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Apria Healthcare Group Complaints & Reviews

Apria Healthcare / Improper billing and insurance fraud

D.Ellis on Nov 30, 2016
Tries to charge my insurance on multiple occasions for the same item. 10 months after I made my last payment to own my CPAP machine. They send me a bill. They stated that my insurance just now processed the claim as a matter of fact the last claim processed was in February of 2016 and I...

Apria Healthcare / Bi-pap service and orders

mnybgs2 on Nov 28, 2016
I have such a hard time not yelling at the people on the other end of the line when I call because I am SO frustrated with Apria's "policy" and complete disregard for my supply needs. I cannot supply you with the date of incident, etc. because it happens all the time! The only pleasant...

Apria Healthcare / Customer service, delivery, order process with gross errors

Creole Mom on Oct 17, 2016
I called and requested a wheelchair p/u. I advised that the wheelchair was NO LONGER at the address delivered to and gave the correct address. PIck up was scheduled for Monday, Oct 16, 2016 after 5 p.m. I called afterwards twice to verify the pick up date and time. Today 10-16 around noon...

Apria Healthcare / Customer services

BailC on Sep 23, 2016
So rude! Terrible line, could barely hear the person who was audibly irritated by my call. Not at all helpful today, although yesterday I called the same number and had a much better experience with a much more pleasant and polite assistant. Some people are in the wrong job I guess!

Apria Healthcare / Customer service

MHuds on Sep 22, 2016
Absolutly the worst, most confusing, badly set-up, badly run company i have ever had the misfortion to deal with! All i want to do is to order my supplies on-line. I get emails stating that it is time for me to reorder supplies and that i can do so through my on-line patient portal. When i...

Apria Healthcare / Service and delivery

NEVER-Apria on Sep 8, 2016
Be warned... Do not use this company if your health relies on it.. On august 19, 2016 i contacted apria to ask that they expedite my delivery of a cpap machine as i was experiencing nightly bouts with lack of oxygen due to failure to breath. I was told that there was no way to expedite the...

Apria Health Care / C pap machine

Yo6969 on Sep 2, 2016
I got a cpap machine in 10-2014. They billed the ins uhc for all items, but the actual machine! 6 months after i started getting bills. I've called the customer service phones. Which there are many! They all are outsourced and difficulty with communication. The ins told them after many...

Apria Healthcare / Delivery service-lack of urgency and consideration regarding a person's respiratory health care.

Karen Towery on Aug 28, 2016
My Husband in on 24/7 Oxygen. He ordered a replacement concentrator Friday morning 08/26/2016 along with 6 small O2 tanks that he could easily carry to replace the larger two that were brought to him last June. Apria called and left a message twice Friday stating that the 2 work order...

Apria Healthcare / Customer service 800 number billing

Helene44 on Aug 27, 2016
I called apria healthcare 800 number which i find out is in tennessee. I called yesterday (friday) and another time and had to wait an hour for someone to answer my call. My time is precious and i had other things to do but i had to call them regards to a screwed up bill they keep sending...

Apria Healthcare / CPAP needs customer service

Danavs on Aug 26, 2016
We have dealt with Apria Healthcare and had a CPAP machine for years. My boyfriend working construction needed updated machine with readings. We went to the local store. The man's name that we dealt with was John. John told us he needed to have a cigarette before he could help us. We had a...

Apria Healthcare / Service and machine

Betty Ortiz on Aug 16, 2016
I have been an Apria healthcare client for two years and have had nothing but headaches. I am so tired of getting the automated system!!! I have spent an enormous amount of time trying to get to a human and when I do, they will have someone call me back in 48hours. This has happened so...

Apria Healthcare / All services related to sleep apnea equipment and supplies

Deb S on Jun 10, 2016
I was referred to Apria by a very satisfied customer in 2009 and quickly became one myself. I got spoiled by the friendly, competent service of Fredo who always made sure I got exactly what I needed delivered to my doorstep the next day. However, when Fredo left, things began sliding...

Apria Healthcare / CPAP and related paraphernalia

Ronald B. Shwartz on May 18, 2016
More than fourteen (14) months ago I sent to Apria Health Care, by certified mail, return receipt requested, the letter set forth below. That letter, which sets forth: (1) the substantive grounds for my position as to an alleged underlying debt, and (2) my efforts to resolve the dispute in...

Apria Healthcare / Unable to get replacement nebulizer supplies

Deborah Alder on May 4, 2016
I have asthma induced COPD (and am currently in the middle of one of the worst asthma attacks I have had to date), and have been actively trying to purchase a new nebulizer cup from Apria Healthcare since March 23, 2016. History: On March 23, 2016 while using my PARI PRONEB Ultra Nebulizer, I...

Apria Healthcare / Deductions from checking

Aggravation1 on Jan 25, 2016
After the correct deduction was made for CPAP supplies, Apria continued to deduct from my account totaling $118. This has left me broke until the next disability check in February. As much as they've finally taken my account off auto deduction, they have not mentioned refunding me. All...

Apria Healthcare / CPAP Machine

catjlt on Jan 21, 2016
My husband was prescribed a CPAP machine in November 2015. Our insurance at the time was AETNA. A rep from Apria called my husband on November 5th 2015 advising the co-pay, advised my ins company already paid for the machine, and that a CC was required to be "on file". He was told our...

Apria Healthcare / Unauthorized credit card charges

big-don on Dec 30, 2015
Dec 3, 2015, I ordered c-pap supplies for my wife and myself. Was told by the person that took the order the co-pay would be 79.00, gave him my debit card info, supplies arrived. On Dec 18 my bank calls to see if I have authorized Apria to charge 364.40 to my account, answer was NO. I...

Apria Healthcare / No rt on site; told drive 2.5 hours to lake city to get machine/supplies

Reviewer30681 on Dec 28, 2015
Took 10 days for Apria to call back with ok to get supplies. Went to get machine/supplies as told to by their customer service department to do so today (Monday 12.28). Apria door sign says open 8 am to 12 noon; closed lunch then open again. Told by young man that the RT was on vacation-...

Apria Healthcare / Unexpected apria visa debit charge left me without food

Paul M in Austin Tx on Dec 23, 2015
I needed a CPAP machine and am covered by a Humana HMO Exchange plan. As I had met my Maximum Out Of Pocket for the year, Humana should pay 100% of allowed claims. Unfortunately Humana have an exclusive contract with Apria Healthcare: when I went to get the machine they refused to give it...

Apria Healthcare / Confidentiality

Reviewer67697 on Dec 1, 2015
On November 4, 2015 an agent from Apria Healthcare left for someone else on my voicemail . The agent stated that they were leaving the following information on the number dialed because the "original number given to them was no good". The information left on my voicemail contained the...

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