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PowersportsMax Complaints & Reviews

PowersportsMax / 50 cc scooter moped

Christy Davis on 2016-04-16
THEY ONLY POST GOOD REVIEWS ON THEIR SITE. this one was ignored - You get what you pay for I guess. Shipping was fine but once we put everything together, followed all the instructions, it still will not start. The seat does not open and several people have tried, scooter owners even. The...

PowersportsMax - Texas, Wharton / Go Kart

Reviewer45649 on 2016-01-12
Wish I would have read al of these complaints before I bought this. This company is so bad . im not going to go on about what happen bc its been so much it would take me so long to write it all . but please listen and busy from another company... very very very bad

PowersportsMax - California, South El Monte / Poor customer service, unethical behavior

Reviewer90019 on 2015-12-29
We bought our kids 4 wheelers from this company. One came in a damaged box and has 2 tires that don't hold air, the other came without the accessories that were to be included. We made multiple calls with messages left as to what the problems were over a two week period of time. Our phone...

Powersports Max - California, South El Monte / Go Kart order

Reviewer41892 on 2015-12-23
Unfortunately I didn't read these reviews. Purchased a go kart & received a piece of junk. As soon as I opened the box Parts fell out of the crate. The tires do not hold air. The Instructional CD doesn't have my model to help with assembly. There is no instructions or material to identify...

PowersportsMax / Bad Company

W.Dailey on 2015-05-14
I ordered a four wheeler which was not the right one I called the company back the rep had an attitude with me like I was in the wrong I shipped the four wheeler back in Feb it is now May still no bike no money I called months after months got hung up on was on hold for hours I finally got...

PowersportsMax / No Refund and Damaged item

Jeng7475 on 2014-12-12
I ordered a GoKart for all three of my kids 3 weeks ago. I showed up Damaged and I refused delivery. Its been that long since I have been calling and get a different story every time on my refund. I have explained over and over again this is my Kids Christmas money. I have had very rude...

PowersportsMax - California, Los Angeles / scam

Doc LaFleur on 2014-07-24
I bought a 300cc scooter online, in early 2014, paying with my Bank of America credit card, paying $1, 890. When it arrived, I found out that it was a 2012 model instead of a new one. We realized that the front fender was damaged, the front grill was damaged, and the windshield had a major...

PowersportsMax - California / Poor service and product

Craig Lieboff on 2012-06-29
We purchased a go kart from Powersportsmax on 11/25/2011 as a holiday gift for my 3 sons for $1050 (cost + shipping). My children have had a total of 3 hours of ride time on this go kart. From day 1, it's had nothing but problems which we've communicated to the company on over 30...

Deeal,inc Or Powersportsmax.com - California, El Monte / Products/Customer Service

Karen Griffin on 2012-04-28
After 3 months of reviewing different mopeds, I was so excited when I saw one from this dealer. We ordered it, paid for it and arranged to drive down and pick it up so that they could show us the scooter and we could make sure everything worked. My husband and I both talked to different...

Powersportsmax.com - California / Terrible product, no customer service

beakybockers on 2011-12-29
(First delivery attempt, never showed up: 2nd attempt had the same experience as other reviewer;sent on a semi, couldn't make it down my driveway so I had to drive down and put it in the back of my minivan with one delivery guy, so I had to help move it into my car) When we finally...

PowersportsMax - California / don't buy if y0u're not a mechanic

herpyderpyderp on 2011-11-30
I see a bunch of complains on here about powersportsmax. If you're wondering about buying from them, I'd say go for it, as long as you are knowledgeable about vehicles and know how to fix and assemble things. Thats where most of these issues on here come from, people getting...

PowersportsMax - California / Poor quality horrible customer service

Mdodd on 2011-08-24
My son 12 years old, saved for almost a year for this go cart. when it arrived it have 3 defective parts. It ran for about one hour. I called and was promised all 3 parts within 5 business days. 2 weeks later I finally got someone to answer the phone and was told there was no record of the...

Powersportsmax.com / Defective product and non-existent customer service

Paul A. PA on 2011-07-25
The 110cc P60 ATV we purchased for our son from powersportsmax.com was delivered on 7/13/11, which he still hasn't been able to ride. The laundry list of problems with the junk product we received include: a cracking sound & fire coming out the right side of the motor, rear brake...

PowersportsMax / DANGEROUS ATV and they plan to resell it after it came unwelded in two spots

Shedevil6 on 2011-02-14
We purchased a Dirt Bike and an ATV for my sons for xmas. My son was so excited to get an ATV on xmas it was 530am and we were ready to let him ride it, we couldnt get it started for nothing, we put it in the gaage w/ a space heaterand tried all xmas day toget it started, my son came in...

PowersportsMax - California / Broken Merchandise - warranty

My son ordered some kind of mini cycle from this company and paid 300.00 with his confirmation money. He got the thing and used it 3 times, after the 3rd day it broke ( he was gone for the weekend ) I called on the 4th day to inquire about the warranty as the thing sat in our garage...

Powersportsmax.com - California, El Monte / Broken Merchandise

cgrimm on
Ordered a small dirt bike from them. It was received damaged. It had been either shipped or stored on its side so the plastic body side pieces were broken, brake pedal was bent in, and engine side panel had scuff marks from rubbing against the packaging. In addition, the gas tank venting...

Powersports Max / Buyer beware

William on
I had purchased a Ridemax 125 pit bike from Powersportsmax back in February 2010. One came in the crate damaged and it was obvious, still to this day, we cannot get them to repair our bike. I even sullied them with a case # from the shipper. I have called and talked to 4 different people with...

Powersports Max - California / Go-Kart

Go-kart on
Ordered a Go-Kart from powersprorts max In Calif. and we stay in NC. When we got it and started putting it together a lot of the parts were missing and we called them and they said they had to check inventory and would get back with us. We finally replaced some parts. The kart was drove...

Powersportsmax.com Aka Deeal, Inc. - Missouri / Defective scooter/false advertising

Marie on
I purchased a scooter. It became defective within the first week of riding. The company would not take it back and refund my money. They hang up on me when I call them. My scooter, which I rode for less than one week, is not working and sits useless in my garage. If you have any complaint...

PowersportsMax - Minnesota / poor quality, worthless warranty

Ordered 50cc scooter; waited 2 months for delivery; engine runs rough and loses power at 15mph, well below 30mph claimed. Brake line burst at 96mi - they said it was "normal wear and tear part" and would not cover it. replaced with a honda part on my own. Since then the fuel gauge quit...

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