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Purity Products Complaints & Reviews

Purity Products - Massachusetts, East Freetown / Auto Ship & cancellation

Ray Gramlich on 2015-10-28
I have a Florida residence and summer in New England. Their auto ship did not arrive until the middle of June and I was already in New England. I called and they sent a shipping lapel to return the product with no problem, however the product was in Florida and I was in Massachusetts. I...

Purity Products - New York, Plainview / Cannot cancel recurring shipments

Reviewer53715 on 2015-10-07
I have an account with these folks, but was shocked to discover that I CANNOT cancel the supersaver automatic orders on-line AT ALL. Even when calling into their frustrating automated customer service line, all the options are to change delivery dates, or quantities, etc... No way to...

Purity Products / Refuse to cancel recurring order

Ripped Off by Purity on 2015-03-05
I could no longer afford my Purity Products "Super Saver" monthly auto ship order. It is impossible to cancel your order on the website, so I moved the shipment date up by three months. With the shipment date still a full month away, they shipped two bottles of pills anyway and drained...

Purity Products / Stupid People Wanting Everything Free

momof3m's on 2015-02-04
I continuously see more people complaining about Purity Products "charging them money, ripping them off, signing them up for things they didn't want" and it's simple... When you call to order a Free Bottle & you pay part of the shipping, They OFFER you to sign up on the Super...

Purity Products / Slick Rip Off

palmdesertpat on 2014-09-08
Out of nowhere I receive a box from Purity Products. I couldn't remember ordering it since it had been quite some time since I last interacted with their web site. It took a while but I realized they had scammed me. They kept my credit card info on file, and like a dumb ass I signed...

Purity Products / continues to pull money from my bank account

bill percy on 2014-03-05
Ordered vitamins ONCE not realizing they had signed me up for a revolving charge! They have NOT cancelled the SuperSaver as promised and continue to bill me - I have been on hold with their customer service for over 30min - but now the "on-hold" advertising is gone and they just hung up on...

Purity Products / Lori Michel

frank6217 on 2014-01-09
I have seen a lot of complaints regarding Purity Products sales practices. I personally don't have an issue with them regarding this issue. What I do know as a former employee of this company is that the QC Director Lori Michel laughs her fat ass off as she responds to these...

Purity Products - South Carolina, Campobello / No refund as promised

David Humphries on 2013-12-20
I was shipped unwanted items after I cancelled my account. I call the company and after many attempts I got an email authorization number to return the unopened items for a refund. I sent at my expense the unopened items and was called and told they could only refund a portion of the 1st...

Purity Products - California / Billing me again after canceling 6 months ago

Rallllll on 2013-02-15
I tried purity product free trial offer and was charged shipping cost, 3 days after receiving my trial offer They hit my bank account for a full order at 78.63 I called cancelled The order and sent it back wiTh The ups The day it arrived That was back in sept of 2012. Today The 15Th of...

Purity Products - North Carolina / False Advertising

Ishopon on 2012-10-17
Free bottle of product...just pay shipping. I phoned...was ADDEMENT about not signing up for a continous shipment and that I was ONLY authorizing the charge for the "Free Bottle" of product. A few weeks later I received a pill card with 15 capsules. Phoned the company who advised the deal...

Purity Products - Washington / almost refuse to cancel super saver

Consumel on 2012-08-29
Purity Products makes it extremely difficult to cancel Super Saver, or special, offers!! Purity Products makes a very effective advertisement, and then offers a sample of a product as a, "Super Saver." The consumer pays only shipping and handling, which are very reasonable charges. The net...

Purity Products - Texas / Ripped Off

MzCindy on 2012-06-17
I can not begin to say how dassatisfied I am with this company. To briefly share my experience, I heard about a product on the radio called "Blueberry Detox" and thought it would be a good idea to give it a try. My dad being a diabetic I thought that this would be good for him. I also...

Purity Products / Legal Credit card theft

MVP on 2011-03-13
I tried to stop delivery of products from the company for 3 months after the alleged free trial, they refused, I contacted my credit card company and they wouldn't stop the revolving charges as they said that Purity products were "there customer", and not me, so the stop had to come...

Purity Products / Unwanted and unordered products

Rjm3228 on 2011-02-21
You sent unordered and unwanted products. How do I return these products and get a complete refund? order# 21620340. Please advise. Do not send any more products!!! Any future orders will be initiated by me only. Product is H.A. Joint Formula-SS. Don't know who sent this order other...

Purity Products / No refund after 3 weeks

1220maria on 2011-02-17
Was promised a refund 3 weeks ago, I called this morning and they claim an error from the CS. If I had not looked at my bank statement to check on it they would never realize their error. I initally tried to cancel the complete order but they promised to refund me for half the price of the...

Purity Products / Scam

Jude on
I ordered a free sample from a gospel radio station. After I received my sample I called to cancel. But was harged 164.00. Then six months later I was charged another 164.00. This company is definately not customer friendly. When ordering you get a live operator. When trying to cancel you...

Purity Products / Thieves

Thomas on
I'm thinking this is more a scam on the consumer's part. From what I read, you were told about recieving more if you don't cancel. You can pretend like you didn't hear that part but it's all recorded. Who is really running the scam here? You knew exactly what wa...

Purity Products / Where is my $164.70

JadE46 on
I listened to a radio offer stating I would only pay $5.00 which was a shipping fee. I was later charged $164.70. I called and quickly shipped the box back. All I have received is an automated response message. No one is taking me serious but I am. I do not have Purity Products and I want...

Purity Products / Money scam

Donald on
I hate this company. What a bunch of bull. They are rude and they were wondering why I am so pissed off. Can you imagine? What a rip off.They charged my credit card $164.70 because I didn't cancel within 15 days of the trial offer. It is day 18 and I still never received the trial...

Purity Products / Took $179.00 from my account

Magico on
To whom it may concern, I don't have enough money right now to buy anymore of your products. You took almost $200.00 from My checking account, without any warning and it's almost all I have. Please put it back and cancel any shipment. I can not afford this product at this time...

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Beware the 'home energy audit' Sales Pitch
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