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PNC - North Carolina, Morehead City / refusal to listen

Cara Montford on 2016-04-29
On 4/30 I was calling to report an incident of fraud. Last month I was contacted through an online service I register with to provide childcare. The woman made a whole long story up. She didn't come when she said stating her mother died. She said she would be here in 2 weeks in the...

PNC / Account

Reviewer63776 on 2016-01-26
On 1/26/2016 i went to a PNC bank on 2414 Wycliff Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607.To make an deposit into my mother account.I did not have the account number however and had ssn/card number.I then ask the teller would she be able to look up my mother information with ssn/card nu, ber.She stated they...

PNC - Illinois, Rockford / Home Equity Line

Reviewer56931 on 2016-01-18
I closed this account by stopping by my local branch. I was given a statement I went to my other bank got a cashiers check and brought it back within an hour. Pnc kept the account open after I provided to the branch manager a letter that I was closing the account. They continue to charge...

PNC - Alabama, Huntsville / Mortgage process taking way to long

Reviewer92370 on 2015-11-30
I started a mortgage process over 4 months ago, I was given a pre approval letter. At which point we found a house and started the mortgage process now going on 9 weeks. I keep getting the run around and still do not know if and when we are going to close or not. First they said the law...

PNC Bank - Delaware, Delaware City / Home Equity Line of Credit

Reviewer15035 on 2015-11-20
Home Equity Line of Credit - Account number:4489618320224661 bank records show that we have overpaid from March of 2012 till Nov 2013, a total of $3, 606.67. we requested several times from bank customer service to clarify how these extra payments have been refunded and if not refunded...

PNC Bank - Kentucky, London / Mortgage calls saying they are collecting a debt before placing a lein.

granna11 on 2015-11-05
For the past several months PNC Bank has been calling telling us we are late on our payments. Yes, due the 1st but not late until after the 16th. They start calling around the 4th of the month. Today the 5th, they placed three calls. I answered the last one and told them this was just...

PNC Bank - Arkansas, Washington / Business banking

Reviewer20250 on 2015-10-30
October 2015. I was so excited my small business account was about to be paid off. I received a coupon in the mail stating that my last payment would be electronically deducted from my account. It really was a payment a and a half of the last one. Here is what transpired: The coupon wa...

PNC Bank - Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh / To provide a document showing I am the only person on my Home Equity line of credit

Reviewer58311 on 2015-10-12
Thursday October 8th. I called the phone number 877-526-3603. I ended up with a consultant who seemed very happy to help. After I explained to this person that I needed a document to show I was the only person on my Home Equity Line of credit. I was then forwarded to another person...

PNC - Pennsylvania, newtown square / modification

laurznkids on 2015-06-27
I too tried over 12 times to get a modification. One desk would tell me I was fine And the next would foreclosure on me. I was sandbagged over 12 times.. Ginall PNc gCe me a payment log. I made 3 rd payment and because my husband who stole all the equity mist of the equity out a home...

PNC Bank - Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh / Home Equity lin of credit issues

SKmetko on 2015-05-16
In September of 2012 I signed the paperwork to a Home Equity Line of Credit with National City Bank. They told me PNC had purchased them and that my account would transfer over to PNC. No big deal. Boy, I am regretting it now. I was told I could make extra payments to the principal and at...

PNC Bank - Illinois, Schaumburg / rude

Phantasimous on 2015-03-07
My friend and I parked in the nearly empty PNC parking lot in a strip mall shopping area. my friend drives a large truck and there is still snow on the ground so its hard to fit into most of the tight spots. As we approach the store, an employee of PNC rudely accosted us and demanded that...


MikeATL on 2015-02-27
I had a VISA card issued by PNC bank. I signed up to pay my bill online. Little did I know that hidden in the fine print, they say that by agreeing to pay them online rather than mail a check I agreed to no statements ever being sent. I agree I didnt read each word in the long pages one...

Pnc Mortgage - Ohio, Miamisburg / VA Refinance

Robert Jr on 2015-01-13
In November I called PNC Mortgage in Miamisburg OHIO, I filled out all of the information and was told my VA loan was going fine. Because my Original Mortgage was thru PNC, they were told that my Mortgage was not reaffirmed over 7 years ago. I was told no problem since it was going to be a...

PNC / Fraudulently held a cleared Check

I HATE PNC on 2014-11-22
I am so angry with Pnc they claim convenient banking HAHA NO WAY! My husband and I received two checks one in my name one in his! We deposited checks into our checking account so that funds would be available for our black Friday Christmas shopping ! They posted and were only available in...

PNC Bank - Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh / Stole $100 from me

Greg in Pittsburgh on 2014-11-06
5 months ago, without notifying me by mail, email, phone or personal contact PNC Bank initiated a $20 per month "Calculated Service Charge Type Hd" against my account. I only process 2 sizable transactions per month and hence had not reviewed the account. A few days ago I received a...

PNC Bank - Indiana, Indianapolis / Sign-up bonus is a joke.

PNC will do anything to get out of paying sign-up bonuses. Also, employees do not give full and accurate information. I set my account up with Elka Jones at the 56th St branch in Indianapolis. She told me that I would quality for a $200 bonus if I direct deposit at least $2000 per month. No...

PNC Business Checking - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / The end of free checking!

Thank you SO much PNC! After 25 years of service you they have advised me that they have killed their free business checking and are now charging an unreasonable fee and are demanding a huge deposit to maintain checking without this fee!!! I am heading down to their lousy bank Saturday and...

PNC business banking / Business checking fees

Thank you SO much PNC! After 25 years of service you they have advised me that they have killed their free business checking and are now charging an unreasonable fee and are demanding a huge deposit to maintain checking without this fee!!! As usual, the big guys take it out on the small...

PNC Bank Norwin Hills Branch / Mistake and lack of service

Janice Roskey on 2014-05-05
1. My name was dropped from my mother's account, and I cannot use her account. No idea why? Hmmmm Ask that gal over there. 2. That gal over there...I waited for 15 minutes on my lunch hour while she chatted on the phone. When she was off the phone (of course I waited in seats and stared...

PNC Bank - New Jersey, Edison / Account Closure

Stayaway3 on 2014-04-13
PNC was a good bank at one time but not anymore. My debit card was skimmed and they did nothing. I contacted the police and they found out who it was. I then opened a smart card which took 2.5 weeks to receive. Then there was no way to change the password because PNC does not know how to...

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