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Hotwire Complaints & Reviews

Hotwire / Hotel - pet policy rip off

maryc2646 on Jan 18, 2017
I would like to file a formal complaint about Hotwire's "pet policy." I just booked my non-refundable reservation for Saturday Jan. 21st, after searching ONLY hotels that said they were pet friendly. When I got my confirmation, I found out the name of the hotel and called to confirm what...

Hotwire / sun rise inn north las, vegas nv 910 e. cheyenne rd las vegas. nv 89030

Seyed Marashi on Jan 7, 2017
On 12/01/2016 I called hotwire customer service and asked please find me a hotel in Lois Vegas near the Strip within walking distance, reasonable rate with AARP senior discount from Dec31/2016-Jan2, 2017, clean for two adults and one child. I was given the above hotel. Problems we got with...

Hotwire / Made a car reservation with hotwire but budget could not find it. Call did not help

cnpf on Jan 4, 2017
Went to Curação on december 25th. Getting there on the 26st Bdget could no find the reservation made thru hotwire. Called hotwire and they were no help.. After a 30 minutes call the attendant said they could not find another car and transfer me to budget (no-sense I eas on the counter and...

Hotwire / 3 star rating on hotel rio, san remo, it

micjim on Dec 20, 2016
Stopped using Hotwire on European family vacation after our reservation of a Hotwire rated 3 star hotel at Hotel Rio in San Remo, Italy. The rooms and property were not as described with no wifi in room, no air conditioning, no warm water, light bulbs burned out, no towels in room and -...

Hotwire / Car rental

KKinzer on Dec 19, 2016
I reserved a car through Hotwire in October, (yes I read the unrefundable...blah, blah, blah). Due to family circumstances our plans changed and we no longer needed the vehicle in the location we had planned. I called Hotwire and ask first for a refund due to unforeseen circumstances, I...

Hotwire / Ripped off

Eric Morgan on Dec 12, 2016
October 26th 2016, I booked a hotel, only to find out just as I'm trying to check in that the hotel is full and the reservation has been cancel. I know that there is specific language stating that you cannot cancel your reservation, but had not idea that Hotwire allows the hotel to cancel...

Drury Hotels / Hotel

cmgoodman1221 on Dec 1, 2016
I booked a hotel through Hotwire.com on 11/02/2016, for one night in Cleveland, Ohio, at the Drury Plaza hotel in downtown Cleveland. After driving hundreds of miles and several hours, I arrived at the hotel and was told Hotwire.com sold 5 rooms to 30 people. A Drury employee told me I wa...

Hotwire.com / Hotel room

cmgoodman1221 on Dec 1, 2016
I booked a hotel through Hotwire.com on 11/02/2016, for one night in Cleveland, Ohio, at the Drury Plaza hotel in downtown Cleveland. After driving hundreds of miles and several hours, I arrived at the hotel and was told Hotwire.com sold 5 rooms to 30 people. A Drury employee told me I wa...

Hotwire / Hotel confirmed reservation not meeting star rating of the chosen group

Adrian Ail on Nov 29, 2016
Last night, I reserved 2 rooms for 2 days at a 3 star hotel in Northeast Austin, TX, but I was confirmed in a 2 star hotel. I called Hotwire twice to have it exchanged or cancel, because of the poor quality hotel hotel, and my problem wasn't solve. By the way, the first time I asked for a...

Hotwire / Forced upgrade

Kevin-T on Nov 26, 2016
Attn: research team RE: Forced upgrade fee Intinerary no. 4793623081 I spoke to Sheng on Sunday, Nov. 13th at Hotwire to express a complaint on a forced upgrade fee that increased our original transaction from $195 to $350. We received this upgrade through an employee at Thrifty named...

Hotwire / Hotel reservations

LeslieM82 on Nov 21, 2016
on 11/10/16, i was travelling and booked a room but realized 10 minutes later that it was the complete opposite direction of where we were traveling.. So I called the hotel directly and cancelled the reservation and they told me I had to call Hotwire. I'll call Hotwire who then told me...

Hotwire / Dishonesty unethical behavior, very unprofessional customer service, by 6 different employees and situation still not resolved.

Alezae on Nov 20, 2016
My name is Alexandria Jones. E-mail grace_and_mercy2@yahoo.com, and phone number is (618)315-7792. I called 11/17/16 to make hotel reservations as I have on several occasions through hotwire, and upon completing the transaction, I stated to the Agent that I needed a suite. She instructed...

Hotwire / Hotel reservation

minakatch on Nov 12, 2016
Hello, I would like to express my serious disappointment and huge frustration caused to me and my husband by Hotwire.com. As soon as I checked into my hotel today I have has several issues and here are the issues: We were sold a 4 star hotel but Hotel 32 32 is not even a hotel, it i...

Hotwire / Hotel reviews

Vicky Ortiz on Nov 9, 2016
I just booked a week in Scottsdale with Hotwire. After I received the hotel name I was very dissappointed. Was supposed to be a name brand hotel chain...wasn't.. I Read reviews... disgusting. Roaches, filthy carpet, and noisy. I don't appreciate getting stuck into this type of...

Hotwire.com / "Hotel reservation"

Luiz Osório Leão Filho on Nov 5, 2016
I made a hotel reservation at hotwire.com for NYC. They offer discount prices for hotels, but you will be informed the name of the hotel just after confirmation. I confirmed one and to my surprise got a confirmation not for a hotel, but instead to a Hostel. The cancel policy says it is not...

Hotwire / Flight customer service

Irena b on Nov 3, 2016
I have booked many flights through hotwire but now will NEVER book again after my last experience. For the SECOND time, hotwire failed to send me a flight confirmation itinerary with all of my needed travel information. I called the customer service center and went through 2 reps where...

Hotwire / Huge scam, beware!

SandyWro on Oct 20, 2016
I wanted to book a hotel stay via HotWire website and after I filled all the necessary information and wanted to submit I got an error. Their site said that something went wrong. I tried again and the same thing happened. Then I contacted HotWire customer service and asked what was going...

Hotwire.com / Hotel in New York

Dooped in Mississippi on Oct 18, 2016
I accepted the amount of $970.04 and was charged over $1, 100.00. The double beds were included in the 970.04 and hotwire claimed they are not. It is on the snapshot i took when i agreed to the 970.04 for 2 double beds. I sent the snapshot of what i agreed to but hotwire refuses to credit...

Hotwire / Hotel

Bates2 on Oct 11, 2016
I booked a room that was advertised as a 3 star hotel in New Orleans on October 11, 2016. The hotel Hotwire reserved was actually a Days Inn in Gretna - New Orleans. As soon as I received the itinerary I check out the hotels website and it was definitely not a 3 star hotel. There were...

Hotwire / Hotel secret deal

Sunam Hansaria on Oct 3, 2016
Hi All, This is regarding Hotel confirmation id:132894350507 We are traveling on our honeymoon through Cambria for the first time & have been booking most of our hotels from Hotwire. We have been very sceptical on our travel plans and wish to have a memorable & safe stay without any...

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