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Kmart Stores Complaints & Reviews

Kmart Stores / Everything

Whocares16 on Nov 30, 2016
This store in st. petersburg fl / Kenneth city fl is just horrible from the products to the managers the employees even the damn website. My daughter works here and i dont like how they treat her the dirext manager and the store manageer DONT CARE the store manager said her dnt care about...

Kmart Stores / Texas steer flexcore shoes oil resistant size 9 and 1 / 2

jim Jesenovec on Nov 14, 2016
I have had these for a year and have just started wearing them and they squeak very load and i am unable to wear them, I thought maybe if i wear them a couple times it would stop but that is not the case . I no longer have the receipt as it was almost a year ago and I have had Texas Steer shoes before and never had a problem, so maybe another pair .

Kmart Stores / An employee

Alex Butn on Nov 13, 2016
I have a transgender son who works at the k mart store in crofton Maryland. Another employee there named Kenya has been making harassing comments to my son about being transgender which has really upset him. The most recent comment She made to him was saying he will never be a real man...

Kmart Stores / Service at customer service desk

GMa Lori on Oct 2, 2016
I was treated improperly and in an uncharitable manner at the K Mart store at Astor Place in New York City managed by ----Ward (store staff blocked name of manager so I couldn't take pic of manager sign). I purchased a 24 pack of soda and was told by cashier that customer service would...

Kmart / Damaged product

Mine on Sep 30, 2016
I received a damaged product from Kmart and immediately contacted customer service and asked for a refund. They said that they can't give me a refund but said that they can send me a replacement. There was no other option so I agreed. I sent the defective item back and that's it. I never...

Kmart Stores / Bought an item,picked up wrong size but won't exchange

kay mishue on Sep 19, 2016
I bought a pair of men's shoes but picked up a size larger than I meant to accidentally. When I got ready to wear them realized it was a 12 instead of 11.Tried on only but they refused to let me change them because no receipt. I paid cash and a lots of times don't use rewards card so I am...

Kmart / Employees

Fin on Aug 30, 2016
Recently went to one of these Kmart stores and needed some help. Asked one of the employees for assistance and asked me to wait 5 minutes and promised he'll be back. I said ok and stood there for about 20 minutes instead of 5 and no one came back. So I asked some other employee where wa...

Kmart Stores / Poor return policy

stacee427 on Aug 10, 2016
Purchased a baby stroller for a baby shower on 6/10/16. Told cashier that the shower wasn't until 8/6 but since the stroller was on sale, wanted to purchase it. Was told by cashier that I needed to keep the gift receipt & there wouldn't be a problem returning it for store credit if...

Kmart Stores / Unethical behaviour

Lucia Estrada on Jun 29, 2016
I sent my son Osmani to pick up an order on 06/29/2016 that I placed online at Kmart located in 3825 N.W 7th street Miami Fl 33126 store # 4728 sub-order # 78408703045000 and when the lady who was at the register (by the name of Marcia) told him that she needed to see a photo ID, he said...

Kmart Stores / Received christening dress instead of Minnie Mouse crib bumper

Manderz88 on Jun 28, 2016
I ordered a Minnie Mouse 4 piece crib set that couldn't be shipped directly to my home, so I had it sent to the closest store for pick up, which happened to be at 21st Street in Tulsa, OK. I live an hour or so away from there so I asked a friend who lives closer to Tulsa to pick it up for...

Kmart Stores / Bikes

DeLuise on Jun 28, 2016
I purchased 2 bikes online for pickup in the Elmwood Park store. Before I headed to the store I called to make sure the bikes were assembled. I was told 1 was and the other was not. I asked if the 1 could be assembled and was transferred to the manager which I had to explain the reason for...

Kmart Stores / Texas steer work boots

AUDave on Jun 13, 2016
I bought a pair of these boots about 3 years ago. I've worn them about a dozen times over the years. They have never been used in the water, just dry dusty locations. This last weekend I was in the mountains prospecting when i noticed the soul on the right boot was coming off. Before...

Kmart Stores / music in store

Carol Stutzenbecker on Jun 2, 2016
I recently was shopping at Kmart store, 4810; 2940 Veterans Blvd, Metairie, La 70002. The music that was being loudly played by K Mart and could be heard by everyone in the store and had music that contained the "f***" word, over and over. I was very disturbed by this and it was reported...

Kmart / 1.99 topsoil

Nathan Kasten on May 29, 2016
I went to kmart today to buy topsoil to fix my yard where I removed 8 stumps. I bought 30 bags at 40 lbs a piece. They were $1.99 a bag. When I got home and dump them in the areas I needed to fix to my surprise half the bag of all 30 bags was all rocks, sticks and roots. This is absolutely...

Kmart / Customer service

Daniel87 on May 24, 2016
On May 24, 2016 I attempted to exchange a gift(L shirt to XL) without a receipt at the Kmart location. The shirt was unused and still tagged. I was informed that the new company policy does not allow for this unless the purchaser of the gift was part of their membership group. These type...

Kmart Stores / Why not lease it...... (T.V)

ErikV383 on May 14, 2016
I leased a TV from kmart was on sale 400. I could of bought it out right but kmart and why not lease it. Tell me its something like a layaway plan but u get to take it home. I added warranty 100 plus tax so 650.00. now I put 250 down and pd 66.something a month for 6 months I noticed they...

Kmart Stores / Pair of Jeans that I need to return for a larger size

Deborah Zmich on May 2, 2016
I know it is my fault that I forgot I bought a pair of jeans longer than 30 days ago but through the winter months I have put on more weight than I should have. All I wanted to do is exchange this pair that was never worn and still had the tags on for a larger size. I am told K-Mart'...

Kmart / Very Aggressive and Rude Cashiers at KMart Astor place Nyc

Gregory Lichtenson on Apr 27, 2016
Went to K Mart Astor Place NYC NY Manhattan, as i always do a Few times a week. Today was Pretty much treated like a Piece O Dog Shit by a Cash Register Women!! Then when i went to Manager of THE K Mart Astor Place Store to Complain>>She the Manager Looked at me as if i were CRAZY!!...

Kmart Stores / Fl underwear 88530604876

Cristi Munoz on Mar 25, 2016
I went yesterday to buy some underwear for my daughter and I chose the hipsters size 6 pk/9 with 2 free. When I got them they were in a rack that had a sticker saying that the hipster pk/9 from price 7.49 to $10.49 were on sale at $7.49. All of the packages that were in the rack were...

Kmart Stores / Decision to limit hours and employees at the pharmacy

old&bold on Mar 24, 2016
my local kmart has made the unfortunate decision to limit the pharmacy hours to mon.-fri. 10 am -6 pm. they also fired all but one employee!!! who made this idiot decision? my guess is a bean counter, cfo, money guy. they only think about the bottom line. they know nothing about running a...

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