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Tara Medium Complaints & Reviews

Tara-medium.com / Scam - unethical behavior

kelloggfan on Aug 23, 2016
I was skeptical when i ordered and as soon as i received the completely general information, i immediately requested a refund. They have not refunded my account yet. I remain skeptical with these sites. It is unfortunate that we have these bottom feeders tarnishing the market. This person i...

Tara-medium / Scam alert! Don't believe this fake!!

Tom on Jun 13, 2016
Honestly, I still don't understand how would a grown up person living in a 21st century believe in things like mediums! But anyways, if you do believe then that's your problem. I decided to try Tara when my dear mother told me she wanted to get some help from this medium. I paid for...

Tara Medium / Psych

Treyanna Brown on May 12, 2016
This website is trash and I refuse to allow someone to feed off looking my information up to get me to spend more money. I would like a full complete refund of all my damn money and please stop emailing me. My super power comes from above from the most high. IF ITS FOR ME ITS FOR ME. Stop scamming people for money and get a real job.

Tara-medium / Dangerous manipulator!!

Melanie on Apr 20, 2016
I want to tell the world about this fake medium! Well, actually all these supernatural guys are fake, but this lady here scams people for good!! My sister paid her for some hocus pocus and was fooled! She told my sister some foolishness and my sister believed her and our live turned into a...

Tara-medium / Poor session.

Suna on Jan 14, 2016
Tara-medium is a totall scam! I went on a session several weeks ago and this so called „medium” did not answer to any of my questions. She was extremely slow and went by her speed. The thing that made me mad was that she made 30-50 sec breaks and then went again with what she wanted to say...

Tara-medium.com / Product not to my stadards

abckls on Dec 20, 2015
In the first email it described to give all thee multiple services yet it turned out they keep asking for more money for those other services this is not a true product to be bought and should be banned from the internet marketing population. I am unsatisfied customer this CO. has a poor...

Tara-medium.com / Payed my fee nothing in return

Mandy Scott on Nov 23, 2015
Its disgusting how people can get away with this i paid my money for my reading and lucky numbers, in return i received an email stating she wanted $14.95 to give me more info. Its so bad that people like her can play with people feelings and emotions, i didn't expect to be a...

Tara Medium - Queensland, Brisbane / Scamming the most vulnerable

blackhatdave on Feb 19, 2015
I cannot remember when or how I started receiving emails from "Tara". What I do know is that they were well written, persuasive documents which always seemed to promise the world. At the time I was going through extreme financial hardship and what she was saying seemed to be fit in with...

Tara Medium / Contact Page

Tara Visionary on Nov 18, 2014
Hello, I’m Frank, Tara’s assistant. I can assure that Tara never meant to cause discomfort or any other negative feeling by sending her emails. I would like to remind you that if you have any query or other specific information about a study, you can send a message via...

Tara Medium / kept charging without delivery of initial product

Karen426 on Mar 6, 2014
she's a 'SCAM". She left the United States to Hong Kong when they found out she was scamming people. Threatened with "Arrest" Tara "RAN to Hong Kong in FEAR of being in "PRISON for FRAUD" as well as many other charges. I have "Requested a FULL REFUND of $78.88 that Tara ADMITS TO...

Tara Medium / scam/asking for money

janliverpool on Jan 7, 2014
sick of receiving emails from this person asking for money telling me about bad things that will happen if I dont send her money so she can do some astral flying on my behalf? I know there some realy bad people out there who will prey o the vulnerable I am asing that you do something about...

Tara-medium / money scammer

12_square_feet on Jun 15, 2013
This is a complete 100 percent scam, ordered and paid for a product which was never received. Upon inquiry this is what I received on email. "Facing the unknown is part of life. None of us know what might happen tomorrow." These people have a lot of nerve to rob and steal via the internet...

Tara-medium / continued messaging

T Stan on Apr 6, 2013
After numerous attempts to "unsubscribe" from receiving unwanted & unsolicited messages from this obvious Spammer, I continue receiving there "offers" on an almost daily basis. It is my understanding that this violates Can-spam regulations. How can this site be stopped from harassing me??

Tara-medium.com / unsolicited, persistent mail

nodisplayKoI_98 on Feb 19, 2013
you must not send me unsoliocited mail. I have never contacted you. you send 5 mails (at least) per day. You have reciebed 3 replies, and I will again be clear that because you present yourself as an individual in your correspondence, and because I have been very clear that I object to...

Tara-medium.com / I would never send money to anything like those websites

Watiner on Jan 25, 2013
Well I was looking up to see if this tara person was a scammer and just as I suspected she or it is.I would never send money to anything like those websites but some people do, I don't understand why.They must be really desperet people, or just crazy.well anyway just like I thought...

Tara-medium.com / Bunch of dead head scammers playing with our emotions

Vidike on Jan 24, 2013
Well I got sucked in to, had to go see for myself I was curious and at the same time not in the best place mentally for various reasons. These people should be sued for what they do and and shut down asap. In a world where hope is hard to come by we need compassion not a bunch of dead head scammers playing with our emotions. signed: never again!

Tara-medium.com / Avoid. Avoid. Avoid!

Polluse on Jan 17, 2013
She is telling me that I am going to get a huge amount of money in the next 17 days that will help me get back on my feet, ok, that's fine. I have read in a newspaper horoscope that my finances will improve so that is not really impressive. But she is also telling me scarry stuff, like...

Tara Medium - Florida / took mymoney and got nothing for it

dlnybig on Dec 14, 2012
I cannot seem to get in touch with tara, she took my money and I got nothing for it . I tried to get in touch with her to no avail

Tara-medium.com / Stay away from this one

Konger on Nov 22, 2012
I paid 60 pounds to her. I'll have to wait 24h more to have a reason to complain but seeing so many people complaining...i think i did a mistake. is there someone who is happy with her service?

Tara-medium.com / I think the people behind this organization of corruption and selling fear is absolutely disgusting

Dunuke on Nov 21, 2012
To anyone here in need of an astrology chart I would happily send you one free I bought 1000 dollar software and would love to use it, it's accurate and the same they use charging you 40+ dollars for. Because I feel that it is accurate and I do believe reading the stars and planets i...

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