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Rent-A-Center Complaints & Reviews

Rent-A-Center / Misleading information

Divina Valdez on Dec 26, 2016
About two years ago I rented a queen sized mattress from the RAC in Laredo, Texas on Guadalupe St. I explained to the employee that I needed to rent a queen bed for a month because my mother was coming for a visit, but I didn't want to purchase one. The employee said that I had sign a...

Rent-A-Center / Manager @ 1768b columbia ave, columbia, pa 17512

Jennbunnyak on Nov 15, 2016
I am a current customer at Rent-A-Center and have been for some time. I have had repetitive issues with the Store Manager; Mike at the store @ 1768B Columbia Ave, Columbia, PA 17512. For the last several months each and every time I call to make a payment I am held on the phone for over...

Rent-A-Center / Attitude

Littlebits44 on Nov 12, 2016
Lazor managee of springdale Arkansas. Was rude to me and i tried to pay him on washer an dryer most of what i owed he said my son was upset with him an i said i apoligise for that but i have 30 dollars now an i will catch up on the paymts an he said no we were just a wk behind ive bent a...

Rent-A-Center / The staff at concord office named manny

Lilibeth Bersabal on Nov 11, 2016
I dont remember when I signed up for my units, but when I get to the store it was Manny who i signed up my brand new dinning table and couch with. I ordered a brand new black leather couch with him, and was told that it wont arrive until 4-8 weeks, therefore, we had to rent a used dirty...

Rent-A-Center / Samsung note 2

Kate Noonan on Nov 8, 2016
Called rep on Nov. 1 and told him to take two weeks from debit card and told him he could use auto pay from that point on. Today he locked my phone and the message I got was I would have to buy it back. This would be the third time. I only owed 71 dollars on it. Also I told him two week...

Rent-A-Center / Mattress

Alisi on Nov 3, 2016
My name is Alisi Tuivai. I recently stopped at the Rent-a-center in Panorama city to rent/purchase a bed. I specifically asked for a brand new queen size mattress. I ended up getting a used mattress and the wrong size. The mattress overlaps the box springs. The male who installed...

Rent A Center / RAC driver

Esther Olivas on Nov 1, 2016
On Tuesday 10-25-2016 at 6:14pm I was driving on my way home on Centerville Rd when a maniac in a white van stayed literally on bumper. I turned left on Duck creek and driver stayed right behind me till I finally moved out of his way. He sped up so my daughter and I were able to get the...

Rent-A-Center / Personnel, not doing the right thing

crownisroyal on Jul 25, 2016
I have been a loyal rac customer, i have bought and paid for 4 flat screen tv's, ps4, refrigarator, recliner, queen size matress and boxspring and now the problem two htc cell phones witch i owe less than 500 to pay both off i have had the extra warranty been paying for that and i was told...

Rent-A-Center / Agr#:aet17350-Dominator Cafe Rocker Recliner

jim hook on Jul 5, 2016
We had purchased two new recliner's before you bought out Aaron's in our area, we were very happy with arena's. And we bought two recliner's first from Aaron's, we were very happy with there services and have had nothing but problem's since your store took...

Rent-A-Center / refusal of payment

Annie Carter on Jun 27, 2016
I am a new Rent-A-Center customer, I got a couch, a chair and a television for my disabled 73 year old mother. I ended up in the hospital with walking pneumonia in both my lungs. When I got home, I found out that my mother was not able to drop the payment in the drop box due to her health...

Rent-A-Center / Refrigerator

Buzzbee on Apr 14, 2016
We decided to go to Rent a center primarily because they hook up everything for you. (My fiance pass away 3 weeks prior I have no clue how to do these things) They came hooked it up, and yesterday (2 weeks after the delivery) I had to go into my basement. It was flooded. I head upstairs to...

Rent-A-Center / Bad Service

Reviewer34968 on Feb 24, 2016
I was allowed to rent a bed for 1 week which I was grateful as they normally only allow 2 weeks. I paid up front understanding I needed for the week of February 15, 2016. I went into the store on monday, 15th and was told it might not be able to get delivered tuesday because the were...

Rent-A-Center / My refrigerator

Kathleen Manor-Bautista on Feb 22, 2016
I bought (via their rent to own option) a beautiful, brand new french door refrigerator from Rent a Center. Several months into it, my ice maker stops working correctly. The store comes and gives me a replacement and takes my fridge in for repairs. Fridge comes back; not fixed at all and...

Rent A Center / Horrible Customer Service

Reviewer12404 on Feb 20, 2016
A few months ago I recently moved into an apartment. Like most people that is getting up on their feet, I decided to give rent a center a try. I missed one payment and scheduled to make the payment up, they harassed me! Called my job, and friends! When I called them back, their Manager...

Rent A Center / Customer Service

Maria6814 on Jan 12, 2016
To whom it may concern, I am a current paying customer of your establishment in the city of Escondido California, and I am appalled to call myself such. This location provides the worst customer service. There are certain individuals who I personally would call rude and inefficient, not...

Rent A Center / Customer Service/Treatment/Morals ?...

Reviewer59409 on Jan 11, 2016
It goes beyond saying that Rent-A-Center is horrible HORRIBLE place that takes advantage of desperate people who are tired of sitting and sleeping on the floor. I went in 11/29/2015 and paid almost $200 for a bed and couch. They weren't able to deliver until 12/6 and that actually ended up...

Rent A Center / Refrigerator

Reviewer91963 on Dec 17, 2015
I have an issue with rent a center for a minute about a refriigerator the employee lied to me wen I got the fridge said it was only scratched but wen I got it it was dented badly on both sides I call the associate told him he was no help at all wen I ask him why he lied he act like he did...

Rent A Center / Sales, Delivery lack of Professionalism

Reviewer17638 on Dec 7, 2015
I purchased a Samsung High Definition TV with a surround sound from Rent A Center on Thursday Dec. 3, 2015. I was told I had to pay $31.07 before it can be delivered. However on Friday I receive a call that the delivery guy is coming until I told them I wasn't home. The merchandise wa...

Rent A Center / Vehicle damaged by Rent-A-Center Driver

Ashley Gremmert on Nov 27, 2015
On 10/15/15 I was returning home from an appointment in downtown Seattle. As I was driving north on Western Avenue, A Rent-A-Center box truck traveling north also, passed me on the left, striking my driver's mirror, pushing it forward. The driver stopped a few feet ahead, I asked him to...

Rent-A-Center / Laptop that didn't work

Scales67 on Oct 18, 2015
Don't even consider renting anything from this Rent-A-Center location!!! Their promise of 100% satisfaction or a full refund is a lie. I had to rent a laptop computer for two weeks while mine was in the shop. The first problem that I noticed as soon as I arrived home with the computer...

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