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MegaBus Complaints & Reviews

Megabus - Texas, Texas City / Transportation/Customer Service

Lisa Dixon on 2015-12-28
Purchased round tickets to and from Minneapolis to Milwaukee. On 12/24/2015, I could not ride the Megabus because it was full in which I paid an additional $5 for leg room at the top of the bus. Waited for the 2nd bus, Coach to arrive and board the bus. Bus pulled at 10:17am instead of...

Megabus - Texas, Grand Prairie / Bus broke down/requesting refund

Reviewer99642 on 2015-11-30
I caught the Mega bus on October 11th, 2015 at approximately 8:30am that Sunday morning from Grand Prairie, TX with my destination being Houston, TX. Approximately 80-something miles away from my destination the bus broke down. My compliant, firstly, for the first hour or so the driver wa...

Megabus - Missouri, Saint Louis / MegaBus Employee

Reviewer28321 on 2015-10-31
My daughter was traveling from St. Louis to Chicago on Oct.25 to attend college. My husband and I were dropping her off at the new MegaBus station connected with Greyhound Bus. My husband accidentally turned into the area for buses only. I told him he was going into the incorrect area to...

Megabus / Bus Driver's

Reviewer81082 on 2015-10-21
I took the Mega bus from Orlando, Florida on Oct. 17, 2015 at 11 :40pm. It was my first time ever riding the Mega bus and, I thought I reserved me a seat but I didn't. I clicked back on my computer and clicked forward who and proceeded to pay for my ticket. The lady seat I was sitting in...

Megabus / The bus being late back into Aberdeen

fionakilminister on 2015-10-13
I was travelling on the megabus from leeds to aberdeen and the was 40 minutes late arriving at leeds. Arrived at edinburgh for the changeover and the bus was pulling out as we arrived when he was meant to wait for the connection as we arrived there late therefore we had to wait for the...

Megabus - Delaware, Bear / Re: safety violations due to unqualified foreign bus driver

Reviewer60890 on 2015-10-07
I would like to bring to your attention the gross negligence by one of Megabus drivers that I just witnessed on October 7 going from Washington, DC to Newark, DE, reservation number: 16-1065-100715-M21R-1700-WAS-NWK. around 7.30 pm. The bus was already late by 20 min, and the driver missed...

Megabus - Pennsylvania, Columbia / Horrible Ride, over crowded and damage products

Reviewer70745 on 2015-09-13
I rode the Megabus from Georgia to Washington D.C the bus was extremely overcrowded. The bus had a leak, my husband and I were rained on our computer was damage from the water leak which I was not able to repair. When I sent in my complaint to the complaint feedback the company was very...

Megabus - Indiana, Indianapolis / Bus Driver

Reviewer43693 on 2015-08-22
On my trip on August 21, 2015 I rode the Megabus from Indianapolis to Louisville. The bus driver was 2 hours late with picking us up. On the bus, the driver was very vocal and inappropriate. He used profanity and decided to spent majority of the trip talking on the phone. I was not...

Megabus.com / Bus Driver

Reviewer13858 on 2015-08-22
On my trip on August 21, 2015 I rode the Megabus from Indianapolis to Louisville. The bus driver was 2 hours late with picking us up. On the bus, the driver was very vocal and inappropriate. He used profanity and decided to spent majority of the trip talking on the phone. I was not...

Megabus - Illinois, Barrington / Skipped Stop - Won't give Refund

janetp1 on 2015-08-03
Megabus switched bus to unmarked bus for Iowa City IA to Chicago, 7/31/15. They left 10 go 15 students waiting for 2 hours, and when they called for help, the service said "the bus left". Our son was waiting there and no refund was given. Even if they don't mark a bus, don't have...

Megabus - Illinois, chicago / The driver was very rude

Volodymyr Tepak on 2015-07-28
My name is Volodymyr Tepak and I had trip from Chicago, IL to Kansas City, MO on July 27th, 2015. My reservation number was 66-4289-072715-M5R-1430-CHI-KAN. During the journey we had a stop in St. Louis. The driver asked that the people going on to Kansas City stay on the bus, but I needed...

Megabus Usa - Florida, Tampa / Stink

Wilk on 2015-07-27
I had to take the bus one time July 24, 2015 Tampa to Orlando Florida at 6:35pm Uhhh, never, again. Since I got inside the bus a septic tanks stinks followed us all the way to Orlando, it was terrible, enough with the experience.

Megabus / Terrible Customer Care

AdamOnDemand on 2015-05-12
In March I had a shockingly bad MegaBus experience on various levels, and I've heard of similar from friends. When I got home that night, I wrote a review of the experience, shared below. I had a terrible experience on MegaBus on March 14, 2015. It was so bad I got home and wrote...

Megabus / Terrible customer service

Katrotta on 2015-05-09
Ugh. I won't be taking this bus again - and why would I, when there a so many other options from DC to NYC? Abysmal customer service, zero directional signs to show you where the bus is amid the 25 other busses in the bus terminal. I looked for directions multiple times prior to...

Megabus. - England, Avon, Bristol| / stranded.

Karen Bailey on 2015-04-09
My daughter booked for me a day return trip from Bristol to Sheffield and back. The bus was late, there was no information available, when it artived I sat in the front I have trouble walking, the air con would not turn off it was very cold. There were some road closures the driver wa...

Megabus - Illinois, Chicago / Dangerous situation

George46 on 2014-12-01
My son took Megabus from Columbia Mo to Chicago. He arrived at 10:30 and his connecting bus was at 6:30 the following morning. I was not concerned because I thought he could stay at Union Terminal all night, but at 12:30 they kicked my child out onto the streets of Chicago. Very dangerous--will not use Megabus again!

Megabus / misrepresentation

Markdeegee on 2014-06-25
So they sent a rickety bus from a fleet that wasn't Megabus. No one got off the bus and said "we are going to Buffalo, I am here in place of Megabus". Rather, they left five minutes early and stranded twenty people on the side of the road in Columbus, Ohio. None of us even realized we...

Megabus Dc To Philadelphia / Poor communication

DeannaP on 2014-06-16
I was booked on the 4:15 bus from DC to Philadelphia and arrived to the parking lot a half hour early, as instructed by Megabus. I stood in line waiting for over an hour and a half. During that time, several buses were just sitting in the lot and several buses came and went. Employee...

Megabus / sold use bogus tickets

regina lewis on 2014-04-22
My sister and I purchase 4tickets 4weeks in advance 2 disable and 2cargivers to make a long story short they sold use bogus tickets for our return trip. the tickets were for the 11:30pm bus to Memphis by 11:40 I ask about the 11:30 bus to Memphis we were told the last bus to Memphis was at...

Megabus / Poor Customer Service

Taraland on 2013-12-14
My son arrived at 6:30 am for a Megabus that was leaving at 7 am. The bus driver told him that he could not get on the bus and that all the kids going to Amherst and Hartford would have to wait for a bus that would arrive in 45 minutes. The busses were clearly over sold. An hour and a half...

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