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TD Bank Complaints & Reviews

TD Bank - Virginia, Falls Church / Debit fraud

S!0n3 on Sep 19, 2016
We got a call from TD Bank asking us if we have authorized ACH transfer of $34, 694.68K to multiple accounts. We were informed that the account would be immediately closed and he needed to go to a TD Bank branch to re-open a new account. We visited TD Bank the next day to discover the...

TD Bank / Banking

Hunter2016 on Mar 19, 2016
I recently was defrauded by a fraudster using the services of the TD Bank of America in Brooklyn my. In 2015, I made 3 wire transfer to satisfy an agreement to buy Intel shares and warrants. In 2016, I was talking to several investigators at TD global security And brought this to their...

TD Bank - New Jersey, Bloomfield / Credit Card re-activation not possible

Fatih Orhan on Mar 10, 2016
I have applied for secured credit card on May 2015 and got approved, recieved my card, used it for 8 months. Then I made a purchase, and then my credit card didn't work on next purchase. I called TD Card Services number, they required me to go to branch office for identity and addre...

TD Bank - New Jersey, Piscataway / Extremely Poor Customer Service/Non Professional

Reviewer87888 on Feb 18, 2016
I have only been with TD Bank for 3 weeks. Every week there has been some issue which requires me to call and be on hold for 28 minutes before being transferred to another customer service rep who has no clue what's going on. I received 5 different debit cards each with a different number...

TD Bank - Florida, Mims / Bad customer service

Reviewer36477 on Jan 14, 2016
I was not able to use my dbt card for more than 5 days, about $ 2000. I called them over the phone 3 times, more than 30 minutes each time. Each time they say I reported the card as lost or stolen but actually I didn't. Nobody wanted to tell me who called the bank, how he/she got my...

TD Bank / Home Equity Line of Credit

Reviewer69563 on Dec 23, 2015
I went to TD bank for a home equity line of credit on a home I own outright. There is no mortgage! I have very good credit. I got them over 19 documents immediately and then waited. Michael Doctor was the processor assigned to my case. I found that out only after going to a local branch...

TD Bank - New Jersey, Cherry Hill / Mobile deposit app

ac724 on Dec 16, 2015
Nightmare!!! I switched from a local bank to TD bank for the so-called "convenience" HAHAHA what a joke!!! I have a disability that limits my mobility. The reason I switched to TD bank was because I could use my mobile device to deposit checks of any amount. I was told by multiple TD rep...

TD Bank / Poor Customer Service

Reviewer82923 on Nov 24, 2015
Felicia Barnett at TD Bank is one of the worst solutions reps around. Felicia Barnett at TD Bank is lousy at her job. Felicia Barnett at TD Bank never returns your calls. Felicia Barnett at TD Bank is unreliable and untrustworthy. She will tell you she will be complete something and then...

TD Bank / Devon Jorlett Poor Quality Service

Reviewer96914 on Nov 22, 2015
Devon Jorlett at TD Bank is a complete scam artist.He is one of the worst solution architects around. Devon Jorlett at TD Bank lies. He is untrustworthy and very nasty. If you are looking for a reliable person Devon Jorlett at TD Bank is just not one of them. Buyer beware. Devon Jorlett at...

TD Bank / Service - Edward Greening

Reviewer23928 on Nov 21, 2015
Edward Greening TD bank Is Liar and Fraud - I tried calling Edward Greening at TD bank several times and he never returned my calls. Edward Greening at TD bank is one of the worst IT Managers around. He lies, tells you he is going to fix something and it never gets done. Edward Greening at...

TD Bank - New Jersey, Cherry Hill / Credit Card

Reviewer94944 on Sep 5, 2015
I have daughter in Canada and travel to see her approximately every two months. I opened a TD Bank checking account and credit card because I mistakenly believed that TD's connections to Canada would facilitate any cross-border financial issues. Not only is that not the case, but TD Bank...

TD Bank / debit card fraud

bandmatliam on Jul 16, 2015
Our TD bank Visa number was stolen. We reported it immediately to the bank as soon as we realized. Customer service told us it would be 3 days to resolve, it is now 6 weeks later. Every time we give them what they ask for they ask for something else. What they will not give us is the...

TD Bank - Mississippi, Philadelphia / Overdraft fees drain accounts

Elisa Oliver on Jul 2, 2015
I nearly committed suicide today because i cannot take it anymore. My husband earns five thousand a month, and i earn at least three thousand, yet we are constantly penniless because td bank steals our money! Trust me, we are not uneducated. I have my doctoral degree. I know how to balance...

TD Bank / Multiple problems

Not a doormat anymore on May 28, 2015
Let me start by saying I have had this bank for over 9 years and it's been through many changes, all of which benefited them, not their customers. Back in October, I used my Debit/Visa to sign up for Sirius/XM, thinking it would be a one time trial, and I wanted to cancel after the...

TD Bank - Indiana, Indianapolis / They took my money

SelfMade77 on Apr 3, 2015
I signed up with td bank about 2 weeks ago and left town the following week I will be out of town for about a year or two so I had my girlfriend go make my deposit for me and made sure she asked will I have any problems accessing my money they said no and took the deposit as soon as she...

TD Bank / Mortgage Refi

Just a heads up if you are considering a refi with TD bank on an older home. (50% LTV ratio; 800+ credit score; decent salary) You get lured in with pre-approval and no detailed list of requirements. The appraiser walks up, looks at some peeling paint, and says TD won't close the...

TD Bank / Won't release wire transfers

nda190 on Aug 20, 2014
They are sitting on a wire claiming that the sending bank never sent them the information they requested when the sending bank has now sent them the information 2x. Each time I call I hear a different story from "what wire..we don't see any record of a wire" to claiming they made...

TD Bank - Ontario, Toronto / Wire money

Shae K. on Jul 20, 2014
TD Bank did deposit a wire money around $2800 in my account by their mistake and let me know about that after a month!! When I knew about that I tried my best to cooperated and pay back as soon as possible. However, I have not heard about wire money or banks may do deposit money in customer...

TD Bank / Theft

searoses on Jun 26, 2014
We briefly opened an account at TD Bank, and all was well until my husband accidentally paid a bill with a check from the account, when he should have used a check from a different account. If the check had bounced I would have understood-our mistake. If the check had cleared and we were...

TD Bank - Pennsylvania, Bensalem / Bank did not dispute charges when wallet was stolen

gatoperezoso on Apr 24, 2014
I can no longer trust and do business with TD Bank. Over two weeks ago, I called and reported my wallet stolen, and said there were charges on the account that I didn't make. I called a second time a day later to say I noticed more charges that I didn't make. Ok, will take care...

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