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Freeshipping.com Complaints & Reviews

Freeshipping.com - Charged 12.97$ without any reason

Posted: 2015-11-18 by    Gulzar Manuja
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I ordered a halloween costume online on 10/30/2015 from Kmart which was a store pickup and now all of a sudden $12.97 was withheld from my credit card from the above named website. I paid complete amount using my credit card when I purchased the items online. This is the only way they could...

IC Freeshipping.com - Charged for subscription i did not want and never heard of before

Posted: 2015-09-27 by    Reviewer55501
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
A charge on my credit card for $12.97, which i had not even heard of before. I tried to contact ic free shipping, but can't get to help, customer service, online, etc., all absolutely unsuccessful. I know i could protest to my credit card co., but it's not their fault, (As far as i...

Freeshipping.com - unauthorized bank charges

Posted: 2015-07-22 by    batkins
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Today I called a representitive at freeshipping.com about $12.97 of unauthorized charges against my bank account. She told me that I had clicked on an offer on ebay, which I didn't. I do use ebay rather often so I know what I'm doing. Anyway she said she would give me a coplimentory...

Freeshipping.com - Oklahoma, Sallisaw - bogus subscription

Posted: 2015-03-18 by    MadAsHellAboutIt
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Who is Freeshipping.com? I never heard of them until they charged my new debit card. I only bought from 2 companies with it. Amazon.com & Carol Wright. Someone from one of those companies had to have given them my debit number. They charge my card for a bogus subscription that I not only did...

Freeshipping.com - Connecticut, Middletown - Common misunderstanding regarding Freeshipping.com

Posted: 2015-03-16 by    arand
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 2 votes
Freeshipping.com customer service can be reached via email at customerservice@freeshipping.com or telephone # 855-226-7047.

Freeshipping.com is an online shopping membership. The yearly membership benefits include up to $500 in shipping rebates, $500 in return shipping rebates....

Freeshipping.com - MONTHLY BILLING FRAUD

Posted: 2015-03-13 by    alfapappy
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Discovered FREESHIPPING.COM charging my credit card a $12.97 monthly charge. I never signed up or even knew they existed till they hit my card. I called my Credit Card company requested a credit as well as NEW CARD that of course will have a new account number. Hopefully by getting a new account...

Ic *freeshipping.com - I do not recognize the charge nor did I authorize it. I want the charge reimbursed to my credit card.

Posted: 2015-03-10 by    TriniPila
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
03/09/2015 24906415067014217526181 IC *FREESHIPPING.COM 855-226-7047 CT US 12.97appeared on my online bank statement . Seems like the IC *Freeshipping.com
charge is coming from ENDICIA, which seems to be doing business "for" e-bay and USPS, neither of which I do online business with....

IC Freeshipping.com - Fraudulent Charges

Posted: 2015-02-21 by    ToodlesND
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
This company IC www.freeshipping.com charged my wife's mastercard $12.97 we have reported it to our bank & have started fraud charges and what we have figured out it was an order my wife did on www.walmart.com for a 3 pack of Cruze 8GB usb drives that only cost us $14.98....

Freeshipping.com - Cash back unavailable

Posted: 2014-11-10 by    Dr. Keith G. Grafing
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I made a purchase from footsmart recently. The package that they sent me did not contain my order (Order as from a customer in pr) . I contacted footsmart, told them about the problem and also told them that their online order said that if the order was for over $59 (Which mine was) there would...

Freeshipping.com - They simply stole money from my mum’s account

Posted: 2014-10-04 by    Ticik
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I got the phone call from my mum, and she told me that some unknown company charged her for $187.99. She showed me that it was company www.freeshipping.com. I haven’t heard about it and of course my mum hasn’t used it, but they simply charged her for this sum. The main problem is...

Freeshipping.com - California, Los Angeles - Terrible customer service

Posted: 2014-06-09 by    TSramek
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Terrible customer service! Service representative was rude and would not take off a charge, as my 30-day trial period had ended and I forgot to cancel the service beforehand, although I had not utilized the service in over a month. Most well-run companies offer to remove this type of charge...

Ic *freeshipping.com - Fraud

Posted: 2013-12-05 by    Jaloba
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Although this looks legitimate at first, they practice fraud on a huge scale by using pop-ups to offer free shipping on orders from an unrelated website. I still ended up paying the $19.95 shipping charges on the products I bought from Comfy-Cushion after having clicked on the pop-up. They stole...

Freeshipping.com - Illinois - Fraud and scam

Posted: 2013-07-09 by    MintyGreen
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 4 votes
Freeshipping.com charged my card since nov 3012 for 8 months - 12.97 per month.
I called them through my bank fraud department.
The woman who answered was not able to refund so she said the supervisor will call back in 2-3 days. No one called after two weeks. When i followed up...

Icfreeshipping.com - Utah, Tooele - fraud or unauthorized charges

Posted: 2013-06-06 by    Susan W Zentner
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 2 votes
I recently found out that I have been charged $12.97 monthly since the beginning of 2011, charging on a debit card that I do not use and don't even carry, in fact I don't even know if there is a PIN number. The total balance in which I have been charged in over $300.00. I do not know...

IC *Freeshipping.com 855 - 226 - 7047 - Kansas - Unauthorized charge

Posted: 2013-06-04 by    CHOSE THE WRONG VICTIM
Complaint Rating:  97 % with 71 votes
$12.97 appeared today on online bank statement as Pending authorization. I called their 855-226-7047 number and was told the charge was coming from ENDICIA. ENDICIA seems to be doing business "for" ebay and USPS, neither of which I do online business. I immediately called my card-issuing bank,...

Freeshipping.com - Arizona, Parks - Scam

Posted: 2013-03-10 by    joslbean
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
After buying flowers from Proflowers.com I was sent a 30day free offer from Freeshipping.com that claimed I could get a rebate on shipping for the order I placed so I figured I would give it a try... That was a mistake, my trial was 30days and it takes 45days for them to process so it would...

IC+Freeshipping.com - Indiana - False billing

Posted: 2013-02-09 by    Jessica531
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes

We do apologize for any confusion our program has caused. I do see your membership has been cancelled and you have been issued a full refund. Please allow 2-5 days for that to post.

Have a great day!

Freeshipping.com Customer...

Freeshipping.com - unclear and customer service is rude

Posted: 2013-01-26 by    jaymet
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I joined a site called mysteryguild and they offer freeshipping.com to get free shipping, which mind you the link didn't work, so I went to freeshipping.com to try and do it a different way, it also didn't work and then come january they charged me 12.97 for a membership I didn't...

Freeshipping.com - Illinois - Fraudulent

Posted: 2013-01-20 by    sebrofl
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 2 votes
My husband bought an item for me from Signals.com and somehow was signed up for freeshipping.com a shopping membership that charges $12.97 per month. He didn't even realize that he was signing up for this service because it wasn't clear what was happening. He put in personal information...

Freeshipping.com - Freeshipping.com is such a bad company

Posted: 2013-01-10 by    Kuarsse
Complaint Rating:  75 % with 4 votes
I signed up for the free trial and they charge me $12.97; When I called them, they answered me in a really rude way. I said "at least you should send a email to remind me that my free trial is going to expire or do something instead of charging me money secretly" and they said that's your...

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