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Restaurant.com Complaints & Reviews

Restaurant.com - Illinois, Arlington Heights / They are selling fake gift cards!

Jack on 2016-04-07
Don't use this service, they are selling gift cards that are not working. I have purchased a $100 gift card and invited my girlfriend on a date. We arrived at the restaurant, ordered some food and enjoyed the evening. But when we finished our meal and I provided them my gift card they said...

Restaurant.com / Fake coupon!

Richard on 2016-03-18
I have purchased a coupon from www.restaurant.com and it seemed like a great deal, but it was too good to be true! So I invited my girlfriend to a restaurant and she was very excited about that. The restaurant I picked was extremely expensive but I had my coupon. So, we arrived, ordered...

Restaurant.com / Shortchange on Gift Certificate Exchange

Reviewer93150 on 2016-02-03
I had a $25 gift certificate that I needed to exchange because the restaurant was no longer a part of Restaurant.com. I exchanged for two [2] $10 certificates and should have had a remaining $5 to use for another "deal". I have emailed at least 7 times and while getting a response to each...

Restaurant.com / Unauthorized sales of Don Carlos Mexican restaurants in Houston and Waco Texas

Customers came in with Restaurant.com's certificates in hand to redeem them for $10.00 and $15.00 face value off their bills. We have no idea where Restaurant.com is selling the certificates for our 4 Texas locations. When the owner called Restaurant.com. The said there is no written...

Restaurant.com / Restaurant certificates

Reviewer78699 on 2015-12-31
Do not buy certificates from this company. Some of the certificates i purchased went through without a problem. Others were rejected by the restaurant as not valid. When you try and get this resolved with restaurant.Com all you get is canned email responses. I have been scammed!!!

Restaurant.com / scam cannot redeem purchased gift certificate

youarefakerstoo on 2015-12-15
12/02/2015 I received a restaurant.com $50 gift certificate from a local store for making a purchase there. I registered myself on restaurant.com's web site including the code on the back of my gift certificate. I was able to view the participating restaurants on restaurant.com's site but...

Restaurant.com / Sell invalid restaurant gift certificate

b/x on 2015-07-29
I purchased 3 local restaurant certificates, for "Sake house Japanese cuisine restaurant", from "Restaurant.com". Today i went there and tried to use it but rejected by the restaurant owner. Then I called the restaurant.com costumer service and talked to the supervisor Ms. Anna. She said...

Restaurant.com - North Carolina, Raleigh / unauthorized issuance of gift certificate

Third Place on 2015-01-10
restaurant.com issued gift certificates without my knowledge. I called them and they said they would take care of it. They did not. People come in and use there certificates to get free food. I try not to turn these people away as that is bad business. Restaurant.com is a morally bankrupt...

Restaurant.com - Illinois, Arlington Heights / thieves

a12345678 on 2014-11-25
This all started on Oct 1st 2014 when I moved to a new home 80 miles away from my old stomping grounds. At this point in time I logged into my restaurant.com account and attempted to exchange the certificates for restaurants in my old neighborhood with ones in the new area I am living in...

Restaurant.com Certificate / Certificates NOT authorized by business

y horton on 2014-10-08
Restaurant.com is luring customers into purchasing "Certificates" to be used at restaurants for discounts on food purchases. The restaurants have no relationship with Restaurant.com, nor have the restaurants authorized anyone to offer such certificates.The customer is charged $2-4 dollar...

Restaurant.com / Tip out procedure

Over a year ago restaurant.com offered 18% gratuity of total bill after the discount was applied. As of 8 months ago they removed the 18% gratuity and replaced it with TIP YOUR SERVER ON FULL AMOUNT OF CHECK! We as servers count on that money! Since it's been removed more then 75% of...

Restaurant.com / Undisclosed Terms

Park7 on 2014-01-17
I purchased $50 "gift cards" for a restaurant that were discounted. However, AFTER the purchase, it was then disclosed that the purchased needed to be for AT LEAST $100. I NEVER spend this much money in one trip to that place, which make the "gift cards" worth about as much as dirty toilet paper.

Restaurant.com / Theft

JRSYCOLL on 2013-11-07
Purchased many Gift Certificates and E Cards over the years...never a problem NOW THAT I HAVE over $1000.00 in credit...I go to redeem my credits and the list of available resaurants dwindles to NOTHING!! Along with much smaller denominations offered!! I gave my money in good faith...and...

Restaurant.com - Colorado, Lakewood / Horrible customer service

JessicaM2013 on 2013-03-30
We purchased a coupon from Restaurant.com for the Nite Owl Bar and Grill. The coupon cost $10 for $25 certificate. We previously visited this place for their Sunday all-you-can-eat. Today, we had a server/bar tender that I have never seen since we only go on Sundays. When we went to use...

Restaurant.com / They refuse to respond at all and have not refunded my money

Miloviche on 2013-01-24
I was duped into spending $30 on Restaurant.com (Specials) coupons. They told me I could purchase $100 worth of wine from OrderWineDirect.com. The coupon was $15. The catch: You have to spend at least $200 to get the $100 savings. No big deal. I was OK with that. However, OrderWineDirect.com does NOT...

Restaurant.com / Coupon not valid for OHIO

bearsareone on 2013-01-23
I was duped into spending $30 on Restaurant.com (Specials) coupons. They told me I could purchase $100 worth of wine from OrderWineDirect.com. The coupon was $15. The catch: You have to spend at least $200 to get the $100 savings. No big deal. I was OK with that. However, OrderWineDirect.com doe...

Restaurant.com / Buyer beware, not a good deal at all

malker on 2013-01-23
There is no deal for the consumer here for the most part. Spent $10 for a $25 certificate. I had to spend at least $35 for the dinner... but of course due to the restaurant's menu prices I had to spend $45 ...then had to pay a high NY tax rate on that...and tip of 18% wa...

Restaurant.com / I bought once from them and the restaurant wouldn't accept my cert

Brion on 2012-12-15
I bought once from them and the restaurant wouldn't accept my cert. Even if they had done that, there are minimum spend requirements that don't make the $$ off equal out to anything other than a % off your meal. Add to that that there are tons of restrictions and zero customer...

Restaurant.com / Avoid this one at all costs

Darpune on 2012-12-10
If you are familiar with the term "bait and switch" or would like a perfect example or education of it then buy a coupon from restaurant.com. I did! Not at all as described-not even close.When I called for a refund within 10min after they charged( I paid through paypal) and was instantly...

Restaurant.com / No response from customer service

Ogamule on 2012-12-02
Restaurant wouldn't accept because they said they were losing too much. No response from customer service. Wasted my money.

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