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Kmart Stores Complaints & Reviews

Kmart Stores / Pair of Jeans that I need to return for a larger size

Deborah Zmich on 2016-05-02
I know it is my fault that I forgot I bought a pair of jeans longer than 30 days ago but through the winter months I have put on more weight than I should have. All I wanted to do is exchange this pair that was never worn and still had the tags on for a larger size. I am told K-Mart'...

Kmart / Very Aggressive and Rude Cashiers at KMart Astor place Nyc

Gregory Lichtenson on 2016-04-27
Went to K Mart Astor Place NYC NY Manhattan, as i always do a Few times a week. Today was Pretty much treated like a Piece O Dog Shit by a Cash Register Women!! Then when i went to Manager of THE K Mart Astor Place Store to Complain>>She the Manager Looked at me as if i were CRAZY!!...

Kmart - Arizona, Tolleson / Unethical Behaviour

June Bakehouse on 2016-02-19
I was in the Tolleson Kmart today and listened to an exchange between a supervisor LIZ and a cashier. The cashier handed Liz a $100 and said please don't forget to sign for this hundred. The supervisor's response was " listen, I don't feel well and I am not gonna put up with your bulls***...

Kmart Stores / Customer service did not do a good job explaining exactly how this works.

Reviewer12621 on 2016-01-29
I would advise anyone who is looking to purchase through this program to fully understand how it works. Your best bet is to pay it off within at least 90 days if not sooner or you could end up like me paying $1136.00 for a $600.00 or $700.00 item buyout was $336.00 if i had not called...

Kmart Stores - New York, Brooklyn / Website

Reviewer90776 on 2016-01-29
Twice I have taken the time to complete the feedback survey and each time it cannot be processed because there is no way to answer the question about having someone contact me or not. There is simply no yes or no check off box. But the message keeps coming back that this question must be answered.

Kmart Stores / Black Friday

Holly Bias on 2016-01-17
Why does Kmart even have a Black Friday ad, if they are never going to sell it to you? What a nightmare!!! I ordered 21 items...they managed to ship 2 of them correctly. I got the wrong items or never got them at all. I get the run around when I call or get "disconnected" because they...

Kmart - Illinois, Hoffman Estates / Waste of time.

Andrew on 2016-01-14
I was doing some online shopping for Christmas, so I checked out the Kmart website and was very excited when I saw their great discounts. I filled my cart and only then I realised some items I picked were out of stock. But that information was not visible before. I was extremely...

Kmart / Athletech Shoes

Reviewer59199 on 2016-01-14
I absolutly loved these shoes I bought from k mart but the soul fell off of them from the fronmt to about half way back the shoe, they were so comfortablle but did not hold up . I only had them about 2 months .They only cost 25 dollars but they were so comfortable and should have held up better

Kmart - Illinois, Hoffman Estates / Waste of time.

Alexis on 2016-01-11
As I was doing some online shopping for Christmas, I check out the Kmart website. They had great discounts, so I decided to order something. I filled my cart and was ready to enter my credit card details, and only then I realized that every single item that I had added showed up a...

Kmart - New Jersey, Belleville / Customer service/ security

Georgemi on 2016-01-08
The worst customer service and the most disrespectful security I ever seen in a business that place is a joke. I walk in made a 70 dollar purchase. I wear contact lenses so I grabbed some resetting eye drops from the isle and I went to the cashier to pay my eyes were very dry and I wa...

Kmart Stores / Christmas Items

Julie Colling on 2016-01-04
I purchase Christmas Items at 50% off on 12/27/15. I tried to return some of the items yesterday 1/3/15 and was told by a really snotty sales clerk that Christmas items were non-refundable. She said it was on my receipt. There is nothing on the receipt that says Christmas items are...

Kmart Stores - Virginia, Charlottesville / Return Policy

Reviewer14960 on 2016-01-03
I shopped at Kmart on November 27th to buy Xmas gifts. I purchased a toaster for $20 as a gift. The recipient already had a toaster so I returned it to Kmart on January 3rd. I was told there was a 30 day period in which to return merchandise and I was 1 week late- therefore no return. Thi...

Kmart Stores - Ohio, Massillon / pricing scams

chinese eyes on 2015-12-31
When I went here I bought shopkins which weren't priced so I used the scanner which said they were on sale for 1.00 each, therefore I put more in my cart but when I got to the register she said they were 3.29 each - what's up with that - it's THEiR price scanner. Also, they have signs all...

Kmart - Illinois, Springfield / Layaway contract #88636

jmonte128 on 2015-12-30
I had a slumber n slide loft bed i placed on layaway on dec. 5th, this was a christmas present for my son. I picked up 2 other layaways before christmas, this one the item could not be found. I left my number, ask them to call me when they found the bed. No one ever called. I received a...

Kmart Stores / Appliance

Reviewer67005 on 2015-12-27
I made a lay away on 09/23/2015 my Last payment was to be made on 12/20/2015. The lay away was a washing machine 5142 KM been The cost $329.99 plus tax. On this day i was standing on The líne forma more than 2 hrs. I was sick and it was something anybody could see. I had a bad could. After...

Kmart Stores - Mississippi, Greenville / Customer Service Associate

Reviewer66939 on 2015-12-01
My experience at Kmart in Greenville, MS was horrible. I was there to pick up an online order. I first went to layaway. The associate in layaway told me to go up front to customer service desk, after standing there for about 30 minutes the associated proceeded to wait on the customer...

Kmart Stores - Iowa, Marshalltown / Lack of customer service

Reviewer20944 on 2015-11-24
The "customer service" Kmart provides is so incompetent that I would never believe it if it had not happened to me. First, even though I have had a rewards card since it's inception, their web site would not allow me to establish an online membership. After 52 minutes (yes I timed it) of...

Kmart Stores / Cashier and Manager at KMart

RobrtvanL on 2015-11-20
11-19-2015 Beavercreek, OH This is Sad but True! Earlier tonight I had a few extra minutes and stopped in to look around at KMart. I decided to buy a Birthday card for a friend and proceed to the cash register. There young Hanna scanned my card and said that will be $3.86. So I actually...

Kmart - Oklahoma, Enid / Shelby/Store Manager

Yanni Gatson on 2015-11-06
I am writing this email on behalf of my minor child. Since Shelby has been a store manager at the Enid store, Kmart has had a large turn over due to his rudeness and disrespectfulness to employees. I have complained in the past, numerous times and no response or feedback was given to me a...

Kmart Stores / Points and bonus points

Reviewer32470 on 2015-09-30
It never fails when i sop at the kmart in batavia ny the associates or the manager are properly trained and shown how to redeem and use these points for purchases .So i lose out on many deals due to improper training.This is unfair to the customer and will definitely push shoppers to go...

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