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Target - Washington, Bellingham / Abuse of employees-over exhaustion due to short staffing

Trenchmonkey on Jul 12, 2016
I am writing to complain about the way the Target stores short staff, then expect employees to do the work of 3 or 4 people, often forcing them to work through breaks, without adequate water and hydration on the hottest days and without ensuring they have adequate meal times, bathroom...

Target - Minnesota, Minneapolis / Beyond ridiculous

Jamie on Jul 12, 2016
I have ordered an item from Target and did not get anything. I contacted customer service and they said that my item was delivered and that I was supposed to receive it a few weeks ago. So I called the shipping company and found out that my order was delivered to the wrong address. Target...

Target.com - Arizona, Mesa / Order cancelled after I paid for it online and received no credit

dgray1965 on Jun 13, 2016
I ordered 2 items on my daughters baby registry. One item was in store and available for immediate pick up. The second item had to be ordered. I paid for the entire purchase and my daughter picked up the first item immediately. Target stated that they would send me an email confirmation...

Target - Virginia, Alexandria / Security (or lack thereof)

mdriggs on May 23, 2016
I wanted to make everyone aware of an incident that occurred at a Target store that greatly upset me, frightened me, and has kept me from shopping at any Target locations or online. On April 22, 2016, I went to the Target store a block from my house, at Potomac Yard in Alexandria, VA to...

Target Corporation / Online Ordering

Terri Swain on May 23, 2016
I have just been told that I am welcome to shop in the store but I can't order online. I placed an order and then it was cancelled. When I called to follow up they said that I was "banned" from shopping on line and it had something to do with quantities. I rarely order on line from Target...

Target - Minnesota, Minneapolis / Fraudulent company stay away!

Denise on May 20, 2016
They still owe me my money! Ordered several items from this site about four months ago and did not get what I paid for! This Target is a terrible and dishonest company, they don't care about their customers and their reputation. They just stole my money and think that they can get away...

Target.com / Unethical behaviour

maxmax1 on May 3, 2016
I will not shop anymore at your store and I will cancel my Redcard because of your stand on transgender bathrooms I am a women who does not want a man in the women's bathroom while I am sitting on a toilet with my pants down and yes we do know that men have been coming in without u...

Trade4target / Tft News based Calls are Superb.. Thanks.. Tft..!!

Hasinarijvi on Apr 30, 2016
My search for best advisory ends here. They provide good calls. I had opted for TFT news based sure shot. As of now it's working fine and I hope it continues doing so. Only issue with them is their customer support some times is bit down. They need to resolve this issue. But overall performance is quite good. Their News Based Calls are Excellent...

Target.com / Shipping cost charged was not what was agreed upon

I purchased 24.97 worth of items on target.com. Throughout the checkout process no shipping charge was indicated. After the order was placed I received a bill for 7.89 in shipping. I immediately contacted the customer service to cancel the order. The representative told me she canceled it...

Target - North Carolina, Charlotte / Unethical behavior

fernandososa on Apr 8, 2016
04-06=2016 Target...Got Less For Much More! I received a call yesterday stating I needed to pay our $39.18 Target Card bill. I tried to pay it over the phone and they would not let me because my temporary Target Card had expired and because they couldn't accept a credit card payment over...

Target.com - Massachusetts, Boston / unit pricing info

Diogenes999 on Apr 8, 2016
Beware of the unit-price labelling at TARGET stores. I just found at least one unit-price sticker that was very badly incorrect, and if there's one, there might well be others. I was looking at acetominophen. I found a set of 2 bottles, packaged together, each containing 250 tablets. The...

Target - Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh / Lods

Discuss on Apr 6, 2016
Worked for target for over 4 years and have watched it go down hill. It use to be nice place to work, but not anymore. The loss have control over and some use that to their advantage! I got in trouble for something she thought I did (I did nothing)) it ended up getting worse when called in...

Target.com / Treatment from managers

Discuss on Apr 5, 2016
Something happened one day at work. Lead took contents the wrong way and was nasty to me. Got called to office had 2 being nasty to me accusing me of people quitting because of me and has had many many complaints about me, really? For one thing I did have problems with 2 people they have...

Target / TV Merchandising

paul krupa on Mar 4, 2016
I asked sales person for a Vizio 48" e-series TV as advertised and displayed on a sign. The sales person brought out a TV for me to purchase. As I was walking to the register I noticed the TV was a D-Series, which is last years model. When I went back to the sales person to exchange the...

Target - Illinois, Chicago / Customer Return Assistant

Reviewer44570 on Mar 1, 2016
Return assistant accused me of trying to scam the Chicago West Loop Target store. I had a flat tire a couple of blocks from Chicago West Loop Target store so I went to Target to buy a tire pump. I parked in the Target garage and after buying the pump I realized that there was something...

Target / Merchandise missing from my purchase

Reviewer91827 on Feb 24, 2016
Yesterday i was in your target store in palm beach gardens lake park florida I bought two sheets sets. I just realized that only 1 sheet set made in into my bag. the missing item as 062160689 full sheet set for 22.48. When I try to call them the phone rings for 3 to 4 minutes then hang...

Target.com - Minnesota, Minneapolis / The worst ever!

Juna on Feb 22, 2016
I placed an order and received a confirmation email. Then I realized there was a mistake, that one item I never ordered was added to my cart and I was charged for it. So I immediately contacted Target customer service and asked them to fix the problem. I was put on hold for 30 minutes and...

Target.com - Minnesota, Minneapolis / Sent the wrong item

Ben on Feb 16, 2016
I purchased a bicycle from Target. I made my order in mid November and thought I had plenty of time before Christmas. That bicycle was a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. It was three days before Christmas when I received my order, but it was the wrong bike. They sent me $150 cheaper model...

Target.com - Minnesota, Minneapolis / Very bad customer service!

Lottos on Feb 5, 2016
Back in December I contacted Target customer support to make an order for store pick-up for electric oven. The Target rep made an order for me and misspelled my name. I pointed his attention to his mistake. He apologized and made a new order. Several weeks later my order finally arrived...

Target - California, Pasadena / Baby Registry

patriciadansby on Feb 4, 2016
Although last year I used the Target wedding registry with no problems, yesterday, February 3, 2016, began the following problems: 1. The online baby registry would not work. 2. I called 1-800-591-3869 to place my order (baby bed $299.99 & mattress $49.99). After much delay, the store with...

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