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Rent-A-Center Complaints & Reviews

Rent-A-Center - New York, Rotterdam / Refrigerator

Buzzbee on 2016-04-14
We decided to go to Rent a center primarily because they hook up everything for you. (My fiance pass away 3 weeks prior I have no clue how to do these things) They came hooked it up, and yesterday (2 weeks after the delivery) I had to go into my basement. It was flooded. I head upstairs to...

Rent-A-Center - Texas, Houston / Bad Service

Reviewer34968 on 2016-02-24
I was allowed to rent a bed for 1 week which I was grateful as they normally only allow 2 weeks. I paid up front understanding I needed for the week of February 15, 2016. I went into the store on monday, 15th and was told it might not be able to get delivered tuesday because the were...

Rent-A-Center / My refrigerator

I bought (via their rent to own option) a beautiful, brand new french door refrigerator from Rent a Center. Several months into it, my ice maker stops working correctly. The store comes and gives me a replacement and takes my fridge in for repairs. Fridge comes back; not fixed at all and...

Rent A Center - Pennsylvania, Norristown / Horrible Customer Service

Reviewer12404 on 2016-02-20
A few months ago I recently moved into an apartment. Like most people that is getting up on their feet, I decided to give rent a center a try. I missed one payment and scheduled to make the payment up, they harassed me! Called my job, and friends! When I called them back, their Manager...

Rent A Center - California, Escondido / Customer Service

Maria6814 on 2016-01-12
To whom it may concern, I am a current paying customer of your establishment in the city of Escondido California, and I am appalled to call myself such. This location provides the worst customer service. There are certain individuals who I personally would call rude and inefficient, not...

Rent A Center - California, Hemet / Customer Service/Treatment/Morals ?...

Reviewer59409 on 2016-01-11
It goes beyond saying that Rent-A-Center is horrible HORRIBLE place that takes advantage of desperate people who are tired of sitting and sleeping on the floor. I went in 11/29/2015 and paid almost $200 for a bed and couch. They weren't able to deliver until 12/6 and that actually ended up...

Rent A Center / Refrigerator

Reviewer91963 on 2015-12-17
I have an issue with rent a center for a minute about a refriigerator the employee lied to me wen I got the fridge said it was only scratched but wen I got it it was dented badly on both sides I call the associate told him he was no help at all wen I ask him why he lied he act like he did...

Rent A Center - New York, Queens Village / Sales, Delivery lack of Professionalism

Reviewer17638 on 2015-12-07
I purchased a Samsung High Definition TV with a surround sound from Rent A Center on Thursday Dec. 3, 2015. I was told I had to pay $31.07 before it can be delivered. However on Friday I receive a call that the delivery guy is coming until I told them I wasn't home. The merchandise wa...

Rent A Center - Washington, Seattle / Vehicle damaged by Rent-A-Center Driver

Ashley Gremmert on 2015-11-27
On 10/15/15 I was returning home from an appointment in downtown Seattle. As I was driving north on Western Avenue, A Rent-A-Center box truck traveling north also, passed me on the left, striking my driver's mirror, pushing it forward. The driver stopped a few feet ahead, I asked him to...

Rent-A-Center / Laptop that didn't work

Scales67 on 2015-10-18
Don't even consider renting anything from this Rent-A-Center location!!! Their promise of 100% satisfaction or a full refund is a lie. I had to rent a laptop computer for two weeks while mine was in the shop. The first problem that I noticed as soon as I arrived home with the computer...

Rent-A-Center / Poor Customer Service

Reviewer17779 on 2015-10-05
I have perviously renting a washer opted using the 90days same as cash. I visited the store in DeSoto 10/3/15 because my dryer went out and I needed one quickly. I filled out my application while sitting there I noticed how the employees handled the customers so unprofessional. After...

Rent-A-Center / Not Entirely Complaining

Nina62 on 2015-10-03
I have just read horrible STORIES about HORRIBLE RENTACENTER EMPLOYEE'S attacking customer's. It on believable the conduct and tactics they think will make people comply to their demands or are these rules and are they giving training at all areas in the bill collection proce...

Rent A Center / Good customer treated poorly

Reviewer70315 on 2015-09-15
I bought Items with rent a center and was a very good customer at Queen st lancaster pa 17602. A year later I was going to buy more furniture and that told me I was a good customer but I needed to be treated like a new customer. I thought once you had good credit that was good enough but I...

Rent-A-Center - Kansas, Great Bend / Sold my order to somoene else

West Phyrd on 2015-03-08
My special-needs sister needed a multi-disc cd player. Instead of going on-line I tried to support local businesses. I went to RaC, they didn’t have one in the store but they ordered one and call and leave a message when it came in. It was to be a cash transaction. When they...

Rent A Center / theft and threatening

blueeyes96 on 2014-08-29
I was renting two laptops from this store. Each time I made a payment they would stick the money in their pocket instead of to the account. Then when I got tired of messing with them and told them to come and pick them up, they showed up a day early and was caught peeping in my window...

Rent A Center - Nebraska, Grand Island / Bad acer computers (2)

Justice99 on 2013-01-10
I rented an acer previously owned for 1 yr. I brought it back in that evening it has shellcommon.DLL missing. They gave me another Acer previously owned for 1 yr I pd $130.00. This Acer gave me problems with Word Processor English Starter told me to go to Ctrl Panel hit repair I did took...

Rent A Center - Texas, Arlington / Stolen Property

JustShan on 2012-12-04
Rent A Center employee who delivered bed and mattress stole $1400 Movado watch and 3 Brighton Bracelets while in my bathroom. Filed Police Report, but without a security camera video, I had no proof or evidence. Rent A Center was only defensive and hostile when confronted. Be LEARY of these folks.

Rent A Center / I was never more humiliated and ashamed for them

Gikkade on 2012-08-22
Went into rent a center with all good intentions to purchase a bedroom set, upon speaking to a sales person i was just asked to fill out a form and to pay 32.00 and they would let me know when a delivery date was available. I received a call the following day with a time and date of a...

Rent A Center - California, Bakersfield / They harrass to no end

Karen Dee on 2012-08-11
My husband and I rented from rent a center. There was no problem at first but then work obligations called for him to relocate for 60 days (and yet this company offers online bill pay) I got hurt so I am out of work til mid sept. These people called (white lane store) and my husband told...

Rent A Center - Alabama, Wetumpka / Customer Service

QUEEN2320 on 2012-07-09
I went into this location on 5-July-2012 to inquire about options to purchase a bed for my grandparents. My grandparents have been sleeping in the same bed for well over 30 years and I felt it was time for a change. I entered the store to be approached by representative Jason or Justin a...

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