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Good services and easy on the pocket as well

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SAKURA HOUSE - unfair price policy [New Complaint]
Sakura has started with a very UNFAIR rent policy. They lower rent prices to newer customer whereas MAINTAIN overpriced rent to long-term tenant. Currently Sakura House has lowered by 15, 000 yen my neighbors' rent, for aparently NO reason, but REFUSES to even talk about the issue with me. Sakura House apartments are OLD, usually NO LONGER rentable to Japanese customers. Because foreigners...
Aloe Heights - unfair rent policy [Comment in Complaint]
This was the real estate that was recommended to me by my employer (Berlitz Japan), but beware you won't be getting much more than a closet-size room for US$1.000, 00. OVERPRICED!!!...
Aloe Heights - unfair rent policy [New Complaint]
Sakura House is a real estate agency that rents old apartments to foreigners in Tokyo. Most apartments are overpriced, but as most real estate agencies in Tokyo discriminate against all foreigners, this is one of the few options for the average ex-pat. The housing complex where I live is more than 25 years old. All apartments are rented from a landlady, and sublet via Sakura House. Aloe Heig...


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