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Microsoft Corporation - Washington, Redmond / Groove Music

Natalie_Cox_ on 2016-02-05
I am an already pirated professionally recorded BMI registered songwriter-- I was checking MY website to see what I can do to IMPROVE it- I checked a link and it came up Microsoft Groove. What happened next is that Microsoft Groove HIGH JACKED two recording tests of Audacity from my...

Microsoft Corporation / Microsoft Solitaire Collection: Microsoft ruined a once great game

Reviewer17238 on 2016-01-12
On my old Windows computers (Windows 8, 7, XP), Microsoft solitaire was the best! No ads, no registration, etc. Now they want you to upgrade to Microsoft premium Solitaire if you want no ads. They even tried to make me sign up for Xbox. I don't want that! I miss the old solitaire. I am...

Microsoft Corporation - Arkansas, Washington / unauthorized credit card charges

Pamela Gerhart on 2015-12-22
The dates and the charges are as follows: 09/11/15 $21.44, 10/06/15 $20.37, 11/10/15 $4.28, 12/08/15 $6.42, 12/14/15 $16.08, 12/20/15$5.35 $1.06 $2.13 $3.21, 12/21/15 $4.28 charge pending. These are the dates and amounts that are on my Visa credit card without my authorization. I ask that...

Microsoft Corporation / unknown charge

Reviewer59600 on 2015-12-18
he charge microsoft mysterious 39 4 charge from nowhere was first reported Dec 18, 2015. microsoft mysterious 39 4 charge from nowhere charge has been reported as unauthorized by 95 users, 25 users recognized the charge as safe. Help other potential victims by sharing any available information about microsoft mysterious 39 4 charge from nowhere.

Microsoft Corporation / Unauthorised credit card payment

Reviewer73094 on 2015-12-17
16 December 2015, 5.31AM AEST $124.20 charged to my credit card. I rang Microsoft at 1.23pm 17 December to query charges and was told that the charges relate to ingame purchases for a FIFA game on an XBOX. I do not own an XBOX or a FIFA game. They were not able to tell me any account...

Microsoft / Email from General Manager, Public/ Online Sector UK Derrick McCourt

Debbie Fisher on 2015-12-16
This email states that I have won 845, 000.00 GBP in an Online Microsoft Award 2015. It also asks me to provide my personal details and not to tell anyone else about this to avoid the draw being void. I live in Australia and am sick and tired of these spam mails. It also includes a photo...

Microsoft Corporation / Hotmail/email

Reviewer95106 on 2015-11-30
renevarc2@hotmail.com, password "2006caddy", "It looks like somebody may be using your account" FOR MONTHS! And, nobody is using my account! I just did not logout properly! Recovery failed MULTIPLE TIMES; new account creations, that I NEVER WANTED, FAILED TOO! HORRIBLE Customer Care/Support/ CARE, MICROSOFT!!!

Microsoft Corporation / Unauthorized credit card charges

emc999 on 2015-11-24
My visa credit card has an unauthorised credit card payment made at Microsoft - 39 Miami, Miami, Fl. merchant reference 2524635 . The charge to my account was US dollars 1453.05 and the information I have is that 'signature used' as opposed to PIN. This charge was made to my...

Microsoft / Withdrawal from my checking account

Reviewer75277 on 2015-11-14
There are 2 transaction on my bank statement. I have no idea what they are for. the withdrawals total $120.00. Couldn't find a phone number to contact them and had to file a fraud complaint with the bank. They cancelled my debit card and issued another one. What a pain. I have auto...

Microsoft Corporation / XBOX One controler

Fred Davies on 2015-11-09
My son saved up to buy a fancy Xbox controller . Just out of the box a few weeks it stopped working . Brought it back to the store after buying the extended warranty . AS the thing was not 90 days old yet had to deal with Microsoft . Spent three hours on the phone with tec support . Nice...

Microsoft Corporation - New South Wales, Sydney / Surface Pro 4 Pre-order

ravi99 on 2015-11-07
⁠⁠⁠I'd like to express my huge disappointment and terrible customer interaction I experienced with Microsoft recently. I pre ordered the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 on 6 November, encouraged by your great advertising and marketing that you will deliver promptly on the release day. These...

Microsoft Corporation / email/hotmail

Reviewer95830 on 2015-11-06
renevarc2@hotmail.com, password "2006caddy "It looks like someone else might be using your account" for MONTHS!! MULTIPLE recovery attempts/failures! Multiple New account creations(that I NEVER WANTED)! HORIBLE, HORRIBLE Customer care/Support!!!

Microsoft Corporation / Email/hotmail

Reviewer96648 on 2015-11-04
renevarc2@hotmail.com (password "2006caddy") "It looks like somebody may be using your account" FOR MONTHS! Recovery failed MULTIPLE TIMES; new account creations, that I NEVER WANTED failed too!! Extremely poor Customer Care/Concern, Microsoft!!

Microsoft Corporation / MS Office 2016 for Mac - sold under false pretenses

lbdlbd on 2015-11-01
Before purchasing MS Office Home & Student 2016 for Mac, A Microsoft Sales rep. answered "yes" to some very direct questions about being able to record macros in this version of Excel. After purchasing the office, I quickly realized the version of Excel that comes with this MS Office suite...

Microsoft Corporation - Pennsylvania, Tarentum / Email/hotmail

Reviewer81061 on 2015-10-18
I have not been able to get into my email FOR MONTHS!! Recovery failed too many times even try again; MULTIPLE new account creations failed too! What else do I need to do JUST TO HAVE WORKING EMAIL!!! renevarc2@hotmail.com "Call us overprotective... AND, "It looks like somebody may...

Microsoft Corporation / Unhelpful Tech Support Chat

Reviewer62622 on 2015-10-11
I contacted MS technical support chat on 10/11/2015 about importing address book files from my old Mac to a Windows 10 PC. I could not find the contacts application or similar function on my PC, or clear instructions on how to do this. The tech support chat ended as soon as it started. The...

Microsoft Corporation / Windows 10

Reviewer32538 on 2015-10-06
Windows 10 is a fraud. I updated for free and immediately it deleted my printer, office (Word/ Excel/ etc.), and many other capabilities I am suppose to have (and are paid for). Also, when I log on, it takes a long time for Windows 10 to bring up internet. Originally it took 15 minutes but...

MSN Games / They made my games unplayable

Reviewer84570 on 2015-09-17
For several years I have had a subscription to MSN Games, $6.99/month, allowing me one "free" game per month. I had about 30 games, but recently received a message that there was a required upgrade, which I obediently installed. The result was that only about six games continued to work. I...

Microsoft Corporation - Washington, Redmond / Windows 10

David H Hendon on 2015-08-27
In the early part of Aug., 2015, I acquiesced to repeated advertisements for a free download of Windows 10. Just under 2 years ago, I had bought a Laptop Computer, that had Windows 7 preloaded on it, with the expectation of upgrading to Windows 8 which was due out in short order. The...

Microsoft / Poor licensing support

Reviewer44943 on 2015-08-27
26 - 27/08/2015 Support ticket number 1302118236 The problem lies with updating hardware and the closing of windows licenses to the device involved in the hardware device. First I would like to note that if you change a cpu, motherboard and ram card the license for your computer will become...

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