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Bluegreen Vacations Complaints & Reviews

Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc. - Florida, Boca Raton / Timeshare

W. Barry Newsome on 2016-05-05
On Feb 5, 2016 I attended a review of my ownership while staying at Tradewinds Resort at Treasure Island, FL this for a $100 gift card inducement. After many hours of sales pitch I was sold 5000 additional points at Trillium in Cashiers, NC on the premise my dues on my current UDI...

Bluegreen Vacations LLC Inc / The agent tried to change our decision and was too pushy

Reviewer40371 on 2016-03-09
We made the appointment in Bluegreen Vacations LLC Inc. My husband and I arrived and our agent started to tell about the vacations’ opportunities and he tried to assure us that if we spent more money, we would get more pleasant vacation. He told the prices and it was too high for us. Also...

Bluegreen Vacations - Florida, Boca Raton / Deceitful

softball55 on 2016-02-24
Prior to me evening having a chance to go for the actual "vacation ", the $50 gift card was voided out prior to its expiration date. When I call the number on the back of the card, the credit card Company informed me I was 1 of many! When speaking with customer service all I got wa...

Bluegreen Resorts / Timeshare

Reviewer43310 on 2016-02-22
4 months ago my wife and I took the 90 min sales presentation in Orlando. After promising ourselves we wouldn't buy we unfortunately gave in. When we got home we started reading all the reviews online and immediately called to cancel. The manager said we were "all set" and that he would...

Bluegreen Vacations / Unethical behavior

Reviewer22552 on 2016-02-07
Time-share meeting and contract date 1-16-2016. In order to get an idea of the value of the 6000 points that I was signing up for, I asked the representative how many points it would take per night. He stated anywhere from 250 to 450 points. I was also told that I could by-pass RCI, thereby not...

Bluegreen Resorts / Salesman, Don Allen Holbrook

realscam / Soapboxmom on 2015-12-27
http://www.realscam.com/f11/dealing-cyber-stalker-cyber-bully-soapbox-momster-cyber-stalker-abyss-4406/ Salesman, Don Allen Holbrook, is making thinly disguised death threats. He has been threatening, suing and harassing customers and critics for years. He is the brainchild behind the...

Bluegreen Vacations / Refund

Reviewer38365 on 2015-11-23
After booking a "vacation" on 10/27, I checked on Blue Green and discovered it was not for us. On 11/5 I requested from Customer Service a refund and was informed that I would receive an email confirmation and refund w/in 3 - 5 days. I received neither. On 11/16 I followed up and received...

Bluegreen Vacations - Nevada, Las Vegas / Timeshare, Travelplus, Bonus Time & RCI

Tburris on 2015-10-29
Buyer beware!!! Do not let them pressure you into buying this, you will not beable to use it!!! I wish i would have read the reviews!!! I 100% do not recommend the purchase of this time share. They are very deceitful and they are liars. My husband and i purchased the bronze membership last...

The Bluegreen - Florida, Orlando / False Advertisement/and High Pressure

Sharonda32 on 2015-10-28
After purchasing a vacation from Bass Pro here in Arundel Mills, Maryland i Purchase A 7 day for the price of 499.99 w/3 $25.00 gift cards from bass pro when arrive and complete a 60 minutes presentation.after arriving from a 13 hours drive the next day/Day 2 we went in for the...

Bluegreen Resort Management Inc / They didn’t help me with the selling of the documents

Reviewer65289 on 2015-10-11
I have timeshares and decided to sell them. I contacted Bluegreen Resort Management Inc. I spoke with the rep and asked for the assistance. I needed to sell these timeshares as soon as possible. I needed some documents from them, but they decided to tip-toe. They told me to call them...

Bluegreen Resorts / Mortgage Payments - Rip Off

Reviewer92490 on 2015-08-31
Consumer beware! Don't set your payment up for direct payment out of your checking account. We were wondering why our bill with Bluegreen was not going down. To our surprise out of $117.50 a month only $.30 was being applied to the principle. We also noticed that there were several unexplained...

Bluegreen Vacation - Tennessee, Gatlinburg / Dishonest selling

AngrywithBlugreen on 2015-07-09
They will say anything to get a sell! Don't buy this off the street or a set up near wal mart or anywhere!!! We were told its for couples don't have to be married we are engaged but we different address. They said it was ok and even booked it.When it came time to confirm they did...

Bluegreen - Tennessee, Gatlinburg / Misleading and deceitful

mrsharvell17 on 2015-06-15
I would never recommend Bluegreen vacations to my worst enemy. They lie to you during presentations they mislead you and don't give you a way to verify information until after your cancellation. It's over Bluegreen resorts of Tennessee has no integrity when dealing with people...

Bluegreen Vacations - Iowa, Charlotte / Horrible!!

tconnor6 on 2015-06-09
Okay so here is what this vacation agency did to our family. Last year we traveled with Bluegreen Vacations and loved it! We were so impressed with the property and the staff. When we saw another great deal we couldn't wait to jump on it and this time we were definitely investing in...

Bluegreen Resorts / Misrepresentation

Andy Kerr01 on 2015-05-11
Bluegreen salesman lied leaving me to believe we were buying into a no lose investment and they would buy it back from us. Also we could trade it 45 days or less and go anywhere we wanted (not holidays). What a crock, what they sold us wouldn't even allow us to go to all the Bluegreen...

Bluegreen - South Carolina, Myrtle Beach / Lies and Deception

KENDOIT on 2015-04-07
We were invited for an owner update that cost about $56 for 3 days/2 nights. We then received a promotion for an extra night and a $75 certificate. However, when I made the arrangements, I was told that I could not use either advertised promotion. Well, I agreed to go any way and I gave...

Bluegreen Resorts - Florida, Saint Pete Beach / Fraudulent Deceptive Practices

Jason Quallich on 2015-04-04
It is so disappointing that I am sitting here trying to hold Bluegreen Resorts accountable for their deceptiveness and fraudulent practices rather than enjoying the benefits that I was promised. This complaint is in relation to the company’s Tradewinds Resort sales center in Saint...

Bluegreen Vacations / We never have gotten to go on vacation yet

Mgmason00 on 2015-02-24
Bluegreen is a scam. This is the 3rd time we have tried to go on a vacation and have gotten absolutely NO results anywhere. We saved points and found out that they are not allowable in the seasons that we want to go, which is why we saved them. I want to sell this stupid timeshare, but...

Bluegreen Resorts - Missouri, Branson / Unsatisfied

bohambone on 2015-02-16
To all Bluegreen Owners who have been lied too/mislead -file complains with the Attorney Generals office in the state you made your purchase and the state they deeded you property too, and also to the BBB, the Department of Consumer Affairs, the Federal Trade Commission - to both the...

Bluegreen Resort In Charleston Sc / Lost vacation property during Obama hardsip.

M Franklin on 2015-01-30
I had been paying on an ownership property . had paid over 23, 000.00 cash. Lost job when economy was bad and told prior and asked would they work with me to pay the 700.00 behind and pay off only a 2, 000.00 balance before I had ownership. This was the biggest scam I have ever seen and...

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