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Hotwire Complaints & Reviews

Hotwire / Never Refunded the actual amount

KevalPatel on 2016-05-05
I booked Car for 24 March to 27th march 2016 by phone. Girl on phone booked me a wrong car( 5 seater instead of 7). She apologized and refunded me money. But, I didn't get full refund. Its difference of $22.5 due difference currencies. USD-CAD. Now this is 2 months from then. I have called...

Hotwire - California, San Francisco / Crazy extra fees!!

Taiga on 2016-05-05
I have booked a plane ticket via Hotwire and when I received a payment confirmation email I noticed there was a mistake, so I called Hotwire and told them about that. They said that they can make changes for some extra cash. I refused because it was not my mistake. After wasting some time...

Hotwire - Maryland, California / Overcharged airfare

m1230m on 2016-04-28
I booked four flights (for a family of four) from Ft. Lauderdale to Montreal round trip for what I thought it was a good price. Unfortunately I did not pay close attention to the confirmation e-mail and only two weeks later I noticed that the itinerary was reversed (Montreal to Ft...

Hotwire - Michigan, East Lansing / Hotel booking

Anthony O. on 2016-04-11
I am traveling with family members and used Hotwire to book two rooms for two persons per room. Hotwire booked us into a Candlewood Suites hotel which has only one bed per room. After an hour on the phone with them, it was clear that the assumption is: two persons per Queen bed. Even...

Hotwire - California, San Francisco / Customer Service / Website Malfunction

Naoki Matsumoto on 2016-03-09
I called on 03/09/2016 to request a record of my past bookings since they didn't show up on my account. I had called before, last year actually to complain that their website wasn't showing past bookings properly; in any case, I called then got transferred to "the right department"; once...

Hotwire / Hotwire overbooked us then left us stranded

Mike Gottselig on 2016-02-29
Hotwire booked a room at the Aloha Hotel in Arroyo Grande, CA. A confirmation email was sent. I personally called Hotwire to double confirm the reservation. When I arrived the hotel owner said that Hotwire over booked me and there was no room available. I called customer service several...

Hotwire / No Flight Ticket Refund.

Sihanoukville on 2016-02-23
I changed the time of my flight ticket 2 hours later. The origination city was the same, the destination city was the same, the date was the same, only the time was changed for 2 hours later. The change was made 3 months ahead of the flight date. I was assured that I would pay a flight cost...

Hotwire - California, San Francisco / Charging my card without access to current or available itinerary

Reviewer83146 on 2016-02-20
I called into hotwire customer service regarding flight prices. The customer service agent convinced me that I would get the best rate by booking on the phone. He took about 45 mins to book it and once he sent me the confirmation email with my itinerary number, the problems started. The...

Hotwire / Refund policy

Reviewer32293 on 2016-02-20
My wife and I are shocked that following the Zika outbreak and unlike our flight and car hire provider! Who refunded us in full, Hotwire are refusing to let us cance or even rebook to an alternative destination, instead gave false information about the state of the Zika Virus in Puerto...

Hotwire - California, San Francisco / Thieves!

James on 2016-02-18
I booked a room in a hotel through Hotwire. They confirmed my reservation, but then they cancelled it for no reason. They never told me anything, never even sent me a cancellation email! When I arrived at the hotel, I was told that Hotwire canceled my reservation. I immediately contacted...

Hotwire.com / Hotel reservation not honored

Reviewer80290 on 2016-02-14
Just had a nightmare scenario with Hotwire.   Booked The Portofino Hotel & Marina 260 Portofino Way Redondo Beach, CA, 90277 on February 14, 2016 with Hotwire and received a confirmation email. When we arrived at the hotel we were told that the hotel was fully  booked and that...

Hotwire - California, San Francisco / I have never been more disappointed!

Rossman9 on 2016-01-28
I booked a hotel through Hotwire and I must say that stay was a real nightmare. Every time I contacted customer service I heard only excuses. I must say that their customer service workers are mentally disabled! I called them many times but they could not understand what was the problem. I...

Hotwire - California, San Francisco / Airline Ticket

Reviewer26903 on 2016-01-11
First let me clarify that my statements are not meant to be supremacist in any nature, but in order to conduct business effectively free from error; there must be an ability to have clear concise communication with all parties that may be involved in the transaction. In this case it wa...

Hotwire - Arizona, / Bait and Switch Tactics on Hotel Room Type

Reviewer54026 on 2016-01-04
I booked a room for 2 adults and 1 child but at the check-in, was told the booking was only for two adults. The hotel staff explained to me that she could see my booking but the problem is Hotwire which only booked 2 adults. So they could only give me either a queen or two twins, or $50...

Hotwire.com / Car Rental

Reviewer96325 on 2015-12-22
My sister rented a car for a family vacation. A few days before our flight she learned she was pregnant and didn't feel comfortable taking an 8 hour flight and decided to not go. She called hotwire to change the name of the car reservation from her name to mine. Hotwire decided to be...

Hotwire Communications - Florida, Miami Beach / Fusion installation

Reviewer50292 on 2015-11-30
I have no other choice than dealing with Hotwire communications since I live in a building in Bal Harbour that contracts Hotwire. Since they are now installing Fusion I finally am able to get the French channel tv 5 which I subscribed to among other upgrades. Unfortunately, this channel...

Hotwire - Oregon, Portland / False discount pricing

christines2060 on 2015-11-26
I booked a hotwire hot rate hotel on November 15th. The advertised price was for a $1349.00 room for 73% off. I paid the 339.00 dollars plus fees etc. When I received the hotel I was thrilled to find out it was the new Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort. According to the price I was to...

Hotwire / Car Rental

Reviewer89272 on 2015-11-13
Rented a car while on holidays this summer and paid double !!! It's been a fight with Hotwire since I got back home from holidays this August I finally got a email stating that they did in fact screw up and are going to refund me but things have not progressed and I have call Hotwire...

Hotwire - California, San Francisco / Misleading and Unethical Behavior

WalkM44 on 2015-10-26
Itinerary # 12335228119 In September 2015, I booked a trip on the Hotwire website for Nov. 5th - Nov. 8th, 2015. I purchased the offered insurance ($44.00) in case something happened. Apparently, Hotwire's itinerary links provided for my trip did not have the correct information. Thi...

Hotwire.com / Overbooked hotel then refused refund

Stackthepilot on 2015-10-23
I booked a hotel for my employee in Baltimore, MD. Upon arrival he was told the hotel was booked and that they had just sent another Hotwire customer away 15 minutes earlier. I called and I spoke with Ervin R, Employee # 751000111. He was unable to locate another hotel so he arranged for...

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