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Maytag Complaints & Reviews

Maytag Toploader / Service repair who they contract with them.

Virginia Carter on Jan 11, 2017
Contact may tag on Thursday about problem with my washer. They made the appointment for repair company to come out . Three days later the repair company calls and cancelled the appointment and said may tag order the part and will send it to my home and then I am to call for new appointment...

Maytag / Wash machine

Bob Riesgraf on Jan 6, 2017
Our new wash machine is so loud that we can not wash our clothes while we are home. We had a service person out to look at it and he said that this is normal operation. This is our first and will be our last Maytag product if this is really normal operation of your equipment. I am...

Maytag / Maytag washer and dryer

Connie on Jan 6, 2017
I have had my washer and dryer for 3.5 years and have had a repair man out already several times to fix both. My dryer is currently not working and I just spent $400.00 to fix it and it did not solve the problem. I purchased Maytag machines because of the claim that they are quality unit...

Maytag / Maytag

Ayenn on Jan 2, 2017
I bought my Maytag Bravo XL this February 2016, and my clothes come out dirtier than it is when it goes in. I used different kinds of HE soap already but there's always a 'dust/lint' residue on dark clothes whenever I wash them. Also cleaned the washer as recommended using recommended...

Maytag / Mytag bravo xl washing machine

Sonia bamba on Dec 27, 2016
i have the washer about 2 years. it have a big button in the middle where you can change the cicle. a few months ago the botton just came of. is made of plastic and haves to 2 legs that keeps it in. i called and ask how can i get it replaced. they say ot would cost me 325 dollars to get a plastig button replaced. never ever will i buy a mytag again.

Maytag / Maytag bravo xl-junk

Mary Powers on Dec 26, 2016
We purchased a Bravo XL 4 years ago, Worst washer ever! Will not fill enough- clothes come out dry or full of soap #### and very smelly! Worst POS I have ever bought! Will never buy another Maytag ever again!! Maytag should be sending out a recall on this machine!! All reviews online about...

Maytag / Micro convection oven

mackinac on Dec 23, 2016
recieved unpacked and was caved in on bottom. it was christmas present from my husband. company couldnt deliver after we waited 3 weeks then it couldnt be installed. just complete disaster. very upset and disappointed will never buy from home depot again. i think maytag should make thi...

Maytag / Brand new maytag bravos xl washer won't clean

suesonnel on Dec 19, 2016
I had my new Bravos XL Washer delivered on Nov 12, 2016. I read the instruction manual, determined that I was already using an HE laundry detergent and started doing laundry. I have tried all the different cycles and settings and keep getting most of my laundry ruined. I sent my daughter...

Maytag / Dryer

Darylin Rosson Lewis on Dec 18, 2016
I purchased my dryer in April of 2016. Had it about a month and the start button broke. Home Depot brought me another one and the heating element wasn't working so they ordered another one and now the start button on this one broke again for the 3rd time! This is getting ridiculous. I...

Maytag / Maytag bravos xl washer & dryer

DRK12345 on Dec 16, 2016
I received the Certificate of Occupancy on my new home November 11, 2016. I couldn’t wait to start using my gorgeous Maytag Bravos XL washer and dryer! At first I thought the problems were simply user error. I carefully read the users manual, called Maytag customer service for help, experimented...

Maytag / Washer

Donavintage on Dec 11, 2016
Today is Sunday, December 11, 2016. I purchased a new Maytag washer from Lowe's two weeks ago. (Had a Samsung earlier and did not perform up to my old Maytag standards.) The first time I used the new Maytag, I notice a lot of noise on the fill cycle. Tonight, (only the third time I used...

Maytag / Bravos xl washer

Mkjnll on Dec 8, 2016
We have had our washer for some time now, and every once in awhile, and now more daily we have noticed a bad smell coming from the machine. I just saw a video on YouTube explaining how to clean the inside of the washer and how mold and bacteria buildup on the inside because it doesn't...

Maytag / Distributor delivery inadequate

Ronniemiss on Dec 2, 2016
This is not a Maytag complaint but a Lowe's as your distributor complaint. I found a Maytag Bravo's at several stores but decided to purchase from Lowe's in Wilkes Barre PA. I purchased the washer on 11/25/16. The store was not busy at all but you order in the appliance department and pay...

Maytag / Washer

Randoggiedogg on Dec 1, 2016
Maytag washer model # mvwc415ew0 ser# c50630220. I write this review with anger and disappointment about the product and the worse customer service. In July 2016, my wife bought this washer from Sears, the sales person told my wife that this was the BEST product or the price. My wife & I...

Maytag / Maytag washer, model no. MVWX655DW1

MTeman on Nov 29, 2016
I purchased my Maytag Washer on 5/26/16 from Menards in Lima Ohio. I purchased this washer for my garage to wash my husband's farm clothes and towels in our garage. I didnt want to wash the work clothes with our family's clothes with our inside washer. When I called Maytag repair...

Maytag / Product defective

Nancy Shimel on Nov 27, 2016
I have a Maytag dishwasher model number dwu7502aam serial number 10856267QD. I have been happy with its performance until now, the outer door is getting rust spots coming thur the door. I would assume that something like this was designed to resist water wear and rusting. Is there any...

Maytag / Top loading clothes washer

jim reid on Nov 22, 2016
agitator noise is too loud, wrinkle does not remove or lessen wrinkles, overall noise level while operating is unacceptable. delivery date 10/25/2016 request is for a refund. The aggravation caused by the incessant growling sound made while in the wash cycle is unnerving .We would...

Maytag / Maytag washing machine

lestat on Nov 14, 2016
Purchased a Maytag Centennial top load washer that will not fill with enough water to wash clothes. The washer was purchased from Lowes on August 17, 2016 and we tried to return but Lowes refused because we were passed the required 30 day return period. We contacted the Maytag company and...

Maytag / Maytag washing machine mvwb200wq2

Barb Ni on Nov 4, 2016
I have a washing machine out of warranty, but within a year of it's purchase, there was a small spot on the lip of the lid that started to rust...I emailed Maytag about a year and a half ago, when this all started, and was told it was my water. It is NOT my water, as the only spot on the...

Amana/Maytag / Refrigerator ice door flapping/control panel lights flashing

13virgil on Oct 13, 2016
At 3:00 AM, was awaken by the sound of my refrigerator door opening and closing every 5 or 6 seconds. It continued until I stuffed a dish rag in the chute to quite the flapping. I looked online and it seems that others have had this problem too - often times in the middle of the night!!! I...

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