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Buds Gun Shop Complaints & Reviews

Buds Gun Shop / Auction Price is not what you will pay!!!! Buyer be ware.

Reviewer95630 on 2015-12-08
Auction price accepted on Budsgunshop.com. Shopping cart price $30 more. Entered AUCTION in coupon box, wrote lengthy noted on order form of problem and requested a call to fix this error on their web site. No calls 2 days from Buds. I called them, left in que for 26 minutes and got Seth...

Buds Gun Shop / refused to honor price

isocrates on 2015-02-14
I went to the store to purchase a gun. The cash price on their website was 369. They wanted to charge $379 in the store. When I pointed out the web price, they said that they could not honor it unless I ordered through the web. Pickup at the store is an order option. They additionally said...

Budsgunshop.com / Charged extra money because of a mistake THEY made

Ryan D on 2015-01-26
These clowns increased the price on me when I showed up in-store to pick up the firearm. I ordered an all black colt mustang from them. The model number in the listing was suspect, but the picture and written description was an all black gun. I even called their support line to verify. The...

Bud's Gun Shop / Deceptive Pricing

Shane Morris on 2014-11-29
Glock 26 Gen4 with extras (Crimson Trace, extra magazines) advertised in the used handgun section of the store's website for $649. After agreeing to purchase the pistol at $649, the website showed the same pistol for $530. When I called to ask about the price drop, I was told no...

Buds Gun Shop / False advertising

AggieAlex on 2014-09-04
I had the same exact issue with Buds Guns that many many others have already expressed. I purchased a Stoeger M3500 shotgun from them, a firearm that I had been looking for for over a year, because I finally found the price I wanted and for a "Factory New" one to top it off. I was so...

Buds Gun Shop - Georgia, Lexington / Layaway scam

Lucky7lv on 2014-08-06
Layaway ScaM and very cold hearted when it came to customer service. I went on buds and found two guns to purchase for my husband. I placed them both on layaway. I paid the $75 down. A week later paid $50. Then two days later paid $30. I planned on just paying something every week or...

Buds Gun Shop / 1100 Barrel - Kentucky, Paris / Refused to oreturn bad product

backfire_tx on 2014-06-13
Bought a new Shotgun Barrel. It was defective. It takes a while to determine what the problem was. The Gas chamber was bent slightly. I get response back for Ol'Bud. ... "Returns must be immediate" tough luck. Flush my 230 down the drain. I had the gun just a short period of time...

Buds Gun Shop / 1100 Barrel / Barrel defective they refused to return

backfire_tx on 2014-06-12
Bought a new 1100 Shotgun Barrel. It was defective. It takes a while to determine what the problem was. The Gas chamber was bent slightly. I get response back for Ol'Bud. ... "Returns must be immediate" tough luck. Flush my 230 down the drain. I had the gun just a short period of...

Buds Gun Shop - Kentucky, Lexington / Bought a new gun and received a used gun

ChefJN on 2013-08-16
I ordered an EAA Witness 45/22 Combo (999119) online through budsgunshop.com. I placed the order later in the evening of Thursday, August 1st, Pacific Time, Buds system processed the order as received August 1st (East Coast time). Bud's policy is to ship purchases within 3 to 7...

Buds Gun Shop / Bad Customer Service

bry671 on 2013-05-20
I placed an order for a gun on their website, and a few days later wanted to change the other. I was charged a 10% restocking fee to make the changes to which I had no choice but agree or forfeit my money. After the purchase, I submitted a negative customer review and cited the incident...

Budsgunshop.com - Kentucky, Lexington / Breach of 90day layaway contact

Albert Britton on 2012-12-26
This is in reguards to my complaint posted on Dec.22 2012.On Dec.23 2012, I was cotacted by a Budsgunshop.com offcial by telephone.And after a couple of e-mail exchanges with the V.P. of Budsgunshop.com, I do now STRONGLY feel this was an "inventory issue".With Budsgunshop.com's VERY...

Budsgunshop.com - Kentucky, Lexington / Breach of 90daylayaway agreement

Albert Britton on 2012-12-22
On Oct. 9 2012, I put on "90 day layaway" a Armalite AR-15 rifle and made a 20% payment ($180.00) of a sale price of $900.00.On Dec. 4 2012 made a final payment of $720.00 (These payments were made via E-check).On 21 Dec. 2012, recieved a phone call from Budsgunshop.com that is out of...

Buds Gun Shop / Customer service

Kupec on 2012-11-11
My last experience with Bud’s gun shop was very different then few years back, Customer service reps intentionally drop the calls, lie about policies and when ask to transfer the call to manager, drop the call or never call back. This is not only my experience, but also dealer...

Buds Gun Shop - Kentucky / CZ 550

creature66 on 2012-10-03
Sat. Sept 28th approx 11:30 in the P.M. I made a purchase of two rifles from "BUDS". Approx. 1-2 hours after I realized I had selected a CZ 550 with the European stock but had meant to purchase the American Style stock, In good faith I sent an e-mail immediatley to "BUDS" to explain my...

Buds Gun Shop / Delay in refund

Carlosd1231 on 2012-07-07
As a first time customer at Buds gun shop I am having the worst experience so far when it comes to them refunded me my money. I tried to order a Mossberg 22 Tactical semi auto rifle and due to state regulations semi autos cant be shipped to CT. So they decided to refund me my money on the...

Buds Gun Shop - Kentucky, Lexington / Terrible Customer Service

DDissatisfied on 2012-03-23
Since Bud's deletes bad reviews from their site, avoids the bad Google reviews, and permanently deletes the account of anyone who gives them a bad review, I have joined this site specifically to write this about them. Just look at the extreme lack of professionalism and customer...

Budsgunshop.com - Kentucky / Online scam

cleve00 on 2012-03-16
I purchased a gun via phone with a gent named "Ed" at Buds I asked him if the gun was in stock before purchasing and he stated yes. He said I was protected by this transaction so the gun would not be sold to someone else. Later that night I read my "online" order info from Buds, It said...

Budsgunshop.com - Kentucky, Lexington / Customer Service

Cincydaddy05 on 2012-02-20
WOW, I buy a lot of merchandise from online retailers and can say without a doubt that Buds is THE WORST company out there. I ordered a gun on 2-6-11 and waited the full 6 business days they say it can take for a payment to process before trying to contact them per the terms of the site. At...

Buds Gun Shop / Slow shipping

Outmama on 2011-12-17
20 days to send an in stock rifle 100 miles. They claim that they have a warehouse with their firearms stored but yet it took then 14 days to pull it off the shelf then it sat in the shipping dept for another 5 days...I never received notice of shipping or a tracking number until 5 day...

Buds Gun Shop / Poor Customer service

greenbay1 on 2011-12-13
I ordered a longun from them on November 21, 2011 for a gift. It took 14+ days to process and ship Buds forgot to send the shipping notice via email. when we checked the tracking it was already headed back to Buds!? My FFL checked with UPS, and buds shipped it to the wrong address. My FFL...

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