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OUTsurance Complaints & Reviews

OUTsurance / House/contents claim

SiphokaziD on 2016-01-07
7-01-2016. Phoned outsurance today after the house was broken into at around 3am. They stole all our electric appliances. The consultant wouldn't listen to me even after they had sent letters showing that my policy was revised (increased) to not over insure or under insure my...

OUTsurance / Repairs done to my fridge

Reviewer41563 on 2016-01-04
OUTSURANCE CONTENTS Claim number 132988000 authorised; ORCA MOBILE ELECTRICAL WORKSHOPS CC Tel (021)5911787, will be in contact shortly. Appointed Electrical company that was suppose to fix my fridge ...fridge only work for few hours on the 23rd and ever since the fridge not working...

OUTsurance / Insurance claims

Reviewer14323 on 2015-12-28
On the 19th of December, I was driving back from the airport in the rain, and I was following another car in front of me, they managed to get through the puddle of water, however my car got stuck in the water, and my car engine got a hydrolock. My vehicle had to be towed away to Audi...

OUTsurance / Cancellation of my Policy

Gouws on 2015-12-28
After many years (15+) of being a client, I had to cancel my policy because I left the country. I send a mail cancelling my policy on 26 October 2015. I received a mail back, renewing it by Outsurance -without authorization and carrying on with payment (I have nothing in SA). After about...

OUTsurance / Cancellation of policy

Lesa15 on 2015-12-10
10 Dec 2015, I called in at Outsurance today, after a long wait and hold I requested the consultant to kindly assist me with cancelling my policy. The reason why I am cancelling the policy is the fact that outsurance on the house contents does not cover theft If you don't have an alarm...

OUTsurance / Quotation turn into a unwanted policy and bank account deductions

Too Much Never Again on 2015-10-15
I so badly wish I had read your customers review before I called you for a quotation so that i could know your the type of company that creates a policy while clearly been instructed its just a quote and suddenly you start deducting money which you were not authorized to deduct. So now...

OUTsurance / Unfair claim rejection by outsurance

Reviewer90524 on 2015-10-14
Facility number: ot8766609 claim number: 129917844 my home was vandalized on the 1st of september .I then registered a claim with outsurance and followed the the necessary procedure .There was a delay in the assessor coming out to meet with me and for some reason could not get hold of me...

OUTsurance / Payment not received, threatened

Tyron van Rooyen on 2015-10-08
I was leaving a parking lot when Sandra Hollerman reversed out of her parking bay into the SIDE of my vehicle. On site she admitted that she reversed into my vehicle and handed me all her contact information. I then called her the next day and she told me that she will not take...

Outsurance Claim / Delays in claim payment

Melissa Govender on 2015-09-26
We have insurance with outsource for many years and only had an accident early this year were 83 cars were burnt, we are a 2nd hand spares company and that means that we have lost almost all our stock it as been months now and we keep getting the run around we have requested for them to...

Outsurance Claim / Claim Number: 129012894 Motor Vehicle Claim

PietN01 on 2015-08-25
On 24 August 2015 Mr PN Nel submitted documents of his Hyundai Accent 1.5l that was written off in a car accident on 13 August 2015. Mr Nel was requested to submit the following document to Mr. Gerald Bosh at Outsurance "Notification of change of ownership/Sale of motor vehicle" and one...

OUTsurance / Psychological abuse

Hannes Lubbe on 2015-08-04
My son had a car accident on the 21/6/2015. All i wanted to do is bury my son with respect and dignity and with good memories. The week after the funeral. One of outsurance assessors came to see me. I gave him all the information i had even a confidential report that was send to internal...

OUTsurance / Third Party Accident Claim

Mr. Deon Bampton on 2015-03-25
My client Mr. B Haufiku was in an head-on collision with an Outsurance Insurance holder (Ms.L.T Shiwanapo on 27 September 2013. Ms.Shiwanapo wrongly overtook a car in the bent where he forsight was limited and drove into the oncoming car of my Client -Mr.B Haufiku. She acknowledge her...

OUTsurance / Delaying claim

disngemors on 2015-02-24
My house was broken into. I submitted the claim on 6 February 2015 and amongst other immediately drew their attention to the fact that all of my cars keys were stolen, either the whole set belonging to a car or spare keys of my other vehicles. Only on 17 February did the assessors pitch at...

Outsurance, Impact Panelbeater And Mazda Sa / car being to a panelbeater for 90 days and counting

musekene902 on 2015-02-09
I bought a new Mazda 3 last year, I got an I was involve on accidenr on the 29 of october 2014... Outsurance approved my claim and my car was sent to impact panelbeater in booysens. Then I was told their is no parts for that car as is new. Then in november impact ordered the parts from...

OUTsurance / Service

bosladygp on 2015-02-03
My car was booked into the panel beaters on the 26 / 02 / 2015 for a minor bumper scratch and a cracked tail light! I was advised by the manager that my car will be ready on friday (30 / 01 / 2015) as it is a small job, and they have received the light. I called on thursday to confirm, i...

OUTsurance / Claims - Replacement goods

Etienne Celliers on 2015-02-02
Logged a Theft Claim on 24 Jan 2015. Outsurance said they will handle all the quotes etc. Claim approved and now they will send replacement itmes via PTA Tool Centre. I have asked them if there is no other way because I am in East London and if there is any faulty or issues with the goods I...

OUTsurance / Burglary

louise verster on 2014-05-16
Ek is baie teleurgestel. Daar is by my ma ingebreek en tv, laptop, juwele ens gesteel. My ma is 'n pensionaris, die oomblik toe sy vra of daar nie afslag is op die bybetaling nie is daar gese sy moes gevra het vir pensioenafslag toe sy die polis uitgeneem het op daarna. Die bybetaling...

OUTsurance / Access Claim

N.Mavi on 2013-08-26
outsurance doesnt tell you what your access is. when i claimed for my windsceen they told me to pay an access amount that was 90% of the full cost of the replacement of the windscreen. when i asked to talk to the manager, the manager told me to fix the car with my own money. they service...

OUTsurance / Lack of Follow Up of Claim

pjwagner on 2013-07-02
A claim was lodged at the start June 2013 for repairs to our gate and gate motor after it came off the railings. We are now into July and these repairs are still not complete despite various calls to Outsurance advising that their appointed vendors are not coming to site or co-operating...

OUTsurance / refund

beverlyels on 2013-04-30
my advise to anyone that want to deal with o/s is to pse state that you are just shopping around for a quote and not accepting it before hand. they take it for granted that if you request a quote, you have accepted it. i call and said i was still shopping around and the next min. a...

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