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Zenni Optical Complaints & Reviews

Zenni Optical / SCAM, cheap, poor quality glasses. Disgusting and deceptive business practices.

Reviewer13164 on 2016-01-13
Ordered a pair of glasses. When they arrived they were nothing short of junk. I contacted the company to return them and receive a refund. Company would only allow 50% refund and nothing until they received the glasses back. They told me it could take up to two months. No mention that the...

Zenni Optical / Return refusal

Reviewer26143 on 2015-09-18
Ordered a pair of prescription glasses that did not fit well and asked representative for RMA number and was told that their return policy is 30 days only, contrary to the claim by their own site that it is 60 days. Customer must return the glasses to Zenni Optical within 60 days of having received -- http://www.zennioptical.com/regence-return-policy.

Zennioptical.com - California, Novato / Seller sent us different glasses

wild_me on 2015-07-31
We ordered two types of glasses with the same prescription from the company www.zennioptical.com. But the seller sent us completely different glasses and when we checked the prescription, it turned out that they were different. We emailed the seller and asked that it wasn’t what we...

Zenni Optical - North Carolina, Rutherfordton / Lack of repair service

Dave Paganetti on 2015-07-22
I have ordered several pairs of glasses from Zenni Optical and recommended them to family and friends who have ordered. I recently lost a tiny screw that holds the lens to the frame. I e mailed the company and was told that they don't do repairs and my 30 day guarantee was up and they...

Zenni / Progressive Lens

John Dyson on 2014-12-08
I was hesitant to order glasses over the Internet and especially from Zenni because of the numbers of complaints they had and the discussions of opticians who suggested that you wouldn't get personalized service if you bought from a discount service. But the price lured me in - $50...

Zenni Optical / Refusal to correct bad product

Yzr1 on 2014-05-08
I have ordered from Zenni for about 6 years. I've even referred many people to Zenni. Recently, I placed an order which was not correct. I then tried to work with them closely to fix it. It was still wrong and they seemed to have little interest if it was even right or not. There are...

Zenni Optical - Ohio, Cincinnati / business fraud

Kiedron Dubois on 2014-01-29
I ordered a pair of glasses from Zenni. There was not a space on their form to enter a critical part of the prescription. So immediately after ordering the glasses I sent them an email stating that they should include the missing information which was "ADD PAL 0.25" which I've learned...

Zenni Optical - New Jersey / Can't see

PopPopD on 2012-12-01
I purchased 3 types of glasses and this is the second time I have purchased from them. The first, went well, thus the second. I bought reading glasses, they worked fine. I bought distance glasses and they work fine, so I know the prescription is not the problem. The problem is with the...

Zenni Optical - Florida, Boca Raton / Eyeglasses

Bocacary on 2012-09-04
I purchased a pair of tinted reading glasses from a Online Optical Company Zenni Optical to use while on my computer. These glasses have never left my desk and have been exceptionally well cared for. After approximately 4 months I noticed a slight line forming on the left lense. After 8...

Zenni Optical - California / Misrepresented product/horrible customer service

kmblack on 2012-05-04
This is an online only eyewear store, and I want all to hear my WARNING that they are awful, misleading, and their customer service is practically non-existent. My brother ordered a pair of glasses that were misrepresented in their description, when they arrived they were HUGE, and when we...

Zenni Optical / Received a prescription ordered online that was incorrect

Ceberale on 2012-03-07
Received a prescription ordered online that was incorrect. Was told I entered values wrong. NO replacement lenses anyway. Only new glasses. There is no way to attach prescription so can't prove right or wrong. Took 3 weeks to get glasses at $29. By the time I get through VisionWork...

Zenni Optical - California / did not deliver product

Dan I. on 2011-08-17
II ordered a pair of eyeglasses, got no email notifiying me of them being shipped after more than a week. I went and checked website and it said they were done. I then checked the USPS webiste and it said they had been delivered with "delivery confirmation" (note - no signature or proof of...

Zenni Optical - Eye Glasses / Rude Behavior

Wild Bill 55 on 2011-07-22
I ordered prescription glasses from Zenni Optical. After 2 weeks that had not arrived. E-mailed company. Was told they had recently been shipped. One week later, (a total of 3 weeks) still no glasses delivered. Called company . Man answers phone . I tell him that glasses were not delivered...

Zenni Optical - California, San Rafael / Scam

nojay on 2011-07-15
I ordered 3 frames (only) from Zenni - #605225, #430023 & #453415. Two pairs were delivered to my address in Australia within a week however they did not look anything like any of the pairs I ordered. I rang the customer service line who asked me to email a photograph of the glasses delivered...

Zenni Optical / Wrong prescription

GMach01 on 2011-07-09
I purchased 3 pair from Zenni and only one pair matches the prescription I have. Yet all three were ordered together on the same prescription. Two make me dizzy when I wear them and one doesn't. Go figure ! Zenni says they were filled correctly...they weren't and Zenni can't...

Zenni Optical - California, Colton / Good product and service

sefrost53 on 2011-07-08
My daughter, her husband, my mom-in-law and myself all ordered and received specs within the last year from Zenni at such low prices I don't know how they can afford to do it! We are all happy with our glasses and service we received. A tech even called our house to verify my...

Zenni Optical - California / Made my glasses wrong TWICE

S. Roberts on 2011-07-07
After I placed my order I heard nothing, except that they debited my account. I waited a month, then called. They were very rude because I didn't have the order number, which they did not email me. Finally after several minutes on hold, they found my order. It wasn't ready yet. I...

Zennioptical / Glasses

Becky-59 on 2011-06-16
I purchased a pair of glasses from ZenniOptical and I am very dissatisfied. Believe me there is a reason that in their term of use they say We urge you to KEEP YOUR CURRENT glasses as a backup pair. The reason is that shortly after the 30 day so called warranty they are going to break. I...

Zenni Optical - New York / Compliments

P. Tate on 2011-02-20
I have ordered many pairs from Zenni Optical over the years. I have always been pleased with their glasses. I did order from other online retailers a few times and the glasses were never right. Most recently, my RX changed and it took about one day for my eyes to adjust to my Zenni...

Zenni Optical - Oregon / prescription glasses

Received glasses almost a month after ordering (due to customs) . The glasses seemed ok: always a "breakin period" for new lenses ya know, but started getting headaches after awhile, often enough to see a doctor, eventually, at which time "we" (doctor & I) had the lenses checked for...

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