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GameStop / Online ordering

Reviewer96170 on 2016-02-28
I ordered a game from gamestop.com, then went to cancel it because I found a better deal somewhere else. However Iw as not able to call and cancel the game directly from the website it said to call. I called in and waited about an hour for some help. The person I called initially said they...

GameStop / Payed for but never received product ordered

t.gehlert on 2016-01-26
I ordered a xbox 360 game. My credit card was charged for the game but I never received it, that was Nov. 4. I requested a replace game. first they said it would take 3 to 5 days now they say 15 days, it just seems to be a runaround to me. Dear Tristan, Thank you for contacting GameStop. I am...

GameStop - Texas, North Richland Hills / Xbox 1 Stereo headset Adapter

Perry Arrington on 2016-01-08
I went to the Gamestop in North Richland Hills Texas to get my son this adapter that he needed. I paid for the item which cost $30. As the guy handed me my receipt, I asked what is the warranty? It was a really big surprise to me that it was just 30 days! I said well that is just...

GameStop - New York, Brooklyn / preorders ripoff

Arkhamknight88 on 2015-08-03
Ok, a few weeks ago i went into the gamestop in my area to pick up my copy of Batman Arkham Knight that i had money on. the gamestop guy scans my gamestop card and says there is no reserve for batman. what??! so he scans my gamestop card again, and no luck. than i pull out my phone and...

GameStop - Mississippi, Grenada / Unsealed games at new prices

MatthewK on 2014-12-24
Several Gamestop stores in Mississippi (Grenada, Batesville, Oxford) are selling unsealed games at new prices. New games are supposed to be sealed. If a new game is unsealed, it becomes used. Just like how a brand new car leaves a car lot, it depreciates in value. I have found multiple...

GameStop - Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh / Traded in my wrong hard drive

PhergieOPhour on 2014-08-22
So, I went into gamestop a month ago to trade in my xbox 360 towards an xbox one. I had two hard drives that had been mixed up in the car. I told them this, and told them to trade in the 20 gb hard drive, and not the 120 gb hard drive. I figured they could do this since they plugged in my...

GameStop - Florida, Miami / Terrible customer service

Tomayo85 on 2013-07-01
I called the GameStop in dolphin mall by the main entrance to ask if I was able to reserve the xbox one. Needless to say I was connected to a person by the name of Jaz****, I asked my question to her and she responded with possibly the worst attitude that I have ever experienced. She told...

GameStop Online - Texas, Austin / Slow response time and two errors on one order

NguyenRob on 2013-04-03
I'm not one to go out of my way to complain about a company and it's service, so long as the company or service is fair and resolves their issues without much hassle. GameStop however, made two mistakes for my one online order and made me waste a lot of time trying to get in...

Gamestop.com / Online store

sunnyseattle on 2013-02-01
Don't waste your time or money with this store. The online store is a bad joke. My order was cancelled, my gift card zeroed out, and the explanation was, the order did not pass security checks. ? Apparently either using a laptop is just plan unsecure, or using a gift card is unsecure...

GameStop - California, San Ramon / Faulty Equipment

I_hate_Gamestop on 2013-01-04
I bought a Playstation 3 in October 2012 as a Christmas present. This was a brand new console. On Christmas, it didn't work so I returned to GameStop to exchange it. I was told their return policy is 30 days EVEN THOUGH when I bought it, I was told they would take it back if it had...

GameStop / Muggers and thieves

Tuline on 2012-12-10
Here we go again another co. using misleading practices to lure people on black friday; the week before black friday i went to “gamestop” here in tampa, fl to check prices on refurbished ipods, they had 2. one 16 gbts for $270 and a 32 gbts for $290, i waited for black friday...

Gamestop.com / Screw game stop, take your business elsewhere

Jassiele on 2012-12-10
I hate game stop. My brother is the manager at one here, and even he hates them. You buy a $60 game, take it back same day cause it sucks, unlike what the guy behind the counter said. "Best game ever" etc. and they're like we'll give you $9 in gamestop credit for it. Excuse me? I...

GameStop / never received preorder

gamergirl1 on 2012-12-01
I preordered the call of duty care package. I received a email saying it shipped on release day and would be delivered 4 days later. 4 days passes and it never leaves the warehouse according to the tracking number. I email the customer service and received an automated email saying I have...

GameStop - Galleria Mall -Houston,TX - Texas, Houston / Bad customer service / attitude problem

Verevolf on 2012-11-21
I am a gamestop customer for a very long time, I have provided many good employee feedback and until now there were none complaints. This is the first time I have experienced such behavior that I wish did not happen. As i went inside, I was the only one in line, the two ladies just talking...

GameStop - California, Sacramento / CUSTOMER SERVICE TERRIBLE

DonMegaTV on 2012-11-16
Ok So I go into a GAMESTOP on Arden way in Sacramento next door to Once Upon a Child. I was there an hour with my 2 year old who was past her nap time anyway. I put games on the counter and waited in line while he (store employee) was serving the customers ahead of us. Unfortunately he wa...

GameStop - Virginia, Norfolk / I was there before they closed for black opps 2

fgamestop on 2012-11-12
I went to get my PAID copy of Black ops 2 and there was no line it was 12:45 mind you and they said all gamestops would be open til 1 am and i went there two people were checking out and i went to the door and some sells lady was all smiles and i showed my recipt and then they CLOSED THE...

Gamestop.com / Making customers believe that digital download orders are available right away

Jay S 2012 on 2012-10-22
1. Gamestop is misrepresenting digital download orders. 2. They’re making customers believe that digital download orders are available right away. 3. Worst order processing for digital download. 4. Need to be honest with customers and let them know that digital download DOES NOT mean that...

GameStop / Withholding Wages from Employees

GameStopLegal on 2012-10-08
Has GameStop intentionally forced you to work "off the clock" and without pay?? This seems to be a common coinsurance with GameStop...There is currently a class action law suit against GameStop for failing to compensate their employees for rightfully owed wages. Anyone with a similar experience??? Email me at callofduty8899@gmail.com

GameStop / horrible service

JIMMY Doberson on 2012-09-23
The Manager, is a certified idiot, he keeps hiring convicts, degenerates, and immature clowns to run this crappy establishment, that only does a good job ripping off customers on their overpriced games, and does a poor job getting the latest games available. The customer service is ALWAYS...

GameStop - New Jersey, Englewood / False Advert

First on the evening of September 17 I call my Englewood Gamestop asking if i needed to preorder a game"Borderlands 2" so that i can pick it up at midnight. (Yes this gamestop was announced to be having a midnight release) The guy on the phone said yeah sure just you know when the line...

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