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AVG Complaints & Reviews

AVG / Their browser, and free trials of security products

penngorbel on 2016-01-25
firstly, I tried their tune upon trial, having installed their free antivirus, and after scanning my system it stated that their 30 day trial had expired. I have only had the computer 6 days, from new, but I only tried the tuneup a couple of days ago. What a con. Secondly, they have made...

AVG - Connecticut, Brooklyn / Anti virus program

tsar on 2016-01-23
I had Avg antivirus, but have now found a much better program.i did not renew with Avg.i was billed for it on my credit card.i have contacted my credit card company about this, I have since found out this has been happening to many more people.this is wrong it may be time for a cla...

AVG / Yearly subscription

Reviewer15291 on 2015-12-14
I signed up for two years cover in October 2012. and I have since found out that a third payment has been taken on the 27th September 2015 which they were not authorised to do. I would like a full refund please. the key that was given on the latest email is 0YP362686Y542594R. I have not...

AVG / Anti-virus and Tune-up failure to install

Nobye on 2015-10-10
I purchased the AVG Anti-virus on July 22, 2015 and wrote down the key to the program. When I recently had some work done on my computer all my programs were lost including this one. Now every time I try to re-install the program I get a message that tells me the installation failed. I...

AVG virus protection / I was billed , not using the computer anymore

Cam MacLellan on 2015-05-16
I was layed off from the company I was working for and they kept the computer I was using. I have been charged, I am guessing a renewal fee. I do not have the laptop and have not had it for the past 7 months. I would like you to please credit my Mastercard that you have charged $59.99 the...

AVG-Netherlands Bv / Refunding

Ed.45 on 2015-04-19
Sir/Madam, Activation key error message generated during a paid software download on 13 April 2015 necessitated an additional software download to assist the installation and running of the first primary download, which all proved futile! Not interested any further in technical support nor...

AVG Anti-Theft / Complete lack of customer support

mipora on 2015-04-03
I installed the AVG Anti-Theft product on to my phone. Recently after having some issues with my phone I had to install a new sim card, this action activated the AVG Anti-Theft lock screen on the phone. I had forgotten the password to unlock this, so referred to the confirmation email I...

AVG / Failured To Protect Computer From Virus

ComFamServ on 2015-02-06
Purchased AVG Virus Protection and ran a virus scan everyday. AVG failed to stop the Cryptowall virus from infecting our computers. This resulted in over 20+ years of client data to be destroyed, a significant loss of income, additional financial expense in having to replace the computer...

AVG Driver update - Alberta, Edmonton / Charged to my credit card

Blanche McCabe on 2015-01-28
Hello. I went on line to buy Driver update and as I didn't register my purchase they charged me for the amount of $29.99 to my credit card then they asked me to add my credit card number again and as I didn't want to pay twice for the same purchase I signed out. Now I don't have a...

AVG Anti-Virus software / Bogus Charging

BA Ceazar on 2014-12-13
I used to subscribe to AVG anti-virus software but I stopped a year ago because it let a ransom virus infect my computer. Despite that AVG is saying it will deduct a renewal fee from my bank account on or around 12th Jan 2015. I told my bank to stop any direct debit mandates to AVG but...

AVG FAMILY SAFETY - California, Santa Maria / Trying to sell products I dont need!

EthicsInBusiness on 2014-12-07
Purchased AVG Family Safety filter for my computer. The software works well but it stopped working and my wife spent two hours on the phone with customer service from India. The next day the computer would not boot normally and was stuck in safe mode. We called again and the problem wa...

AVG AntiVirus / updates schedule

Anonymous119 on 2014-11-18
AVG SCHEDULES FOR UPDATE AND SCAN : AVG takes over my computer with its scans and updates to the point I CANT use my Computer for at least 30 mins while a scan or update is running. My GF thinks I am ignoring her and lying when I tell her so am having constant argument about cause of AVG. I...

AVG - England, Hertfordshire, Welwyn Garden City| / False Charging

MikeC49 on 2014-10-28
I received an invoice for £59.99, already paid for a two year renewal of AVG Internet Security. On checking I had two licences that I was no longer using, but had been automatically renewed by AVG and my credit card charged. I hadn't ordered the renewal, or authorised any...

AVG / Suport

Dave R.P. on 2014-10-16
I went to Walmart store a purchased AVG from there shelf 10/15/14 at 17:38:11. Came home placed the disk in to load program.Ran the disk came up with problems. Called Support on Phone at number given on internet for that.Talked to Rep Karan Shroff. All he wanted to do was sale me product Maintenance he did not try to fix any part of AVG..

AVG AntiVirus / persistent attempts to install AVG Anti virus protection

I had Norton Anti-virus Protection, until last February 0f 2012 when it expired. I then tried AVG Anti-Virus Protection for one year but didn't like the pop-up adds and general bad service. Last February, 2014, I purchased and installed Norton Anti-virus Protection once again. I...

AVG Internet Security / Scam

britnic on 2014-08-19
i paid for agv internet security, they took charge of my computer, a few days later i had a pakistani sounding fella call me on my home land line that only 1 other person has that number an told me i had a huge downloading going on from windows, and that im to let him take charge of my...

AVG - Arizona, Tucson / Customer Service does not exist

albaz on 2014-08-10
When I bought AVG Tuneup, AVG actually installed a virus or trojan horse on my computer which changed my preference for NewTab selection. I spent many hours one day trying to rid myself of this abomination, reading complaint files, etc. I tried uninstalling the programs through Window...

AVG / Extremely poor customer service

Allan Ford on 2014-07-29
I live in Australia.I renewed my AVG licence in May 2014. In mid June 2014, due to a lightning strike nearby, my PCs hard drive and CPU were destroyed. I have bought a new computer and even though I have had conversations with several overseas representatives of AVG ( Their grasp of the...

AVG Internet Security / Fake charges and impossible to stop them

Loxtor on 2014-07-20
I tried to get info from the company Echo Technical support C O AVG Internet Security. I left my personal info and my question, but these jerk sonly started to charge me without my permission. I tried to stop them, but of course they continued to take money from me. I wonder if there are...

AVG virus protection / Not allowed to delete program

duped and robbed on 2014-04-21
I downloaded virus protection from AVG. They said it was free. After a year I decided to get a different company because I got several virus that AVG did not stop. When I tried to delete AVG it would not let me so I called the company. They said it would COST me 165.00 to delete. WHAT A...

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