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Olive Garden Complaints & Reviews

Olive Garden / Pizza!!!

Parrish Thomas on Jan 18, 2017
I totally dislike the fact that you guys took away the pizza. I was a real heavy fan of Olive Garden but you guys really hurt my heart and my soul when you took away the pizza. Please please please bring it back... you ruined my childhood and adulthood. Bring it back as soon as possible! I...

Olive Garden / The food

Jackie E. Cook-Ridgley on Jan 18, 2017
Me and my husband was at the Olive Garden in Uniontown PA and I ordered the spaghetti and meatballs and sausage started eating bit into a piece of wood told the waitress she said the manager took my meal off of our bill and gave me another meal so I got the chicken Alfredo to go well...

Olive Garden / Theft

Jax M on Jan 18, 2017
Management at the Fairview Heights, IL location are extremely unprofessional. When the issue of theft was brought up, they stated that the employees stealing were teenagers and refused to address the issue and asked us to leave! Also, I witnessed employees stealing tips off of their...

Olive Garden / Pork in the meat sauce

bklynaries on Jan 17, 2017
I had the pleasure of eating at one of the restaurants on 1/16/17. Now on the menu I ordered a dish that advertised that it has traditional meat sauce that comes along with it. Now to me, meat sauce just meant ground beef. No where on the menu does it say pork is included in that meat...

Olive Garden / Food

on Jan 16, 2017
I made an online order from olive garden on 1/15/17 and picked it up at 1:30pm. I ordered chicken alfredo. While eating a piece of chicken from the alfredo I bit something extremely hard and sharp. It appeared to be a piece of glass or a similar object. Either way it had no business being...

Olive Garden Restaurant / Dogs in restaurant, not seeing eye

Judye Gribble on Jan 16, 2017
Olive Garden Kingston Pike, Knoxville Tn. Was eating and Gentleman brought a black fuzzy dog in restaurant, commenced to letting it up in a couple different seats and actually took it to eat with him. I am not only allergic but do not eat after animals, even though I love dogs outside. I...

Olive Garden / Pasta fogali soup

Jeannette Levine on Jan 14, 2017
I went to the take out, ordered the soup above, they said it would be 10 min, as they had to make a new batch. Well, it was terrible, watery, an not the same as we had got before, or when we have had dinner there a while ago. We were very disappointed, as we had take out before an it wa...

Olive Garden / The waitress

Tina moore on Jan 13, 2017
I went to olive garden in augusta maine yesterday at noon. W my clients n her daughter n law n toddler. They had no complaints but i did. It started off i asked for lemon n my water. N got no lemon then asked for my soup to come out right away n no soup came til after my meal. I undeestood...

Olive Garden / Food

stuckinia on Jan 11, 2017
On Thursday, Jan 5, 2 friends and I stopped at the Olive Garden in Coralville, IA at around 1:45 for a late lunch. Our waiter was Joe, and he was wonderful. We were not thrilled with the food. I realize we were past lunch and prior to dinner service, however, we were served the dregs of...

Olive Garden / Food poisoning

SophiaCale on Jan 10, 2017
My husband and two children went to eat at olive garden in Lafayette la. About 630 yesterday evening. The staff and our waiter was very good . My family and I left the restaurant and started our drive to our town which is an hour and about 30 minutes away. About five minutes after we left...

Olive Garden / Service/food

Soul reaper on Jan 9, 2017
It took 20 min for a waiter to ask about drinks, another 10 to get drinks, 15 to place order, over 40 min to get salad, soups, then my soup had plastic in it. Manager said it happens. So I canceled my food, my family loves Olive Garden, our Christmas tradition to go eat there before...

Olive Garden / Food

Acac3335 on Jan 8, 2017
In Knoxville, TN Turkey Creek area-- we love Olive Garden. But last Friday night we had terrible food. We were kind of shocked ☹️ We ordered the 5 cheese ziti and it came out with a crusty top on it. We found it odd since we order it almost every time we eat there. Then biting into it wa...

Olive Garden / Service at olive garden warrensville ohio

Ashley G on Jan 8, 2017
I ordered my meal online yesterday. They gave me the time of 4:30pm for pick up. I went to the restaurant to pick up. The guy at the front finally asked if I was there for pickup after me standing there for 5 minutes. While all the staff hugs a woman and man I assume they knew. The woman...

Olive Garden / Label in food

Makayla123 on Jan 4, 2017
I ate at Olive Garden at Ashley Park in Newnan, GA. Our waiter was extremely friendly and very nice. It took us quite a while to get our salad. We got our food after about a 20 minute wait. I didn't finish my food so i got a to go box and brought it home. As I was eating my left overs I...

Olive Garden / Food sickness

Edwards8189 on Dec 30, 2016
Today on Dec. 30th, 2016 my wife and I had a lunch date at the Olive Garden in centereach NY. Everything was great service wise and the food was good as well, I didn't finish the food cause I felt unusually full, but not more than 10 minutes after we left we were at Walmart and I had to...

Olive Garden / Order placed online was not ready

missy907 on Dec 29, 2016
Hello I am upset because I work as a nurse and lunch can be hectic to have at times so I placed an order today online for the Olive Garden picked my time and when I got to the place to pick up my order the hostess looked in the system and said it didn't go through. I had driven all the way...

Olive Garden / Got ranch dressing spilled on me by a waitress

Angieo34 on Dec 27, 2016
Hello, yesterday 12/26/16, my mother in law and I had lunch at your restaurant in horseheads NY. Everything was great, service, lunch, appetizers all of it wonderful! So my complaint is when we were almost done, a waitress behind me had just cleaned off a table and had a tray of dirty...

Olive Garden / Long wait, terrible food, bad service

Rosie Gutierrez on Dec 27, 2016
Good Morning, Yesterday 12/26/16 my husbands family and ours went out to enjoy a meal at Olive Garden. When we arrive they had told us wait time was 25 min, we didn't get a table until 45 min passed and we had to ask. We saw people that had just arrived being seated before us. Once we were...

Olive Garden / Extremely slow service, confused waitresses

Ross H. Tipps on Dec 26, 2016
Kind of weird experience at Olive Garden in Huntington Beach. First, we were seated and forgotten for about 20 minutes. When we asked for help the waitresses could not figure out which waitress was supposed to wait on us and they discussed this right in front of us. They finally just took...

Olive Garden / Service

Herman Morrison on Dec 26, 2016
We visited the Olive Garden on Peach Street in Erie, Pa on Friday Dec. 23 2016. We called at 3:30 asking what the wait time was and were told "no wait time, but that could change at any moment". We arrived at 3:40 and waited less than 5 minutes, which was great, because we had to be at a...

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