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Big Lots Complaints & Reviews

Big Lots / Furniture

Reviewer52091 on 2016-01-07
Their Simmons Manhattan recliner and sofa peel and crack ridiculously quickly. I have owned both items for two and a half years and have rarely used them and now they are beginning to crack! They crack on the upper cushion where one's head or neck would rest. No wonder why they won't sell...

Big Lots / Service

Reviewer27711 on 2015-12-28
went return xmas gift. first had stand long line .then they told me a female did that were busy just go get ten bucks merchandise cost sticker said ten on it instead making out a store credit.i went found item same price stood second long line like six people in front me as got my turn she...

Biglots.com - Georgia, Columbus / Don’t buy from them, ‘coz you will get nothing from them

kate_CrY on 2014-12-11
I placed the order on the website www.biglots.com. I choose some stuff for the Christmas, and it was mentioned that the items were available. So I placed the order and paid for it, but after several days I got the email that my items were sold out and they offered other things, but I...

Big Lots / Complaint of poorly made furniture

Elly D on 2014-05-09
I purchased a bed, dresser, mattress, box spring, sofa and recliner. I had to rent a truck and pay people to help me take this furniture home and set it up. When we open the box that contained the sofa the back was not properly nailed on. Did not want to go through the trouble of returning...

Biglots/stratolounger-the Big One - Virginia, Newport News / Release Mechanism

GDS55 on 2013-12-23
The Release Mechanism had broken within a year of purchase. I can not locate a replacement. Nobody seems to know where I can find this mechanism. The recliner can not recline without it.. A subsitute from another recliner can work. But as I mentioned, I do not have a clue where to find one. I would fix it, if I could get the Parts. Please advise!

Big Lots - New York, Garden City / rue manager

myrnag on 2013-10-06
My daughter and I went to the store looking for a Tablet that I had seen on advertised on my computer. First we could not find anyone to help us, when we did find the Tablet it had another price?? I had received the ad on line with the date of it's sale date, yet when I asked for the...

Big Lots - California, South Pasadena / Need to get my dinin set or money back

Guadalupe Calderon on 2013-10-02
I bought a dining set at Big lots 2 months ago, The salesman told me that I could pay for it and pick it up wheneverI wanted to..So I paid $267 for the dining set And when I went back to pick it up they told me they did not have the dini set anymore and they dont want to give me my Money...

Big Lots - California, Antioch / Never have the items they email me

Nancy lucky on 2013-09-25
Every week I get emails describing their great products and prices, so once again I go to the store as I wanted to get a pink comforter and shams. They were suppose to be in on Monday, I went on Tuesday Morning I looked everywhere and then I asked one of the employees. He said let me check...

Big Lots - California, Vacaville / manager (Tina Siltzer)

Pamela Sharp on 2013-03-12
The employees have filed a number of complaints with the tip hot line and HR about the manager Tina Siltzer including sexual harassment on two male employees plus virbal swearing at the employees calling them Bitches even when the store is open. She has even threatened to fire the entire...

Big Lots / Treats employees like dirt

despirited on 2013-02-27
This company does not care about its employees. It is no secret that they are trying to get rid of all those who have been working there for five years or longer. I fall into that category. For the past three years, I have been subjected to verbal abuse and threats of being written up...

Big Lots - Florida, Largo / Not having advertised items

pfehrman on 2013-02-17
Big Lots tends to advertise items that either the store never gets or they get so few of that item that I suspect the employees buy it out first (and employees SHOULD have first crack at a new item). However, in doing this practice, they're getting you into their stores under false...

Big Lots - Florida / CUSTOMER SERVICE

Beatrice P on 2013-01-26
Big Lots Should Not Support the Harassment of Minors On January 26, 2013 my children and I were shopping at store #5113 on University drive and Atlantic blvd in Coral Springs, Florida. As my 2 sons briefly left my side to search for the restroom, they were approached by a store employee named...

Big Lots - Colorado / Employee

coloradobiglots on 2013-01-03
Its not just Canada, They are run that way from what I hear everywhere. I worked in Colorado and it is horrible there. They are told to clean up the stores get rid of managers and employees and get new people in there. Customers at Big Lots want to know their cashier by name, they remember...

Big Lots - Oklahoma, Shawnee / managers

Jay1982 on 2012-10-13
I was shopping in Shawnee Big Lots on Oct. 11 2012 and my child seen a female manager hanging all over some guy. Not something that should be allowed to happen. It was very inappropriate and I will never shop there again.

Big Lots / needs a better manager

LuigiinSanJose on 2012-07-19
I recently spent $125 on cleaning supplies, storage stuff for my house.. I was so excited to save, but unfortunately after I bought my items and went home, . I realized the Curtain Rod I purchased for $10!.00 was missing?. I called the manager, they said they looked at the register and found...

Big Lots Store / Very upsetting experience

Madulline on 2012-04-24
I went into your big lots store at 7951 S. Broadway in Littleton, CO. I was shopping for a birthday gift for my Grandson. When I was in the toy isle I noticed a Dinosaur toy(prehistoric pet) that was on an advertised sale for $15.00. When I took this toy up to the register it rang up at...

Big Lots - Arizona / return service

Kerrirenee on 2012-02-13
I was 10 days past their 30 day return service (most chain stores give 90 days) because the return counter was too long after new years when I made the 1st attempt to return my 15 dollar mp3 player that the store was still selling. I would have been fine with a store credit although my...

Big Lots - Ontario / Horrible employee/management treatment

Disgusted Employeee on 2012-02-11
The abusive and degrading treatment by this company to it's own employees and managers is disgusting. They talk a big game about being a great place to work but it is the WORST WORK ENVIROMENT I have ever been involded with. The cut your shifts on a whim and without notice, then call...

Big Lots / Return Policy no Store Credit

Ant23 on 2011-12-09
I when to Big lots for a return i bought the Item for my kitchen shelf and it did’nt fit . I had the receive, but I explain to the Lady that I had a Death in the family and lost the receive in all the pain in our family grief, but she said no I would lose the money and I have to keep...

Big Lots / Worst company I have ever worked for in my life

Shab on 2011-12-07
Worked at this place for 5 years, due to economy was unable to leave sooner Worst company I have ever worked for in my life.

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