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ALDI Complaints & Reviews

Aldi’s Grocery Store / The owners misled their customers with wrong advertisement and fake flyers

Reviewer12937 on 2016-03-09
I recently got the flyers from Aldi’s Grocery Store and there was special price for the couple of products. When I went to the first store, they didn’t have these products at all. The sales person said that they ran out of the chicken breasts and coffee. Ok, I went to the second store and...

Aldi / Food quality

Reviewer99903 on 2016-02-03
The quality of the food at Aldi's had dropped significantly. It does not last at all. Seems they are not switching out old merchandise with new as it deteriorates. I have shopped there for over 20 years and have watched the changes from being family friendly to yuppie ville with all...

Aldi / Family Size Neapolitan Ice Cream - Tennessee, Alcoa / Not much Chocolate Ice Cream

Emery Bailey on 2015-08-05
We purchased Sundae Shoppe Neapolitan Ice Cream at Aldi's in Alcoa, Tennessee on 8/4/2015. When we first opened the container, it looked like it was mostly Strawberry and Vanilla. We assumed that as we scooped deeper, that more Chocolate would be visible. This did not happen, even a...

Aldi Cleethorpes Road Grimsby - England, Humberside, grimsby / Pickpockets roaming store

regina p 343434 on 2015-05-15
This review is about Aldi Cleethorpes Road Grimsby as of May 2015. This store absolutely disgusts me, There is a gang of pickpockets operating in the store and they tried to thieve from my shoulder bag. Whilst this is happening the "security guard" is watching and doing nothing, do they...

Aldi / Savoritz Cheese Baked Crackers / Majority of box are burnt

CLBD on 2015-02-17
I take my mom to Aldi's every week and we both by 'Savoritz Cheese Baked Crackers'. She is elderly and only buys one as opposed to me buying two boxes. Not only have I turned my friends on to your product but actually I can eat almost both boxes by myself. I cook with it...

Aldi tv advert / Offensive content

The recently shown tv advert for Aldi has really offended me and a few others that I have spoken to. Showing a man brushing his teeth dropping the toothbrush into a toilet and instead of throwing away he changed the toothbrush with his partners and placed the toothbrush into their holder?...

Aldi - Oklahoma, Bartlesville / rude employees

apie on 2013-03-09
I went to aldi and bought almost 100.00 worth of products. When I was standing in line a guy behind me got out of line and went around to the front and handed the cashier his purchases and she rang him up. They did not even ask me if he could go first he just cut in front of me and the...

Aldi Inc./ PuraquaSpring Warer / how cases are packaged

Rebecca Ware-Mitchell on 2013-02-07
The cases of 16 oz bottles of Pur Aqua Spring Water is packaged in plastic which is fine, but has no support like cardboad to avoid the bottoms of the bottles from getting damaged & unlevel. The bottles won't stad up straight. Sometimes they don't stand up at all. Aldi also sell...

Aldi Foods - Illinois, Batavia / Dihonesty

I worked for this company for 12 years before I witnessed my store manager David Schweitzer stealing $400.00 from the store safe. I utilized the open door policy and reported it to my District Manager, Erika Lempa. Other associates witnessed this theft as well and soon after I reported it...

Aldi / cashiers

we went to Aldi. recently i sprained my arm any ways when we got in line she THREW all the products that were in our cart one of cans hit my sprained arm which now has a bruise. we didn't get exact CHANGE back!!! we didn't get any money back when we were in line she told us to...

Aldi / A wheel missing on my new wagon

Wirman on 2012-07-24
I had bought a foldable wagon, i got it home and it is missing a wheel, i dont have the receipt or box i threw them in the trash, not thinking my trash picked up the next morning. i figured i could just pick up a wheel at lowes but they dont carry them. everyone told me to get ahold of you...

Aldi's Hereford Canned Beef Corned - Illinois / poor quality

sejs on 2012-05-18
Aldi has a habit of switching their store brands on a regular basis and often this has meant a poorer quality replacement. But nothing prepared me for my first and last can of Hereford Canned Beef Corned. The new (improved) pull-top lid failed immediately. Since the lid was clearly marked...

Aldi - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / Why are credit cards not accepted?

Ycomplain? on 2012-04-20
I find it demoralizing that Aldi accepts welfare credit cards, has all the equipment for processing credit payments but does not accept consumer credit cards. I'm sure that most consumers would gladly pay a 1 or 2% premium for accepting credit cards thus invalidating Aldi's claim...

Aldi Market Store / Bad Return Policy

Evelina S on 2011-12-09
Hi i was wondering if someone can help me out, 2 days ago i brought a router from aldi when i opened it i noticed parts were missing from it, i took it back to the store and told them what was wrong with it and that i couldnt find my reciept the manager asked me when i bought it and what...

aldi washing up liquid / rubber gloves

Dianestorey on 2011-10-29
do we really have to listen to man say how he likes to wear rubber gloves in the evening, gives me the creeps that advert, what was the point.

Aldi Market / Very poor

Civilion on 2011-08-30
Aldi, you have the worlds most expensive food. Why? Because I have had to throw most of it away! Frankly I don’t understand how you getaway with it. My experience with Aldii/Carnivor in France was just the opposite – excellent there. But, then, they would not let you get away...

Aldi Engadine / Produce Pricing Errors

kkeepr on 2011-08-23
Recently I have on two separate occassions been charged full price at the till for vegetables and fruit that were shown at reduced prices on the stands at Aldi in Engadine. The first time I complained as the difference was so great and obtained a refund but several customers had bought...

Aldi - Illinois, Niles / Old. old products

Luanne Pfaller on 2011-07-19
I.m handycaped so my husband does the shopping. Asked him to get some frozen lemonaid. He came home made some for me, Took some smelled strange then tasted funny. Looked at the other can he bought. Frozen Concentrate Lemomade, Brand: Nature's Necture Date: Jun 13 69 Code: 23 Jun 13 69...

Aldi - Texas, White Settlement / Customer service

Sorry customer service on 2011-06-28
I went into Aldi's at about 7pm 27 June 2011. I was checking out and the cashier would not let me see the prices that she was ringing up, she stated that she needs to watch the screen. I told her NO I was the one paying for them so I need to see the screen. Then I asked to Please DO...

Aldi / groceries

sue hale on 2011-06-23
I like shopping at Aldis except for one thing cashiers are damaging the groceries..If this persist I will shop elsewere. I come home with dented cans and meat packages torn..

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