Honda dealership and they did a high speed balance and checked out the car. No surprise that they found nothing wrong with the car, but said it was the tires. Discount Tire...

Discount Tire / Did not honor 50,000mi. warranty

ulkon on 2011-07-07
We bought 4 new tires for our truck on 10/11/10 the truck had 112, 861 mi. we had the truck serviced on 12/17/10 at a chevy dealer and the tires were rotated then, the miles on the truck were 114, 768 the truck now has 120, 912 miles on it and two of the tires have lost about 50% of the tread, and the tires only have 8, 051 miles on them. We took the truck to the store where we bought them and the salesman that sold us the tires said we did not rotate the tires at 5, 000 mi. which he is right, we went 1, 144 miles over 5, 000 and he says that is why the two tires are bad even though their...

Discount Tire / Bad customer service

Lampher on 2011-05-18
at 2010 September i decided to buy a spare tire.one of my relative told me that discount tires have spare tire for sale.one day after my work i went there.it was not a busy day and i was tired also.i waited there for almost one hour and finally i finally saw an employee who were coming outside.when he got in his desk, i went to his desk .when got close to his desk he told me he is helping someone else instead of offering help, this kind very very bad costumer service made me so angry.i got PISSED OFF.then i walked out.i will not go there one more time and i will not recommend this place fro...

Discount Tire / Incorrectly mounted tires ruined my 2 other tires

Wreckaway on 2011-04-20
Purchased 2 Continental tires Countryside Il, 12/10 pending a trip. During trip, 100 mpg less mileage (I have a Hybrid)& have used this car on same trip before. Developed a loud roaring noise over the course of the drive. Because the tires were new, I took the car to the dealer, paid for a diagnostic check to find there was nothing mechanically wrong. Had alignment check at another business, was told noise must be was from shock absorbers. Purchased new shocks. Noise and mileage still an issue, investigated on my own, & found tires were installed with the words "inside" on the outside of...

Discount Tire / Taking advantage of Women still!

Kevin I on 2011-02-17
My wife took here car in to get 1 new driver side tire so it would pass inspection. We regularly get our tires rotated and just bought 80, 000 mile perilles. We had about 25 to 30, 000 miles on them and when she took it in they made a big fuss about how all the tires were bad and that she need all 4 tires replaced and showed here tires that were worn bald only in the center. I know for a fact that all 3 tires were perfect. I checked them regularly as i feared the bad one would not last until we had enough to purchase a new tire. I am just furious that they still feel the need to lie and cheat...

Discount Tire / Talking crap behind my back!

Mangoo on 2011-02-13
I have been a customer for over six years and I have never paid more than $25 a tire becuase of my life time warranty. Today, I was told I had to pay almost $180 for two new tires and that one my tires was 5 years old and no longer covered under the warranty. I have had all of my tires replaced at least every 2 years or less. While I was outside getting my paperwork from my car, my girlfriend was sitting in the wating area and she could hear the guys talking crap about me. The guy I was dealing with, Jason I think was his name, did not explain to me about what was covered under my warranty and neither did the manager. I ended up leaving and going to Belle Tire and saved $40.00.

Discount Tire / Sold me two deffective tires in a row

Bswalker on 2011-01-31
Over the past four months my front left tire has blown out three times. The first time was an old tire I had on it. Not a big deal. I went to Discount Tires and purchased a 75.00$ tire. They out it on and two days later it had a bulge on it threatening to burst. I returned the tire and they replaced it without question because I had a warranty. This next tire of the same brand lasted a week and a half before it blew out while i was going about 55 causing me to swerve and hit a curb pretty hard. I didn't think much about it and went and got the tire replaced with the warranty again. I...

Discount Tire / Bad service

Purchase of Tires: On July 24, I took my car to discount tires to have a set of tires put on my car, which resulted in bent rims. I purchased a 2006 Hyundai Sonata from Keffer in Oct. 2009. I keep this car garaged and drive it on occassion. I took my car to Keffer Hyundai to have the tires rotated approximately beginning of July 2010 to find out that there was a knot in the passenger side front tire. The service men at the dealership suggested I not drive the vehicle until I replace the tire. I parked my vehicle and did not drive it until I got the tire replaced which lead me to the...

Discount Tire / Fired after twenty years on the job

NasL98 on
Discount tire fired my son- in -law after twenty years of dedicated service as a manager at discount tires in royal oak, michigan, over a disputed $60.00 dollars discrepency and a $200.00 customer scam. my son in law is a honest hard working family man and has dedicated himself to discount tire and it's customers for twenty years. discount tire has branded him a thief and ruined his life. he has no other skills he has done this job ever since high school. it's not fair. he should be given another chance to redeeem his good name.

Discount Tire / Discount indeed

Sven Y on
I went in to America's tire (same company as discount tire) to get a price quote on a set of XXR wheels and some tires. I asked the sales rep if they carried XXR's, and he replied that they did. I'd already priced out on internet about what my cost would be, with a rough estimate for labor. The wheels I was looking at were $89 each, shipped, from the site I was looking at. The rep told me that I'd be looking at over $1200. Now, that's a fair price for some wheels and tires. But I was looking at wheels that were $89 each on the internet, and tires that were about the...

Discount Tire / They want me to pay for their mistake

KatG5 on
I just bought 4 brand new tires and wheels. Once mounted, I noticed that they hung out pretty far past the fenders. I complained and they insisted it was the correct fitment because their computer always picks a correct fitment. After doing a little research I found that they were wrong and that the set-up is in fact very dangerous due to potential tire/fender contact. I complained again about a week later and they informed me that the wheel manufacturer would not take back the wheels so they can't refund me my money. These guys are crooks! Don't go there!

Discount Tire / Screwed me up

Marshal on
I recently purchased tires from Discount tire in Bloomingdale IL. I asked the guy helping me at the counter that i want to keep my old tires, which were in really good shape i was told no problem got the tires changed. 1, Problem after tire change TPMS on my car stopped working i called and complained about it i was told to bring the car back in and they will look it up they looked it up and tested the TPMS on each wheel they were all communicating with the device they had but won't display and show error on dash, i was told to keep driving and it should work after 20 min of driving...

Discount Tire - Arizona, Flagstaff / Discount tire destroyed our car

We are an average hard working American family. We take responsibility for ourselves and never complain, take a stand or see ourselves as victims, until now! I went to the Discount Tire store located at 1230 South Milton Road, Flagstaff, Arizona. November 9th, 2009 to have the tires rotated on our 2005 Kia Sorrento. I clearly informed the salesperson that the vehicle was 4-wheel drive and with the possibility of winter storms in the forecast “I want to ensure that my wife had safe transportation while I was out town on business”. The manager, “Kurt” informed me that he would...

Discount Tire / Beware of fraudulent warranty and bad work

KatJ61 on
Got a full set of all season radials, and got a flat one day while driving. Pulled off the road, jacked the vehicle up and took the tire in. Discount representative stated that they will not honor the warranty due to the fact that I drove on it!!! the tire had about 9000 miles on it. They are about as bad a weasel as can be, dont go there! After replacing the tire at my cost, the new one was flat the next day ( like they did something to it???) when my wife drove it down the road about 5 miles...same thing again but I have to give a little credit to the fact that she actually drove on it.
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