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Apria Healthcare Complaints & Reviews

Apria Healthcare - California, Lake Forest / CPAP and related paraphernalia

Ronald B. Shwartz on 2016-05-18
More than fourteen (14) months ago I sent to Apria Health Care, by certified mail, return receipt requested, the letter set forth below. That letter, which sets forth: (1) the substantive grounds for my position as to an alleged underlying debt, and (2) my efforts to resolve the dispute in...

Apria Healthcare / Unable to get replacement Nebulizer supplies

Deborah Alder on 2016-05-04
I have asthma induced COPD (and am currently in the middle of one of the worst asthma attacks I have had to date), and have been actively trying to purchase a new nebulizer cup from Apria Healthcare since March 23, 2016. History: On March 23, 2016 while using my PARI PRONEB Ultra Nebulizer, I...

Apria Healthcare / Deductions from ckecking

Aggravation1 on 2016-01-25
After the correct deduction was made for CPAP supplies, Apria continued to deduct from my account totaling $118. This has left me broke until the next disability check in February. As much as they've finally taken my account off auto deduction, they have not mentioned refunding me. All...

Apria Healthcare - Ohio, Youngstown / CPAP Machine

catjlt on 2016-01-21
My husband was prescribed a CPAP machine in November 2015. Our insurance at the time was AETNA. A rep from Apria called my husband on November 5th 2015 advising the co-pay, advised my ins company already paid for the machine, and that a CC was required to be "on file". He was told our...

Apria Healthcare - Washington, Yakima / Unauthozized credit card charges

big-don on 2015-12-30
Dec 3, 2015, I ordered c-pap supplies for my wife and myself. Was told by the person that took the order the co-pay would be 79.00, gave him my debit card info, supplies arrived. On Dec 18 my bank calls to see if I have authorized Apria to charge 364.40 to my account, answer was NO. I...

Apria Healthcare - Florida, Tallahassee / No RT on site; told drive 2.5 hours to Lake City to get machine/supplies

Reviewer30681 on 2015-12-28
Took 10 days for Apria to call back with ok to get supplies. Went to get machine/supplies as told to by their customer service department to do so today (Monday 12.28). Apria door sign says open 8 am to 12 noon; closed lunch then open again. Told by young man that the RT was on vacation-...

Apria Healthcare / Unexpected Apria Visa Debit Charge left me without food

Paul M in Austin Tx on 2015-12-23
I needed a CPAP machine and am covered by a Humana HMO Exchange plan. As I had met my Maximum Out Of Pocket for the year, Humana should pay 100% of allowed claims. Unfortunately Humana have an exclusive contract with Apria Healthcare: when I went to get the machine they refused to give it...

Apria Healthcare - New York, Brooklyn / Confidentiality

Reviewer67697 on 2015-12-01
On November 4, 2015 an agent from Apria Healthcare left for someone else on my voicemail . The agent stated that they were leaving the following information on the number dialed because the "original number given to them was no good". The information left on my voicemail contained the...

Apria Healthcare - California, Lake Forest / Customer Service/Ordering

Reviewer82239 on 2015-11-20
I’m having foot surgery on Tuesday, November 24th, and will require a HurryCane (3-pronged cane) for my recovery. I called the local number listed for Apria on Tuesday, November 10th, and got the national customer service line. I gave my info over the phone and let them know I was having foot...

Apria Healthcare / Unauthorized credit card charges

Reviewer21218 on 2015-11-19
On October 30th, 2015 I ordered a nebulizer machine through Apria. I was so relieved to find out that they deliver and they accepted my insurance. I was charged the co-pay and delivered the machine. Without any notice I was charged over $110 today!!! I was so shocked and surprised...

Apria Healthcare / Billing

Reviewer61791 on 2015-11-01
Apria send bills that do not indicate in any way what the charge is for. They fail to bill your insurance then send you a bill without telling you what the bill is for. You can show them the Visa transaction where you paid the bill and they refuse to acknowledge the payment, insisting that...

Apria Healthcare - Florida, Jacksonville / CPAP supplies

Reviewer75371 on 2015-10-30
The customer service at Apria Healthcare leaves a lot to be desired, you get a CSR on the phone and they transfer you numerous times. Nobody wants to help. When you finally get someone to help they say that the order is processed and two weeks later no supplies and the circle starts again. No wonder they do not offer Customer service surveys .

Apria Healthcare / Service

Reviewer31126 on 2015-10-05
There is one driver that I only want in my home. The service is less then adequate and you may get what you want. The people in the office are incompetent. All I have to say is Robert is the most professional an caring person. Too bad the company cannot employ more people like him.

Apria Healthcare Group Inc. / CPAP unauthorized use of my charge card and poor customer service

Reviewer81001 on 2015-09-10
On several occasions I have spent 45-65 minutes on hold! Apria needs a better call center work flow or more staff...Unbelievable... Management doesn't seem to "get it". The company used my charge card without asking me on a CPAP order. The charge card was charged before the supplies were...

Apria / Lack of care

Reviewer55091 on 2015-08-27
No care given by Apria that began to treat my sleep apnea. I began seeing Apria around April 2015 trying to find a head gear that would stay on all night so I could get therapeutic use from my CPAP . To make a long story short. I have been given several different hear pieces and none of...

Apria Cpap Supplies / Unable to get needed supplies

Kathleen Mckenzie on 2015-08-25
I have been trying for months to get CPAP supplies from you, to no avail. I was originally diagnosed vis polysomnography with severe sleep apnea in 2001 and have been on CPAP ever since. My last polysomnography was authorized by Mark Kroe, M.D., Pasadena Sleep Wellness Center, 959 East...

Apria Healthcare Group Inc. - California, Boulder Creek / Customer Service/ Ability to Deliver

jelopopolo on 2015-08-14
About a month ago, I was diagnosed with Severe to Moderate sleep Apnea. My doctor was not authorized by Aetna to provide the CPAP that was required. My Dr. fitted me and sent the order to Apria, who was approved by the insurance company. They called and left a message which was cut off, so...

Apria Healthcare / Unauthorized Payment

Nalo01 on 2015-04-30
Apria healthcare make an unauthorized payment on my card even though I specifically told them not to pull any money from my card. Prior to this I already set up an payment plan with them/I ask for a letter stating this agreement on february-april o3.15 of $50.00 and by doing so this will...

Apria - Oregon, Klamath Falls / Bad customer service

b tucker on 2015-04-09
Can not get through to ask questions about my bill...Hold times are an hour, yet no one ever gets on the phone, have waited up to 90 minutes. Called corporate office to make a complaint, she said someone would call me, no one did. I called back and was told, 7 to 10 business days before...

Apria - California, San Leandro / Need for Oxygen, a life-source

Debra Balot on 2015-02-19
Currently my mother has an 84 Oxygen Level, she went to the Pulmonologist on Tuesday, 2/17 and the Doctor said he would place an order for Oxygen immediately, he said the soonest she would receive the Oxygen it would be Tuesday night. Today is Thursday morning, 2/19 - no sign of oxygen, I...

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