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Aetna Inc. Complaints & Reviews

Aetna - Florida / Terrible Service/Lies

Kate6667 on 2013-09-13
Having a terrible time with Aetna with getting prescriptions. They just lie every time you talk to them. I finally got one to admit that the doctor had sent in a request and they had denied it after they kept saying the doctor hadn't submitted anything. I had the denial in my hand...

Aetna - Florida, Winter Haven / Denied Maternity coverage 12 weeks into the pregnancy

SharynS on 2013-05-22
My daughter has dependent coverage on my health insurance through my employer. In March of 2013, she became pregnant. I downloaded my policy coverage and saw in the policy that pregnancy was covered. I called AETNA to confirm that her pregnancy was covered. One of their representatives assured me...

Aetna / Aetna Refuses To Pay Medical Claims

Urgent Care on 2013-05-15
My medical follow-ups were refused, because Aetna failed to pay my existing claims. I contacted Aetna on numerous occasions and their representatives said the claims were satisfied. However, Aetna’s online resources reflect that the claims are not paid. Also, I’m refused...

Aetna - Texas / claim denial

j-a-c on 2013-02-16
Being at age of 69.5 Aetna approved primary care physician directed me to get a shingles vaccination. His office doesn't keep the vaccine due to storage requirements. He said to go to a pharmacy to get the vaccination. I went to Kroger where I have had prescriptions filled for one...

Aetna - California / Service, coverage, everything

Frustrated man on 2013-01-11
Can not stand Aetna anymore. I have never had so much trouble with an insurance company as I have with Aetna. Last year I had to change Dr.'s twice because they no longer accept Aetna. One of those Dr.' Has been my family's Dr. For the last 15 years. To add to my frustration...

Aetna - Florida / Slow to pay

shelly p on 2012-12-13
They are the rudest when you finally reach someone. They lied to me, and told me that my claim was approved, ONLY AFTER I told them that my reason being out was a nationwide LAW, so what was the hold up? I have been out of work, and without pay for 6 weeks now, and still no paycheck. So, 3...

Aetna / Worst Health Insurance

J763 on 2011-06-12
Aetna has major problems with it's customer service and website which is not user friendly. I am working 3 part time jobs so I have very little time to contact Aetna. I wanted to upgrade my insurance but I'm told I need to reapply.. i've gone to website and have no clue...

Aetna - Arizona / lack of benefits

michelleshell on 2011-05-20
Aetna schedule of benefits shows that there is a no co-pay and deductible is waived for routine physical exams. Did you know that routine doesn't include talking to your doctor about your health concerns? I asked about my weight and she diagnosed me as overweight. So since I have a...

Aetna - Florida / NO Coverage At All

Aetna SUCKS on 2011-05-06
Aetna is without a doubt the WORST health insurance you could purchase. It's a rip off and a total waste of money. I got this garbage insurance through my workplace last August. I work part time and they took $89 a paycheck out for their worthless insurance. I have made 2 Emergency...

Aetna / Medicare Prescription Processing/Denials/Appeals

NMA851 on 2011-02-28
My mother started her Medicare Part D plan in 2008. I retained Aetna for her in 2009 and I still kept them in 2010. Despite knowing the changes in their Drug Formulary, there was no need to change plans given I was ASSURED that my mothers' prior authorizations would still cover 4...

Aetna / Won't pay for Celebrex

Stan P on 2011-02-11
If Aetna thinks for one minute they're not going to cover my Celebrex, the ONLY drug I take, they had better think again. I'm contacting the Attorney General tomorrow, and after that, I'm going to Congress, because, you see, I live in Washington DC. And here in Washington...

Aetna - Pennsylvania / denied short term disability

xoLissyox on 2011-02-10
I had gone out of work on medical leave on August 3rd 2010 and was told to apply for short term disability thru the company sponsered plan thru Aetna. I did so and was denied in September and I thus filed and appeal with them and in the mean while had no money coming in and had to borrow...

Aetna / Refuses to pay my supplemental income

Aetne has denied payment for the difference of what EDD is not paying for my medical leave, due to Work related injury, back, wrest, and stress on the job injury. Bank Of America. I appealed with full report from Chiro and Phscy and still they deny pymnt stating report does not give...

Aetna / Denying &life sustaining medication&

Klej on
THIS IS INHUMANE! My doctor, my pharmacist, and I have been in contact with AETNA for 3 days. I have not had my synthroid since 9/15/10. Aetna would only reimburse for generics, so I use them for the past 3 months. I did not respond to Levoxyl(GENERIC CRAP), and my T3 & T4 are so low that...

Aetna / Never ever use home delivery

Norman on
They go from not following your written instructions on the reorder form. to charging your credit card for refills you did not request and without your authorization. I think in most states they consider that illegal. When you try to get it corrected -they tell you all kinds of different...

Aetna - Florida, Fort Pierce / Refuses to pay for radiation treatments to remove prostrate cancer

taziyah on
I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer after a biopsy from an in network urologist. He scheduled an appointment with a radiologist to start treatment. Aetna refused to pay for the biopsy. Aetna also refused to pay all imaging procedures to penpoint the areas of my prostate that has the...

Aetna / Scam

Silvia on
At the end of 2009, GE insisted that everyone convert to a more self-managed medical insurance plan. ccThey held onsite information / question/answer seminars for employees and retires. The information they spewed concerning assurances that pre-existing medical conditions would still be...

Aetna / Aetna representatives lied to me over the phone

Krish on
My complaints with Aetna health insurance range from August 2009 to present. The claims are regarding therapy services for my daughter who has cerebral palsy. I have two major ongoing problems: Aetna representatives lied to me over the phone, telling me that more therapy than the 60 day...

Aetna - Texas / Health Ins & disability pay - short-term

Complaints Board: Aetna Health Insurance doing cost containment review through 3rd party consultant called ACCENT. Have worked at UPS part-time since 02/08. Accident at home on 10/30/09 and placed on STD on 11/04/09 which ends on 05/02/10 as far as pay. Aetna doing a cost containment review...

Aetna / Take Our Money, Won't Pay Bills

My fiance was on an Aetna plan through Cal COBRA (getting the coverage started was a three-month long nightmare in and of itself, but that's another story). For one reason or another (again, the subject of an entirely different complaint), it appears as though her coverage wa...

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