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The company offers a fee-based membership program that allows you to make a purchase or use certain services.

Great Fun Complaints & Reviews

Tlg Great Fun / Fraudulent charges on my credit card

FlapperT on Oct 10, 2016
I was alerted by Etrade Fraud Prevention regarding a reoccurring charge of $16.99 that ETrade declines from TLG Great Fun. I was online looking at concert ticket prices through one of my website sources called LiveNation.com who is affiliated with this company called TLG Great Fun...

Great Fun / Membership Notice #84095056

Eva Ruperto Martinez on Nov 9, 2015
They send me a letter thanking me about a membership, and I don't know what they're talking about. The letter is coming from P.O. Box 41248 Nashville, TN, 37204 . In letter I see a very small print which reads as follow..3805473-RNLL -TR10-ZOOGRIFXPIVAC-4031 Attractions --Six flags, Sea...

Shoppers Advantage And Great Fun / Scam

Mark Taylor on Nov 6, 2015
I received notification in the mail from both Shoppers advantage and Great Fun advising me of the reoccurring charge I would be paying unless I called and cancelled my membership. Problem is I never gave either company my credit card number nor did I accept any discount offer from them...

Great Fun / Was promised a $50 rebate to sign up with my reservation on volatile air lines

Reviewer95917 on Nov 2, 2015
I was told that I would receive this rebate for booking a reservation on Volaris airlines. The one dollar fee was deducted from my acct and I was told that I would receive a rebate form in the mail. I called twice to check on the status of this form. I was told that I should receive the...

Great Fun / Spirit Airline, Shoppers Advantage - Airfare; membership account and monthly fee

scamnailer on Oct 24, 2015
I would like to share to the public consumer to promote awareness of this conspiring scam of the these three companies: Spirit Airline, Great Fun, Shoppers Advantage: I signed up with Great Fun on 2/21/15 as an offer when I purchased a ticket from Spirit Airlines, with the offer of $1.00...

Tlg - Great Fun / no clue

Reviewer69571 on Aug 29, 2015
First time in August 29 I notice in the my bank statement I've been charged by them for $19.99. Thanks to agent with whom I spoke on the phone, who told me that they were charging me since match 2015. I've been shocked. I never recieve a letter from them, even I did, t know about their...

Great Fun / Not following through with promises given over phone`

Scott Prater on Aug 25, 2015
On June 16, 2015, I was making a purchase at www.tigerdirect.com. There was a link on their website offering a rebate of $30 for making the purchase I was making. I clicked on the link and was redirected to a page with a phone number to call. I called the number, and spoke to a lady who...

greatfunsite.com / Scam? They said they obtained info through affiliates

Angry Panda on Jun 12, 2015
Agent offered $100 gift card. Asked where they got my info from and he said they partner with companies such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Starbucks from a purchase 6 months ago. In my case I narrowed it down to Home Depot so I'll see what they have to say. From the other comments on here it just seems like a scam website.

Tlg Great Fun Co. / Unauthorized charges on my bank card for about two years

Boyletammy on Apr 13, 2015
We noticed on our bank statement 2 charges for $16.99 also saying athorized on 3/2 which was unknown to us. Looking furthe back these charges have taken place every month for the better part of 2 years. Each authorized on earlier dates. I looked the company up online and realized the my...

Tlg*great Fun / Tlg*shoppers Advantage / Unauthorized charges

twalte125 on Jan 29, 2015
I signed up for this $50 rebate when i bought my wife a ticket to a concert. Forgot to cancel b4 the 30 trial was up and was charged $16. 99. Was told a date that my account was good to so i decided to keep it till then but would call b4 that date to cancel. Over 2 weeks b4 that date my...

Tlg Great Fun / Charging My Account without Authorization

mrsgaitan626 on Dec 19, 2013
I received a charge on my card from TLG company which I never authozie, they said I was signed up when I purchased airline tickets from Allegiant, I authorize Allegiant to charge my card to pay for my airfare not to subscribe me to other companies I dont know. I called this company and...

Great Fun Tgl / Scam

tiffd23 on Sep 3, 2013
I recently bought concert tickets online on a real site. Tgl had a spot that said $25 mail in rebate for my ticket purchase. I called them up for it, they asked for me to confirm my credit card number. Said they would charge $1, and then $16 a month for memebership. Really he talked super...

Tlg Great Fun / Unauthorized cc charges since 2009

Antoinette Pisicchio on Mar 13, 2013
I checked out a charge $14. 99 on my cc account recently and called to find out this company was taking out the mentioned amount since 2009. I really never check small charges on my credit card so this was going on since july 2009. I never received any email from this company and if so it...

Great Fun / Refund snub

R & E Gomez on Dec 17, 2012
Our membership # is 66758298. Claim description is : fp - gfn $10 gas. We received one check #0000534465, 9 / 5 / 2012. We sent in another $10 gas receipt the first week of october; however we never received the 2nd of our four checks. We still have two remaining. We sent a letter...

Great Fun Tlg / Charged my credit card without permission

Lavoris Morris on Sep 6, 2012
This company charged my card a couple of days ago, even though I cancelled the subscription . Hopefully everyone will take heed to this gimmick. They offered a free $40 Target gift which I haven't received yet. Please do not fall for this scam. When I called to request my money back...

Tlg Great Fun / unaurthorized charges on my credit card

Ben Crumrine on Apr 22, 2012
There has been unauthorized charges made on our mastercard of $12.99 monthly since December 27, 2010. For a total of $220.83! Luckily for these scammers we only used this credit card for our adt alarm withdraw monthly and had just figured the payment had went up. We have cancelled the...

Tlg Shopper & Tlg Great Fun / Charges to credit card

Betty Marcinkevich on Jan 14, 2012
I have investigated your so called business. I don't know what the heck you are charging me using my credit card. You are not providing me any services whatsoever. If i'm not reimbursed for all charges to my credit card immediatley, further action will be taken. You better take...

Great Fun / charged my credit card without my authorization

Linda Freed on Dec 27, 2011
I actually called these people and asked how this business was charged to my credit card without my knowledge and the woman on the phone said that I had ordered something else online and they then charged my credit card $1.00 (w/o my authorization or knowledge) for a "trial" subscription...

Tlg Great Fun Or Shoppers Advantage / They scammed me!

Pepper Anne on Dec 24, 2011
I signed up for a free membership with Shoppers Advantage. They even sent me a $50 check, but after they sent it, I read somewhere they were scamming people and was concerned. They sent me a catalog and told me that it wouldn't cost anything. I was wrong. The other day, I checked my...

Tlg Great Fun / stolen

maite jaramillo on Sep 16, 2011
Stealing from my checking account! Complaint Rating: I have been charged $14.99 for at least years and never realized what it was. Called the company, TLG Great Fun, and they told me I signed up for their services. I asked what the services were and was given no answer. I told the lady to...

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Mortgage Modification Fraud is on the Rise
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