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ALDI Complaints & Reviews

Aldi / Food quality

Reviewer99903 on 2016-02-03
The quality of the food at Aldi's had dropped significantly. It does not last at all. Seems they are not switching out old merchandise with new as it deteriorates. I have shopped there for over 20 years and have watched the changes from being family friendly to yuppie ville with all...

Aldi - Oklahoma, Bartlesville / rude employees

apie on 2013-03-09
I went to aldi and bought almost 100.00 worth of products. When I was standing in line a guy behind me got out of line and went around to the front and handed the cashier his purchases and she rang him up. They did not even ask me if he could go first he just cut in front of me and the...

Aldi / cashiers

we went to Aldi. recently i sprained my arm any ways when we got in line she THREW all the products that were in our cart one of cans hit my sprained arm which now has a bruise. we didn't get exact CHANGE back!!! we didn't get any money back when we were in line she told us to...

Aldi / A wheel missing on my new wagon

Wirman on 2012-07-24
I had bought a foldable wagon, i got it home and it is missing a wheel, i dont have the receipt or box i threw them in the trash, not thinking my trash picked up the next morning. i figured i could just pick up a wheel at lowes but they dont carry them. everyone told me to get ahold of you...

Aldi - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / Why are credit cards not accepted?

Ycomplain? on 2012-04-20
I find it demoralizing that Aldi accepts welfare credit cards, has all the equipment for processing credit payments but does not accept consumer credit cards. I'm sure that most consumers would gladly pay a 1 or 2% premium for accepting credit cards thus invalidating Aldi's claim...

Akdi - Illinois, Niles / Old. old products

Luanne Pfaller on 2011-07-19
I.m handycaped so my husband does the shopping. Asked him to get some frozen lemonaid. He came home made some for me, Took some smelled strange then tasted funny. Looked at the other can he bought. Frozen Concentrate Lemomade, Brand: Nature's Necture Date: Jun 13 69 Code: 23 Jun 13 69...

Aldi - Texas, White Settlement / customer service

Sorry customer service on 2011-06-28
I went into Aldi's at about 7pm 27 June 2011. I was checking out and the cashier would not let me see the prices that she was ringing up, she stated that she needs to watch the screen. I told her NO I was the one paying for them so I need to see the screen. Then I asked to Please DO...

Aldi / groceries

sue hale on 2011-06-23
I like shopping at Aldis except for one thing cashiers are damaging the groceries..If this persist I will shop elsewere. I come home with dented cans and meat packages torn..

Aldi - New Jersey, Brick / Lunch Mate-Honey Turkey Breast

opened_hand on 2011-04-07
I tried to contact Aldi twice by email waited days and have not even received a confirmation. My original statement is as follows: I made a sandwich with your Lunch Mate Honey Turkey Breast and bit on a chard of bone feeling like it almost broke my tooth. I felt like this was a rare...

Aldi - Maryland / poor cusomer svs

ajnos myricks on 2011-01-19
ther was a mgr by the name Kevin that flat out denied me a rtn WITH RECEIPT within 2 days, i was told that i had 2 Rtn the food @the reisserstown store in which it was purchased, once i told the MGR I never had this concern b4 he asnrd UHHHUMM then proceeded 2 WALK OFF h e was abrupt n...

Aldi - Pennsylvania, Baden / Poor Food Quality

This is a copy of the letter that I sent to Aldi's Corporate HQ: Aldi www.aldi.com 2080 Main Street Batavia, IL 60510-7608 November 27, 2009 To Whom It May Concern: My husband and I purchased some of your shrimp at the closest location to my home… 351 Logan Lane Baden, PA...

Aldi / Warranty on Televisions

On August 29, 2006 I bought a Magnum 42" Plasma Television with a three year warranty from Aldi in Spain. On October 13, 2008 the television lost it's picture and the odor of smoke appeared to come from the back of the television. I contacted Magnum Service Center as required by the...

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