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Super 8 Complaints & Reviews

Super 8 - New Mexico, Santa Rosa / Housekeeping dishonesty

guy mcswain on Oct 13, 2016
I checked out Monday morning after a Saturday night and a Sunday 10/8/16 and 10/09/16 I left my shirt in the bathroom of room 118 it was drying from a wet spot. I realized it when I was to far away to turn around. I called later that evening to tell the desk clerk and she said housekeeping...

Super 8 - Ohio, Athens / Athen ohio super 8 - 2 night stay

Leslie Armstrong Canfield on Sep 28, 2016
Husband and I stayed 2 nights at Super 8 in Athens Ohio. First night was good, but the 2nd night was awful. Now let me explain that in all honesty it was not anything they could have done to fix, however...it was a night I am still feeling today...NO SLEEP because I was awake all night...

Super 8 Lacey Washington - Washington, Lacey / Owner

Victoria Fraser on Aug 30, 2016
My husband and I checked in on Saturday August 27, 2016 around midnight. We were put into a room that had a leaking toilet. They were obviously aware of the problem as the toilet was turned off, once we turned it on and tried to use it then it leaked all over the floor. Once we called the...

Super 8 - Iowa, Decorah / Employees/ room / entire stay

Coyvhester on Aug 1, 2016
We had spent over $450 on this, I'm sorry to have to say this but, low quality budget inn. The staff were Very awkward and rather un- friendly. Someone in our "group" asked the only lady at the front desk at the time we were attempting to check out, if she was working at the front desk...

Super 8 - Indiana, Elkhart / Service/Discrimination

John Mpls on Jul 18, 2016
I drove to New England last week to visit family, and on my way back I stayed in Elkhart, Indiana. After a 13 hour drive, my partner and I were given a room we booked online, and then later refused that room and kicked out of the hotel. After checking in and after being given our key, we...

Super 8 Hotels - British Columbia, Fernie / Service

Gerqw on Jul 11, 2016
Hi I went to the super8 hotel in fernie b.c my home town I went in booked a room paid for it for the next night went in to get room and was told there's a 200 deposit after I paid for it wasn't told at first so fine I went out got my visa and went into pay deposit and was told to...

Super 8 - New Mexico, Albuquerque / Refund on a cancellation

Mcguinness on Jul 10, 2016
I booked a room on Booking.com. I arrived at the hotel Super 8 West in Albuquerque, NM around 4pm. The clerk told me I had no reservation. I had the confirmation number and pin. She told me I had to wait for it to go through, and come back in an hour. I returned in an hour. She said, she...

Super 8 - Kansas, Manhattan, Kansas / Rude and inappropriate behavior of staff

Christina claudio on Jun 14, 2016
I booked a room at Super 8 in Manhattan, KS. For June 3 through June 10 2016. Through hotels.com.Unfortunately I didn't mak it til the 6th but understood there was no refund. It was my son and I that stayed . I was there to do hair in my hometown. I decided to just put my room DOD, The...

Super 8 - Kentucky, Louisville / Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky misrepresentation

My husband and I had to come to Louisville for a three month follow-up cat scan at the University of Louisville. We had stayed at the Marriott Fairfield for three weeks in December. We wanted to stay there again, but they were no longer offering the medical discount. I chose Super 8...

Super 8 - Virginia, Norton / housekeeping Anthony Thompson

Reviewer38833 on Feb 10, 2016
I had stayed at your motel in January i met a housekeeper named Anthony Thompson it was me an my 17 year old daughter later that day i had to go to walmart an get a few things as i returned back to my room this grown man was there with my daughter i made him leave an reported it to the...

Super 8 / Service

Steve Lockhart on Dec 5, 2015
I checked my son-in-law in on Sunday Nov. 29th 2015 for a week and have had nothing but a headache from day one! I called to talk to my son-in-law & daughter and was told the phone line was busy. So I asked if she would go back and have her call the house. I was told they was not there...

Super 8 - Michigan, Imlay City / awful room

1975GingerSnaps on Aug 3, 2015
Spiders coming out of the drain in the bath tub. We got a hot tub room and it was missing the intake screen which meant if you were sitting by it when on your skin was in the intake. My husband has a very large bruise on his leg now. The bed was hard as a rock also... Keep in mind we paid 150.00 for this room... Never again...

Super 8 - Arkansas, London / dirty room

Robin Marcum on Jul 13, 2015
room was filthy dirt piled up in corner in the bath room. the head board has not been dusted in i had to do that so i could sleep in bed. carpet was filthy looked like it had not been cleaned . if i was not only staying just one night i would have left but i will never go back i have...

Super 8 Motel / Credit Card Fraud

Jewels Petersen on May 16, 2015
Saturday May 9th 2015 my husband and I checked into the hotel. We were charged $466.90 including taxes which is fine. Sunday May 10th 2015 Super 8 charged our CC an additional $350 for cat in room. This is a "Pet Friendly" hotel. All over website it states $15 per pet fee! When I made the...

Super 8 - Tennessee, Gatlinburg / Bed bugs

mad as .... on Oct 7, 2013
Arrived at my room to find they charged the card used to hold it. I was assured it was credited back and they took cash. I went up to my room and checked my beds for bed bugs and didn't see any, so I put my things down and went out. I returned to my room late got dressed for bed and...

Super 8 - Illinois, Canton / insects

two spoons on May 8, 2013
My wife and I have stayed at this hotel several times and have never had problem. This time on the morning of the second day, the morning of checkout, we noticed an infestation of ants. They were crawling on my soft drink can that i had been drinking from all night and my wife had bites on...

Super 8 - California, Pasadena / Motel Policies & Rules, Privacy Policy

senah48 on May 4, 2013
Attn: Super 8/complaints department Confirmation No.: 40012849; Acct. No.: 474-908180; under my name Serena Hernandez, I'm staying at Super 8 located #308- 2863 E Colorado Blvd Pasadena, Ca 91107, I've been here since May, 01, 2013, Super 8 Policies & Rules, Privacy & Security...

Super 8 Motel Ft Mitchell Kentucky - Kentucky, Ft Mitchell butter milk pike / Bed bugs and won't even refund

Nate vonne on Dec 10, 2012
This place has bedbugs we even caught the bug and brought it to the receptionist At the front desk After having huge whelps on my arms bitten up They wouldn't even give me a full refund wanted to reimburse only $20 After screaming at me at the top of her long lungs threatening to call...

Super 8 Motel / LIVE ROACHES

Paul_F on Jan 2, 2012
Let me start by saying I have stayed at several Super 8's, Days inn’s, Ramada’s Microtels Travelodges and over the years and have generally had good experiences. But this time I had an option of staying at your motel or the casino directly next door. Because of my previou...

Super 8 Motel - Missouri, Liberty / No Refund

We paid for at room before seeing it. We packed our bags in from our vehicles to room. We couldn't find an outlet for our cell phone charger so we plugged it in in bathroom and noticed that the stool and tub were dirty. I also began itching after only being in the room momentarily. We...

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