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Just Brakes - Nevada, Sparks / theft from vehicle while being serviced

Reviewer24462 on 2016-03-04
I took vehicle in to have brakes serviced on February 19th. 2016. When I picked up vehicle I noticed someone had been through back seat area and stolen some gold jewelry and a stainless watch.when I confronted mgr. he said he didnt think the lone technician at the time would steal from...

Just Brakes - Arizona, Phoenix / They Crashed my vehicle while in their care

Reviewer11379 on 2015-12-09
On November 15, 2015 I took my family van in for a routine oil change. They told us it would be about 4 minutes to an hour, so we went to the grocery store. About 3 and a half hours later I finally received a call that the vehicle was ready for pickup, but there had been an accident in...

Just Brakes - Georgia, Stockbridge / Came in for oil change and tire rotation, left wuth brake problems.

Rawling on 2015-10-11
Do not trust this store. They create problems to make money. They put me and my family safety on the line along with everyone else on the road. on Oct 10 2015, I brought my Altima in for a oil change and tire rotation. They did there inspection and the mechanic suggests an coolant flush...

Just Brakes - Arizona, Phoenix / Ripped Off and Abused

Robert Malone, PMP on 2015-07-25
I too have been hustled and abused by Just Brakes here in Phoenix. I should have walked out after the Leader AD was dismissed, however, I fell for the con in good faith and paid 4-5 times more than the ad offered. The problem developed and played out at the 32nd Street and Greenway...

Just Brakes / wasted time

chad hanna on 2013-01-10
i arrived at 4 pm on the 10th of january to have my brakes changed, with no hesitation they had my car on the lift and all 4 tires off the car, its now 4:15 pm, at 4:35 the manager takes me to my car and proceeds to tell me that 3 of the 4 rotors are bad and cant be machined... he informed...

Just Brakes - Texas, Cedar Park / Brakes

LaVonne Nicole on 2012-10-08
STAY AWAY FROM JUST BRAKES... More like JUST DAMAGE AND POSSIBLE DEATH! Not only did they say my lifted truck was in need of changing its parts only a year later, it was as if my truck had never been fixed. Seemed like everything was wrong to the tune of $1200.00. I knew something was up...

Just Brakes - Texas, Fort Worth / Fast talking swindlers

Moose Cook on 2012-06-14
II recently took my wife's car to a couple of local mechanics for a brake job estimate. I knew the front rotors were warped and needed to be replaced, I was holding out until it needed a complete brake job. By the time my wife told me her car was making a funny noise, the rear brake...

Just Brakes / unreasonable charges

Wm_Washington on 2012-03-31
2006 Saturn Ion 3 Vin F. 3/31/2012 Brake hardware kit - Retail $7.50 JB charged $42.50 ea (x2) Rear shocks (Monroe)-Retail $31.99 JB charged $69.00 ea Ft struts-Retail $133.00 ea JB Quoted (declined) approx $300+ pair Brake Pads-Retail range $20 - $61. JB charged $53.88 for unkn brand/quality. Ft...


Mariaroche on 2012-03-02
Just Brakes' has a Business Model of consistently commiting consumer fraud against customers; they are not interested in repeat business, but their model focuses on RIPPING OFF customers including Women, Elderly and anyone else they can "con". I had an experience where they promised a...

Just Brakes - Texas, Keller / Legalize Con-artist

Geno 321 on 2011-12-19
STAY AWAY FROM JUST BRAKES…!!! The first time I went in I knew my truck would need some work. Total bill was $580 for repair, replace, and service my truck. Which consisted of new Rotors, Pads, Repair Front Calipers, Fluid change, and hardware, Okay fine, I knew that going in. Paid...

Just Brakes - Texas, Bedford / Rip off artists and liars

dallasmsl on 2011-10-13
Long story short: I have a 1993 Cadillac Sedan that I bought from the son of a little old lady in Oklahoma who had passed away. The brakes were not making any noise or having any problems but just to be safe, I took it to Just Brakes for them to inspect. They came back with a repair bill...

Just Brakes #604 / Unscrupulous practices

Larizon on 2011-10-12
This is in response to an article in the St. Pete Times online article posted 22 June, 2004. I had a wear indicator squeal from the front brakes of my 99' Blazer with 52, 000 original miles on her. I go in to ideally change the pads all the way around the vehicle for their advertised price...

Just Brakes / Simply unbelieveable!

Diamond Jim on 2011-06-27
OK...I am the LAST one that falls in behind the masses to rip some poor business guy or Company in an online forum, especiaally when the posts tend to be on the somewhat hysterical side...BUT! I needed simple pads replacement recently...2003 Isuzu Rodeo LX, Super well maintained. I am a...

Just Brakes / Old ladies - please do not go there

Klopae on 2011-06-21
I'm an old lady - I was actually afraid of the employee who took my order. I said yes to $275 estimate that he gave me to replace my car's brake pads before he actually looked at the car. I did not expect to pay $99.98 since I always knew that $99.98 price was impossible. I...

Just Brakes / EX manager immorral acts

J on 2011-06-02
I use to be a manager of a just brakes location. you want to know the funny part. I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BRAKES. The reason why i got the original assitant position is because i have a sales background. Now ask yourself this question why would a legitimate brake shop need to hire salesmen...

Just Brakes - Texas, Conroe / Scam Rip-off

HopewellKat on 2011-05-28
Just Brakes in Conroe ripped off my son who is on a college student's budget. He went in to replace squealing brakes and left $200 poorer WITH SQUEALING BRAKES. Complaints to the corporate office offered no relief only the suggestion that it was our own fault for "agreeing" to...

Just Brakes / Reporting this in the hopes it will prevent other's from being a victim of Just Brakes

Keed on 2011-05-26
Reporting this in the hopes it will prevent other's from being a victim of Just Brakes. I am not a victim, but have been in the social situations of employees, namely the managers/qualified inspectors. The manager/qualified inspector's salery is based on a percentage of the...

Just Brakes / Avoid the scam

Bdm on 2011-05-16
Went to a Just Brakes in Houston, on HWY 6. They took my brakes apart, had me come into the garage and quoted me $800. I said I wanted a second opinion. They told me they didn't know if they could put it back together because they broke some part taking it apart. I didn't say...

Just Brakes - New Mexico, Albuquerque / ripped off

JBPark on 2011-05-07
My Tacoma needed new brake pads admittedly it had been about 45, 000 miles and I knew it needed done. Wanting to go to a place where they knew what they were doing I called the Toyota dealership the quoted $225.00 for new pads. Seemed high as dealerships are. So I got talking to a neighbor...

Just Brakes / Crooks

RemDigga on 2011-04-06
The $99 brake service is a scam. When i was in the store seven customers came in the store and Just Brakes had none of their pads in stock. Then they will charge you $160 for the brake pads that they have to order. After that they will walk you to your car and tell you that your caliper...

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