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ASDA Complaints & Reviews

ASDA / Saver card

jcbyast on Nov 30, 2016
I tried to use my Xmas saver card in Asda Northwich store today, 30/11/2016 and was told there was no money on it, I knew I had £150 on 2 cards, I asked to try my other card and was told the same, I said that I had £150 on each card, the supervisor was called and she also said there was no...

ASDA / ASDA own brand Creamy Tomato Pasta Bake (2732 5704)

princessjen on Nov 25, 2016
To whom it may concern, I would like to make a small complaint regarding your own brand creamy tomato pasta bake. I really enjoy this product but the lids are always on far too tight. They are impossible to open and it really upsets me that I can't have this meal when I am on my own as the...

ASDA / Opticians

Lisajo1986 on Nov 23, 2016
I came to Asda opticians on 9/11/16 as a friend had recommended it having been there before. After purchasing some glasses for my child to a total of £99.00, I was told I would hear from the store within seven to ten days to collect his glasses. After waiting ten days to hear from the store...

ASDA / Remington shavour

Geraldgib on Nov 19, 2016
A bought a REMINGTON shavour out dunfermline asda store av had it 2weeks plugged it in and its tripped my electric av never used it and the shavour has never worked and it cost me £99.99 av lost my receipt tried taking it bk to the asda store a bought it from and explained what's happened and...

ASDA / Customer relations

jude99_ on Nov 15, 2016
Asda Customer relations are just terrible. I don't even understand their responses. Here is one, I quote: "Thank you for keeping in touch. For the information that you want to know, For the information the you were asking, I am sorry but we just have the further instruction which you can...

ASDA / Asda beans and sausages / asda plum tomatoes

Shanie o'meara on Nov 15, 2016
Over 2 days I've had a couple of issues. I had a ton of your beans and sausages to find only FOUR sausages which isn't what we usually get, then found only TWO plum tomatoes in a whole tin. Not once, but twice!!! Terrible value for money. I usually get more in both of these items. What'...

ASDA / Meat

Janet55 on Nov 9, 2016
We brought some steak mince today 9/11/16 from asda in dagenham and when we got home and opened it it's was brown in the middle of the meat as we opens and split the meat apart which was not right as it was still in date as we cooked it it didn't smell very nice...so we throw it away and...

ASDA / Lift

Ann Ganter on Nov 6, 2016
The lift in Oxford Templar square is out order again and tomorrow it will be a week l am in a electric wheel chair and find this disgusting as the items l want to look up and the café are all up stairs and the notice does not explain why, this is not the first time the last time it was out...

ASDA / ASDA Delivery

Robert Brayfield on Nov 3, 2016
We arrived back at our vehicle, parked at Dalton Square at one o clock, in Lancaster on Thursday the 3rd of October, to find that we were unable to exit our parking space due to a delivery van parked behind our vehicle. We were to soon find out that the driver had stopped there to make a...

ASDA / Asda policies are extorting the disabled

Rolandi370111 on Oct 16, 2016
Ordered food using the online grocery service from Oldbury Asda for my disabled parents who are housebound to make themselves a Sunday dinner. They forgot to deliver the main items I wanted them to have including potatoes. Upon informing Asda soon after the botched delivery that they had...

ASDA / Asda hgv lorry driver dangerous driving

Ben1980 on Aug 28, 2016
On the 27/8/16 at around 12:20pm I was driving along the A66 flyover in Middlesbrough (which has a speed limit of 50mph) with my fiancee and our two year old son in the car and had to change to the outside lane as a car was merging onto the A66. There was an asda delivery lorry a few car...

ASDA / Electrical sales

Les Blake on Aug 13, 2016
In the last big sale we went to ASDA Broughton and saw the one cup hot-water dispenser on sale We asked for one and was told there was none I asked if we could have the one on display but was refused it as it was not the end of the line item. Today we went to ASDA Queensferry and YES...

ASDA / Customer service

Complainant66271 on Jul 14, 2016
Dear Asda Executive Relations, Registered email address : [removed] Account Reference: I am contacting you to express my frustration with your organisation as there has been no response to my complaint. To explain in more detail I placed an order for delivery 2-4pm on 1st July. I wa...

ASDA / Kayleigh cashier

Tat2dee on Jul 4, 2016
Hi I had two small plastic bags which are in the fresh fruit section them little clear flimsy bags on which I placed a couple of items I had purchased from the self checkout then kayliegh come rushing over very rudley an childishly saying I have to pay for them 5pence each no bags are free...

ASDA / Online Delivery

SW17 on Jun 14, 2016
Shocking, completely disgusting, would never use again. Ordered 12 bottles of wine last Friday and this was first online order with them. The Order was acknowledged. A day or two later I received an email to say the order was being picked. I had selected delivery for Monday night between...

ASDA / Service

Miss Graham on May 5, 2016
I was waiting for my delivery, when the driver came I shouted to him I was here and he just drove off. Since then I have called asda four times and no one can tell me when my delivery will be made. I spoke to a customer advisor who informed me he would get back to me with a time ( his name...

ASDA / Asda milton of craigie male toilets

Andrew Sherratt on May 3, 2016
When entering the gents toilet the smell of urine was very strong more like a pub toilet than a supermarket, especially around the cubical areas, obviously not very pleasant this isn't the first time they have been in this condition and as a result I avoid using them unless I really...

ASDA / Home Delivery

frannyanne75 on Apr 21, 2016
My delivery was meant to delivered 6/8 pm. It arrived at 8.55 pm. There was no call, as per the agreed procedure that 2 customer service advisers told me. When he arrived he did not apologise for his lateness. He was discourteous, drove across my grass, damaged my door frame and they...

ASDA / The skinsystem 25 skincare wipes with teatree

teenybeen70 on Feb 18, 2016
I bought these facial wipes at asda last week, a day 2 of using them during the course of the day huge boils came up on my skin, and my face was red raw, ver tight and dr, and red hot..i got some epaderm ointment and somefexofenadune 180mg very strong antihystamenes, today is day 6 and...

ASDA / Staff

Reviewer95360 on Feb 13, 2016
i was shopping in asda on the 13/2/16 with daughter when we spilt up to buy our shopping after a about hour she phone to say she had finished she so i payed for my goods which was 2 pk of liver for my dogs then i went looking for her to help with shopping, my liver wasnt in a bag it was in...

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