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PetSmart / Manager's Behavior

eric Rydelius on 2016-04-06
The store issued a coupon for Purina products when I purchased a 3.5 LB bag of cat food . When I tried to use the coupon for another 3.5 pound bag of the same cat food, the cashier said we would need the manager to approve it ... The manager vehemently recited the fine print stating the...

PetSmart - South Carolina, Lexington / 37 Gallon Top Fin Fish Tank

Michelle Spigner on 2016-03-20
I purchased a 37 Gallon Top Fin fish tank on September 6, 2015. On March 17, 2016 while sitting on my couch, my tank exploded all over the place. It has caused almost $10, 000 worth of damage. I am very upset in this matter, seems how it has caused not only damage, but stress as well from...

PetSmart - Texas, Austin / Dirty, smelling section of store

Deborah Ullrich on 2016-03-08
The Petsmart on Balcones and 183 South in Austin, Texas has a section of there store in the back left in the cat Pedigree and Little Caesers that is rank, it smells like something is dead, maybe a mouse or rat?? Spoiled food... I have been told that it has been like that for months and...

PetSmart / Dog Grooming

Reviewer24636 on 2016-02-28
PetSmart located on Lake Worth Blvd., Fort Worth. Nasty, Unprofessional, Rude! As a retired and previous dog groomer, I was absolutely disgusted at this place. On Saturday at 5 pm., I took my son’s Australian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees to be groomed (GROOMED) not scalped. When I walked in...

PetSmart - Arizona, Phoenix / Disappointed

Miranda on 2016-02-01
I have been loyal PetSmart customer for several years and never had any issues. I ordered 2 bags of dog food and paid over $100. I made an order online, because I was ill and could not make it to the store. I explained the situation and they promised my order would be delivered on Friday...

PetSmart - Utah, Layton / Grooming

Reviewer98872 on 2016-01-21
Late Jan. 2016 I took my dog in for a routine 6-8 week hair cut. I do his nails, ears and anal glands myself but don't yet cut his hair. I have a schnauzer who I've been bringing to a different Petsmart but this one was closer so I thought I'd give them a shot. I even do a brush out before...

PetSmart - New Jersey, turnersville / Manager completely disrespectful

Reviewer49531 on 2016-01-18
I was at the Petsmart in Turnersville, NJ earlier today. I was taken back at how disrespectful the manager Kristal had been to an employee who asked for her help. After being snarky to the employee she told the employee to call someone else for help. Another customer was taken back by thi...

PetSmart / Grooming

Reviewer23345 on 2016-01-13
Sad day today. I was just told by Pet smart grooming that they will no longer do Sadie's bath because she can't stand long. I thought they were for all pets. They have lost all my business.I made mistake of telling Cashier I wasnt happy since my regular groomer was on maternity leave with...

PetSmart - Georgia, Macon / Authority Dental Cat Treats

Reviewer55978 on 2016-01-07
I purchased 2 bags of Authority Cat Treats, 1 made with Tuna, 1 made with Chicken. They are hard as rocks, could not be broken into smaller pieces, so tried soaking them in milk/water, took for over an hour for them to be soft enough to eat, my cats would not have anything to do with these...

PetSmart - Iowa, Des Moines / All Things Living basking bulbs-unethical behavior

Patricia Hope on 2015-12-31
This occurred December 27th, 2015. I have always shopped at the PetSmart at 5050 S.E. 14th in Des Moines, Iowa. I have literally spent thousands of dollars here in the past 15 years. I have several reptiles & should own stock in their UVB as well as UV lights, basking & heating. I have...

PetSmart - Arizona, Phoenix / Poor customer service

Abigail on 2015-12-18
I purchased several items online from PetSmart and opted for in store pickup. When I arrived at the store to pick up the products, the store manager told that items I ordered were out of stock. Well, thing like that sometimes happen, so I wasn't very upset. I went back home and browsed...

PetSmart - North Carolina, Greenville / Care of small animals

Reviewer74264 on 2015-11-30
-November 30th 2015 (Not the only date I have been concerned) -Store # 610 Greenville, NC -I am concerned about the care and husbandry of the small animals (Guinea pigs, rats, chinchillas, hamsters) and birds in this store. I am in petsmart quite often picking up food for my dog and rabbit...

PetSmart - Nevada, Las Vegas / Grooming injured my dog severely

Reviewer86940 on 2015-11-03
Been having my SPCA adopted dogs groomed at Petsmart for 15 years. Took my 12 year old cattle dog in for a nail clipping and bath and 3 hours later she was crippled. Had to have a vet come to the house ($360 vet bill). He determine her leg ligament was torn, probably from them making her...

PetSmart - California, La Jolla / The manager's attitude towards me

Reviewer23133 on 2015-10-08
I have to say I feel extremely mistreated and humiliated by the manager, Bill at PetSmart today. I was loyal customer to PetSmart. Since I had my dog in April, I bought everything from PetSmart, had all his vaccines in BanField and took him to pet grooming there most of the time. But...

PetSmart / Age Discrimination

Dutch76 on 2015-09-15
Applied to PetSmart several times for an entry level position. Retirement became too boring so I applied for an open position. My resume is stellar and I would have expected as least an e-mail that I was not considered. Nothing happened even after I personally handed my resume to the...

PetSmart - British Columbia, Coquitlam / Dwarf African frogs

Shelleyannee on 2015-09-06
I went to buy 4 dwarf African frogs on sept 5. The girl that help me was so rough trying to net them, my previous experience has been that they are gently caught by hand but she used the net to trap them and I'm sure in doing so injured the frogs. Once she put them in the bag it started to...

PetSmart / Waste of money

Reviewer10345 on 2015-08-22
On july 23, 2015 i purchased online from petsmart the sentry pro xft for both my dogs two different weights. I spent $43.38. When i got home i bathed both my dogs with flea shampoo and then waited 24 hours as instructed by a customer service rep. That i called from the number on the back...

PetSmart / Groomers 73rd av ad bell road

Reviewer43990 on 2015-08-21
Beware of the groomers at the Bell Road Petsmart in Glendale Arizona. I took my mini Aussie to get her groomed and two hours later I returned to find a lame, injured dog. No explanation from groomer Kayie, other then she said my dog was hard to handle and mean. The dog is only barely a...

Petsmart Grooming - Florida, Cape Coral / Horrible Experience

Reviewer38227 on 2015-08-20
We brought our 2 1/2 year old toy poodle/maltese mix "Holiday" (who weighs 8 pounds) to Pet Smart Grooming in Cape Coral, FL on Saturday, August 15th. Holiday was found homeless less than a year ago and we adopted her on Christmas Eve. She is a special needs baby. When she was homele...

PetSmart - Nebraska, Omaha / Unfair adoption

. Anonymous . on 2015-07-05
We were told multiple times that adoption on Sunday starts at 11:00. We came at 10:30 to wait because we had our hearts set on a female Flame-point Siamese the same age as our male Lynx-point Siamese, only to find that they were adopting her out to another family! We had already named her...

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