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Big Fish Games / Unauthorised debit on credit card

Reviewer19958 on 2016-02-06
I've never signed up for anything with BGF but they put a debit on my credit card every month. Last month I paid ZAR 75.00 and then ZAR 675.00 for another *How To Unsubscribe* but to my surprise BGF put the debit through this am!!! Totally fed up with this!

Big Fish Games - Washington, Seattle / Payment Information Hacked Again

Reviewer66674 on 2015-10-05
Well, history repeats itself with Big Fish. This is the Second Time our credit card was hacked. The first time was a year ago in October/2014. My wife's account was hacked. When she notified BFG of the security breach and that she subsequently had cancelled her BFG Game Club Membership, she received a condescending response from your Customer Support Staff filled with rhetoric and a hollow apology about cancelling her account. And of course a complete denial that this was the fault of BFG. Honestly, I thought she may have overacted. So in March/2015, thinking it was safe, I opened my own...

Big Fish Games / Unauthorized Charges

gamer45 on 2015-02-18
Big Fish Games has a game club. It costs $6.99 per month unless you cancel. I have separate accts for my kids and myself. ALL of our game clubs are inactive and have been. Big Fish has helped themselves into my Paypal acct and has removed game club money for ALL of these accts every single month. One deactivated acct has racked up a bill of $79. These are unauthorized charges. Apparently I have discovered this is a common illegal practice for Big Fish. I have filed a complaint with the better business bureau as well. When people have canceled memberships and inactive accts, you do NOT have...

Big Fish Games / Unaware of monthly fee

Andrew Fowler on 2014-05-28
I purchased a game about 6 months ago and ever since then this company has been charging me $7.27 a month for something I had no idea about. I finally found out it was for the newsletter, but I am extremely upset to not have been told in the first place when I had originally bought my game. I would really appreciate if you give my money back! I have two young children, so at the moment we need all the money (that we are rightfully entitled to) we have! Thank you for reading, I hope you mend this situation as soon as possible.

Big Fish Games / Won't let me play games I paid for!

better luck next time on 2012-08-31
I bought a game under a new email with new credit card and the company won't let it load as a purchased game. It just keeps trying to load it under an old email/user address that has an old non-functioning credit card with that old account! No matter what I do it won't let me play the game after the trial download/purchase of the game. They are just evil and don't care about the customer at all. I've been affiliated with them for over 7 years but this is the last straw. NO MORE WILL BIG FISH GAMES MESS WITH ME! I'm reporting them to the Better Business Bureau in my state. They are a rip off company.

Big Fish Games / closed account continued to charge

LKF on 2012-01-11
I closed my account with Big Fish Games and the company continued to take out monthly charges. I called, and e-mailed, but the charges continued. When I spoke to a young man today he informed me that I had opened two accounts under different e-mail addresses (I had added a 2nd e-mail address to get them to stop sending spam to my work e-mail.) There was a general attitude of "the problem is you, not us" but I have found hundreds of the same type of complaints about the company, so clearly, I am not the only one who has been taken by these people. I had a total of $104.85 unauthorized...

Big Fish Games / Bad Customer Service

db721 on 2011-10-20
Don't use this company very bad customer service They will take your money then ignore you

Big Fish Games - New South Wales, Long Jetty / unautherised monthly charges

DarrellHawkins on 2011-05-12
I purchased a game for $7.99 on 27/1/2011. I have been charged $7.24 evry month since. I can't get in touch with them to ask why. I see a lot of people are having the same problem. The should be charged with fraud. How can we do this? darrell.

Big Fish Games - New York / Unauthorized Charges - No Customer Service

sosomoe on
They started billing my charge card for monthly membership shortly after I took advantage of an offer they sent me through the regular postal system. The offer was to purchase a single game using the discounted coupon code. I guess they felt this was a license to steal. I didn't pickup on the charges for 2 months. They have "the best customer service guaranteed, " according to their web page. You'll have a hard time finding anyway to contact them at all!

Big Fish Games - Northern Ireland, County Antrim, Belfast City / unauthorised debit

I bought a game from this site late last year Nov/Dec. From then on they having been taking money from my online bank each month. It is impossible to cancel from their website. The supposed "account" I have shows a game oerdered that I already possessed from another source and a request for a backup disk . That is, frankly, risible. I expect better from a USA company frankly.

Big Fish Games - Ontario / Payment Practice

Be careful and read the small print. I purchased a game for my son for $6.99 and was then charged for the game each month as a "membership fee" for months afterwards. You have to then navigate the complex website to try to find a way to unsubscribe. Brutal


TCAPR01 on

Big Fish Games - Washington / I think I have two downloads of Fairway Solitaire and I am having difficulty accessing the game.

1.I think that I have two Fairway Solitaire games downloaded on my computer and I am having difficulty accessing the game 2. I would like to cancel my subscription to the Big Fish Game Club as I do not care to have the cost per month on my credit card. 3. I still have one credit of $6.99 on my credit card and I would like my credit card credited for this amount. My name is Geraldine Hoezee e-mail address gerryhoez@sbcglobal.net

Big Fish Games / Unable to buy games!

I joined the Big Fish Games "Game Club" in which I purchased 6 game credits for $7.99 each. My bank account would be charged $7.99 each month. This entitled me to purchase 6 games over the next 6 months at this reduced price. The first 4 games I purchased and downloaded were handled easily. Then the fun started. I have spend the last 4 weeks and endless emails trying to get my last 2 games. I access the website, sign in to my account, go to my shopping cart which shows the game credits applied, and hit "Checkout". I am then sent back to the sign in screen, where I sign in, go to my cart, hit...
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