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General Motors Corporation - Michigan, Detroit / vehicle that I have almost died in twice my son and I (no help from gm)

meunhappy on Sep 13, 2016
I am very dissatisfied with what i was offered by GM (slap in the face). Myself and my 3 year old son almost lost our lives on the highway driving my 2012 Chevrolet cruze and MARY from the resolutions department has the audacity to call me and offer me a $1500 OLC towards a new vehicle...

General Motors - Wisconsin, Stoughton / 2015 silverado

sddmw on Sep 10, 2016
bought w/12500 miles from dealer, drove 3000 miles, notice shudder/vibration at all speeds, trans sluggish, rough idle, engine whine, dealer says cant feel anything, all specs normal, without any codes cant do anything.very dissatisfied w/explanation, much info. out there on these issue...

GM / 2016 Chevrolet Malibu

Angry&Disgusted46 on Sep 9, 2016
The A/C in the 2016 Chevrolet Malibu that I leased on 5/17/16 (3575 miles) quit working on 9/5/16. It went in for repairs today and it was discovered that rodents had eaten through the wiring causing the A/C to stop working. The service guy at the dealer admitted to me that this was the...

General Motors / 2011 chevy aveo

Dawn Coles on Aug 28, 2016
I bought a used Chevy Aveo on 10/31/2015 from a dealer. Being that it was October, I did not check to make sure that the ac worked in the car. Needless to say, come summer time in 2016 in North Carolina, I cut the ac on and got nothing but hot air. I took the car back to the dealer and...

GM - Ontario, Hamilton / HDM Recall

William Scott McDonald on Aug 25, 2016
This situation is ridiculous. Let me first state the I except partial blame for not taking my car in as soon as I received a recall notice. When my low beam lights went out I took my car to John Bear to have the HDM recall addressed. I picked up my car after the recall work was done and...

General Motors - New York, Bay Shore / Low beam headlights

Medic199336 on Aug 21, 2016
After purchasing the 2009 Pontiac G6 4cyl brand new I have had to change out my Low Beam bulbs every 6 months. I have never had to change bulbs this often in any other car I have owned. I see that there may be a overheat problem for the harness which is causing this. This should be...

General Motors / 2008 Pontiac G5

Dottie Coombs Vesnefski on Aug 19, 2016
On July 11, 2016 the fuel pump in my son's '08 Pontiac G5 went, had it towed to the nearest GM dealer for repairs. He was given an estimate of around $800 for the parts and labor. Two days later he received a call from the mechanic saying he needed another part that goes with the fuel...

General Motors / Unethical behavior

12:07 on Aug 18, 2016
I leased a brand new 2016 Chevy silver ado ltz 1500 in may of this year. The truck has been brought back to the dealer no less than 4 times to correct the same safety issue. The issue is the vehicle will dramatically loose power at any given time at any given speed. The dealer (Quirk...

General Motors / recall "notice"

wvlt on Jul 16, 2016
Recently my 2011 Impala died on the highway while my daughter was driving a pretty scary situation for her. We had the car towed to a local shop where we have repairs. We had the car fixed and the issue was a bad gas pedal/sensor. I was out of town and did not put two and two together that...

General Motors Corporation - Minnesota, Forest Lake / Extremely long wait for leaking gas tank recall.

Wayne Robyn on Jun 27, 2016
We received a recall notice about the gas tank on our 2004 Envoy. We took it to the local GM dealer in Forest Lake, MN on 3/17/2016. We keep checking back with them with no results. They say the gas tank is back ordered. This is a very dangerous situation with gas odors & fumes in the...

General Motors / Horrible Experience with General Motors – Chevrolet Damaged my Car during service.

Sandeep123123 on Jun 24, 2016
Please read, if you are a General Motors- Chevrolet Car Owner Hi All, Just wanted to share my experience at Chevrolet Service Centre in India. I brought my car to Chevrolet service Centre in India, for regular service and replacement of ignition coil. At the time of handover of my car...

General Motors Corporation - Michigan, Lake City / Classic Chevrolet Lake City, MI

David Emmons on Jun 6, 2016
I bought a 2014 Chevy Silverado on Jan. 16th, 2016 which just came off lease from Classic Chevrolet in Lake City, MI. When they showed me the truck it was backed up to a wall in which I couldn't walk around the vehicle, but I bought it. In the next two days I had the truck in my heated...

General Motors Corporation - Michigan, Detroit / Customer Service

Dissatisfied GM Customer on May 22, 2016
I own a 2014 Corvette and a 2015 GMC Canyon. In general I am very satisfied with both but, when I took them in for warranty service recently, I was told by the dealer there were recalls on both. I asked how recent these recalls were and was informed they were several months old. I asked...

GM / Item Requested and Needed

TrentGary on May 21, 2016
We need the qi-PMA DUAL receiver protective case CERTIFIED Wireless seen on www.dartechwireless.com APPLE-MFI for The APPLE iPhone 6 ? I would like to use on my integrated Charging mat found in our 2016 Malibu. This feature is also found in ALL 2016 Cadillacs- GMC Yukons-Sierra Trucks Chevrolet Tahoe Suburban-Malibu-Cruze-Camaro-Impala and VOLT

General Motors - New Brunswick, Saint John / 2012 GMC Terrain/Rust corrosion Warranty

Dougster on May 11, 2016
Rust corrosion on my 2012MC terrain hatchback area. My vehicle has a recall on all 4 doors for rust corrosion under warranty as well. But my Hatchback area under lights both sides has more rust corrosion than my doors, the warranty is supposed to be covered under rust corrosion until 2020...

General Motors - Michigan, Detroit / 2016 Chevrolet Silverado

Chris Thomas on May 6, 2016
Been to dealership twice and communicated with customer service rep from GMC. They tell me that the truck runs like it was designed to. The transmission hesitates, jumps, and is very sluggish when starting from a stop or slow acceleration. The service people will tell you they know there is problem but GM has no fix. Never buy GM again.

General Motors Corporation - Michigan, Detroit / 2011 Equinox

mckmyers on May 3, 2016
I am extremely dissatisfied with not only the product, but more importantly I am dissatisfied with the service. My properly maintained 2011 equinox had to have an ENTIRE new engine!! I received a letter notifying me of an oil consumption issue with my make and model- obviously the company...

General Motors Corporation / recall

Reerandy on Apr 24, 2016
I took my 2001 Monte Carlo limited edition pace car into Stark GM in Stoughton WI for a recall. These people took my beauty cover off and didn't give it back to me when I asked for it back. This is like stealing from me. I expect something on my car to be returned to me if I paid for it! I...

General Motors - Michigan, Detroit / Pontiac Solstice

Ken Kelly on Apr 23, 2016
Passenger air bag sensor going bad. The Passenger air bag sensor goes bad and requires a $1000 service cost to fix. The Passenger air bag sensor has gone bad on 1000s of Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky but GM will not fix it. This IS a safety issue. With so many going bad clearly its a failed...

General Motors Corporation - Michigan, Detroit / Transmission

ramses5 on Apr 21, 2016
In 2011, I purchased a new Buick Lucerne from Patsy Lou's Dealership in Flint, MI. I had all the oil changes, tire rotations, and scheduled maintenance done by GM dealerships. I was 'on-time' or even ahead of time on maintenance as I wanted this car to last me a while. I also have On Star...

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