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FreeShipping.com Complaints & Reviews

Freeshipping.com / $12.97 monthly charge billed to credit card

sjmomofboys on Dec 5, 2016
I did not sign up for this service, I did not order anything from this service. I just saw that I was billed $12.97 for the last 2 months from this company. When I called the number for the company listed on my statement, they looked up the account by my last name, which they had, but the...

Freeshipping.com / Monthly charges

M Kelly on Dec 5, 2016
Going though my Amex bill, I saw a reoccurring charge for $8.95. This has been going since 2009. Somehow this service was added to a flower.com purchase and I have been paying every sense. I will take partial blame because I should have caught this earlier. My concern is how does a company...

freeshipping.com / Billing

Priscilla Blume on Nov 14, 2016
I was charged 12.97 through free shipping and was fortunate enough to know where the charge came from, it was dr. Seuss and friends i called free shipping.com bc I don't quite understand how it works, and they immediately took the charge off, I ordered again from them today and saw a box...

Freeshipping.com / Payment not received, unauthorized credit card charges, scam

Debbie Burton on Oct 17, 2016
On October 15th, a check for $70+some change was to be mailed out. I called about this last week and was told amount of check to be $70. I tried to log into my account tonight and was told to call Customer Service. After speaking with them my payment scheduled for October 15 th wa...

Freeshipping.com / Charged $12.97 without any reason

chuanwenjie on Oct 12, 2016
I have been charged $12.97 by this outfit but I have no recollection of subscribing to anything t. I paid complete amount using my credit card when I purchased the items online. This is the only way they could have got my credit card number. I am not sure why the amount has been deducted...

Freeshipping.com / Unauthorized credit card charge

RainyDayWoman on Oct 5, 2016
I have been charged $12.97 for three months (total $38.91) and I never signed up for "Free Shipping." I have ordered online recently I don't know which online merchant this was attached to or I would notify them. I have disputed these charges with my bank. Thanks to everyone who posted...

Freeshipping.com / Unauthorized credit card charges for 9 months

Archie E. C on Sep 18, 2016
My credit card has been charged $12.97 monthly by IC*freeshipping.com from December 2015 to August 2016. Within 9 months, the total amount of charge is $116.73. I don't know why I started to be charged at all! Note that many people have been experiencing this issue, so there might have...

Freeshipping.com / "internet shipping subscription service" scam

Maxdaddy2 on Sep 1, 2016
I just discovered that I have been billed $12.97 per month by IC*FREESHIPPING.COM since November 2011, so well over $700 at this point. This "subscription" was never authorized or utilized, and evidently arose by way of a "hook" planted by this disreputable organization on a vendor...

Freeshipping.com / Unauthorized debit card charges

Yitian Zhuge on Aug 30, 2016
There was a 12. 97$ charge on aug. 24 to ic *freeshipping.com 800 - 515 - 9185 ct. I would like to know where this came from originally and would like it to stop immediately!! And to be reimbursed fully. I would like to be contacted through my email address asap sherry_zg@outlook.com. I don't...

Freeshipping.com / Unauthorized credit card charges

kmkels909 on Aug 10, 2016
My name is Kelsey Laursen and I have now been charged monthly for freeshipping.com (FREESH 800-515-9185) without even being aware starting in June it appears (6/13, 7/11, and 8/10). The charge has been $12.97 each time so a total of $38.91 has been charged to my account. I would like to be...

Freeshipping.com / Unauthorized credit card charges

CarloGon on Aug 9, 2016
Yes, I ordered a Russell Peters tee from Free Shipping.com There is no problem with the shirt at all. However, there is a catch... FreeShipping.com tells you that you can get your shipping charges credited back to you and fill in your information. I did. So, did I get the credit they said...

Freeshipping.com / unauthorized credit charges

Janet Josephson-Banta on Aug 3, 2016
Apparently while purchasing something online, there is something to which looks like you get free shipping for purchase but after looking at my cc they continue to charge account even though I only purchased once. I would like to know where this came from originally and would like it to...

Freeshipping.com / Scam

Darek on Jul 21, 2016
I have been using FreeShipping service for several months now and they charged me without my notice. I found out about that only recently when I checked my bank statement and saw that someone fraudulently charged $13 each month! Contacted my bank and was told who was responsible for...

Freeshipping.com / Charged $12.97 for no reason multiple times

Kristen Miller on Jun 28, 2016
I have just realized, that a bill was posted on my account for $12.97 from POS Debit IC *FREESHIPPING.COM 800-515-9185 today, but hasn't officially went through yet. It is still a Pending transaction. So I started doing research and realized that this money is being taken from my account...

Freeshipping.com / Account got cancelled by them with $400 cash back unpaid

PerryPeng on Apr 13, 2016
Be careful with this company, they only mail out the cashback to you once in a quarter, I have accumulated about $400 cashback in a quarter and I have paid membership fee each month, then at the end of the quarter, they informed me that my account has been cancelled because someone else...

Freeshipping.com / I was automatically signed up for FreeShipping

Rick on Mar 21, 2016
I ordered some items online and my order was shipped with FreeShipping. When I made my order I had no idea I was automatically signed up for FreeShipping service! When I realized I was charged it was already too late. And now I have no idea how to cancel my so called membership! They took...

Freeshipping.com / Charged with 12.97 without any reason

Rajaneesh Kolluri on Mar 17, 2016
My account is charged with 12.97 without any reason. I dont recollect subscribing anything related to freeshipping or buying something. I am not sure how could freeshipping.com charge me without any details. As an immediate action I would expect the amount to be deposited back.. My last Name: kolluri Area: Naperville - 60563

Freeshipping.com / Unauthorized money being taken from my checking account monthly for $12.97.

whatsleft? on Mar 14, 2016
I just discovered this company has been taking money from my checking account without my knowledge. I went to my bank to find out why this money was being taken out. I was given a phone number. I called it to see what it was. I was told that I had joined or subscribed to this when I...

Freeshipping.com / Fees

koconnor on Mar 7, 2016
I was directed to this site when I purchased a gift online. When I signed up there was no indication that it was a "free trial" and that there was a membership fee. i only found this out after checking bank account to see there was a withdrawal from this company for $12.97. I requested...

Freeshipping.com / Unauthorized credit card charges

robert weink on Mar 2, 2016
According to my historical file of credit card transactions I have been charged $12.97 every month since 07/03/2014 and probably before for a total of over $259. In September 2014 I called to request cancellation which was confirmed by the representative. Apparently this is a scam, because I...

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