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Petsmart Grooming / Improper grooming practices

I scheduled an appointment for my Standard Poodle puppy to get his first full grooming at the Spokane Valley PetSmart. I live a long way out of town, so I had made other plans with my disabled mother for mother's day while he was to be groomed. After driving a very long way, when I tried...

PetSmart / Cat diarrhea medicine inquiry

enhe on Nov 15, 2016
I went to the Petsmart in Hampton VA Peninsula Town Center to ask about the cat diarrhea medicine. The female (in her 50s, tall, thin, very dignified, short hair) acted like I don't exist and pretended to be serving another customer (with her full heart) who is applying for some card or...

PetSmart / Cat adoption area where cats are housed

Angela Fallon Augustine on Nov 11, 2016
I am so upset with your store at 3939 S Arizona Ave Chandler, Az I am beside myself! I was in your store today 11/11/16 and there was a woman cleaning in the area where the cats are housed to be adopted and she was spraying cleaner and leaving it sit on the surface of the cubicles while...

PetSmart / Fish

tia clarke on Nov 11, 2016
So I recently moved and my fish didn't make it, I have too fish and I have a 3 gallon tank. The employee working by the fish area gave me no attention didn't ask if i needed help and ignored me when I finally got someone over he was completely rude about the fish I wanted told me my tank...

PetSmart / Grooming service

Patsy Grimes on Oct 5, 2016
Called on a Friday and made an appointment for grooming on Monday. I called back on Monday and rescheduled for Tuesday and explained that I was taking pet to the vets office for skin allergies and steroid shot as the reason for rescheduling. When I got to PetSmart on Tuesday morning, I...

PetSmart / Purina beyond dog food

lcindy on Aug 17, 2016
A few months ago I purchased many small bags of Purina Beyond dog food from Petsmart. I opened the first bag later that night and when my boyfriend stuck his hand in, there was a sticky film. I'm not sure why, but we thought this was egg (don't ask us why we thought this, the flavor wa...

PetSmart / Grooming

Jbrown201119 on Jul 25, 2016
07/25/2016 Today I called PetSmart in El Cajon, CA to see if they could get my 6 month Beagle in for a nail clipping. The lady on the phone said "Yes." I then asked if they were too busy because I would have no problem bringing him tomorrow. The lady's rude response was "Well, we are busy...

PetSmart / Manager's negative attitude towards customer

wcvetesy on Jul 24, 2016
Date: 24 July 2016, Time: Approximately 9:30 AM. Upon arriving at Pet Smart 9:10 AM I found the door to the store wide open. Since Pet Smart opens a 9:00 AM throughout the week I assume that since the doors were open and the sign for store hours were covered by open doors I proceed inside to...

PetSmart / Grooming Salon

Tristan Tremblay on Jul 23, 2016
Today July 23, 2016 I took my 10 month old 4LB Shorkie to Petsmart in Barrhaven as I always do to get groomed. He is special needs and I have made that clear to them since I have been taking him there since 2 months old. He has kidney failure and ataxia which is not contagious and i...

PetSmart / Pet Hotel Services

AnimalAbuseAvenger on Jul 18, 2016
I have two frenchies that I boarded at the hotel. I was a bit skiddish because I usually board them somewhere else and this was in a time crunch. I'm not a fan of pet hotels that do not have webcams or allow you to see/set up the room for your pet. To me, this means that they are...

PetSmart / ignorant cashiers unhelpful

Wendy4145 on Jul 9, 2016
I have 5 pets. Each year for their Birthday i take my pet into Petsmart Store and buy them gifts for their Birthday. Today, I was there for my Standard Poodle HOPE, who turned 9 years old today. A customer told me she was there getting her birthday discount. I have a pet smart card, with...

PetSmart / Grooming

Bradly G on Jun 22, 2016
I have been a loyal Petsmart customer for years. I'm in their stores in Northboro, Ma. And Sarasota, Fl. regularly spending in excess of $200 per month for grooming services, food and accessories. Last Friday I lost my wife after a battle with cancer. Since our dogs were such an important...

PetSmart / Petsmart Does Not Value the Lives of Its Fish

Helen Wong on Jun 20, 2016
I just want to express my sadness for the way some Petsmart employees who work in the Aquatics Dept do not care about the survival of the fish they bagged just so the customer is out of their way. I was at the Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn store on a Saturday afternoon, there was no employee in...

PetSmart / Not keeping product in stock

Lab01 on Jun 3, 2016
PetSmart promotes 15% Off discounts for certain days and does not have the product on the shelf. Example would be Iams Cat Food 16lb bag, $23.99 regular price reduced to $22.99 sale price. Try to find any bags of this product at any surrounding PetSmarts...until the 15% Off ends. Not...

PetSmart / The name should be changed to PetStupid!

Mitzi's mommy on May 18, 2016
Honestly, if I had a family member like Tony Soprano I wouldn't waste a minute to make a phone call. July 3026, my loving sweet miniature Schnauzer named Mitzi of 11 years, perfect health, very fit became VERY ILL AFTER given a bath at PETSTUPID. When I picked her up after the "grooming...

PetSmart / Grooming

Angeleyes6979 on May 17, 2016
The groomers at the Warner Robins ga Petsmart are too busy talking to one another about their everyday life events instead of focusing on the dogs . I took my Morkie right at opening time to have her hair trimmed and toenails filed down. I didn't mind the 4 hour wait but I also told them...

PetSmart / Grooming

tinson on May 7, 2016
I have been using Petsmart several time to groom my two dog's hair. Mary use to cut their and make sure I understood what was going to be done. My dogs smelled when I dropped them off. When I picked them up I noticed my male dogs face was uneven. My female dogs tail was missing the...

PetSmart / Manager's Behavior

eric Rydelius on Apr 6, 2016
The store issued a coupon for Purina products when I purchased a 3.5 LB bag of cat food . When I tried to use the coupon for another 3.5 pound bag of the same cat food, the cashier said we would need the manager to approve it ... The manager vehemently recited the fine print stating the...

PetSmart / 37 Gallon Top Fin Fish Tank

Michelle Spigner on Mar 20, 2016
I purchased a 37 Gallon Top Fin fish tank on September 6, 2015. On March 17, 2016 while sitting on my couch, my tank exploded all over the place. It has caused almost $10, 000 worth of damage. I am very upset in this matter, seems how it has caused not only damage, but stress as well from...

PetSmart / Dirty, smelling section of store

Deborah Ullrich on Mar 8, 2016
The Petsmart on Balcones and 183 South in Austin, Texas has a section of there store in the back left in the cat Pedigree and Little Caesers that is rank, it smells like something is dead, maybe a mouse or rat?? Spoiled food... I have been told that it has been like that for months and...

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