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Freelancer.com Complaints & Reviews

Freelancer.com - New South Wales, Pyrmont / Support is useless!

Mike H on 2016-02-11
I gave a project to a freelancer, and he promised a to complete the job in two weeks. He also asked me to give him half of the milestone released to start the project which I did. After two weeks, the project was not done! I tried to contact the freelancer, but he completely ignored me. So...

Freelancer.com / Payment and service

Holmarn on 2016-02-09
First I would like to know how much I have paid through Freelancer.com because Paypal seems to show that I have paid 289, 89€ and being robbed of some money or I'm misunderstanding this. In the very least the customer service is TERRIBLE and I've posted the conversation I had with...

Freelancer.com - New South Wales, Sydney / Billed the project fee for usd project in GBP at a ludicrous exchange rate without consent or notice

elbar79 on 2016-02-07
I accepted a job on freelancer.com priced in USD when they bill the project fee in advance they automatically converted the bill into GBP at a ludicrous exchange rate 10% above wholesale without giving prior notice, gaining consent or publishing exchange rates anywhere on the site. Thi...

Freelancer.com / Milestone Payment Fraud

Imran Bajwa on 2016-02-04
Freelancer is a big Fraud with us. their services and worst. Support is non supporting and worst. Yesterday i got a milestone payment for my project i did, today morning i got up and found my freelancer balance is -$70.00 i was shocked. i checked my details and i was shocked to see my...

Freelancer.com - California, San Diego / Customer service

s2rishat on 2016-01-27
WE NEED TO FIND A WAY HOW TO BRING FREELANCER.COM TO JUSTICE WITH CLASS ACTION. I need to tell that this company made to collect all kind of fees without legal support. They had stolen more than 50% in the form of fees and not only fees. $200 disappeared without reason. I didn't do much of...

Freelancer / Account Closed " www.Freelancer.in"

Saurav0991 on 2016-01-23
I have been with freelancer from past two months, Firstly, I verified my account to have a new start, near around 4000 rupees were added, ( not because I wanted but their system made me do two times transaction without acknowledging that first has been done for 2000 rupees) freelancer unique Id...

Freelancer.com / Disappointed

Tom on 2016-01-20
I am a freelancer and decide to try Freelancer.com. I joined this website two months ago and so far, only five people have contacted me through the website. One person gave me a link to a different website, the second was quite friendly and asked me where I am from and I never heard from...

Freelancer.com / A Scam Website Steal Users Money

dannying on 2016-01-19
freelancer.com I worked on other online platforms and saw this one so decided to give it a try. The client never paid or funded for the project so I never started the work, but because I accepted the job offer they now charged me $78 and asked me to pay it. I said I'm not paying for...

Freelancer.com / Money Reversal Scam

Jrn8 on 2016-01-18
I was awarded a prize on January 7, 2016 for a $1000 with a $100 deduction for a winner fee. I withdrew the amount of $900 earned and when my withdrawal period came around I received nothing so I took to asking them and they claimed it was a put on hold because they wanted to verify the...

Freelancer.com / John Franklin, adneypress@yahoo.com, Surajrathod01@gmail.com

nuzlan on 2016-01-18
i am a member of freelancer. someone chatted and asked my mail id to give a retyping job. i gave my email id. than they said to deposit 17$ to start the job. i paid through paypal to the above email id (1st one) than they sent 25 images to type in to notepad finish it within 4 days. they...

Freelancer.com - New York, New York / Fees

Carl Wilson on 2016-01-16
I bid on a project on freelancer and was accepted! Hooray. The job was for a total of £160. As soon as I clicked Accept I was charged by Freelancer £16 (10%). But then the next day the employer cancelled the job and I was left with the bill still to foot! I complained but they said it...

Www.freelancer.com / Skills tests are a scam

Reviewer43258 on 2016-01-15
I took their basic numeracy skills test so I could add something else to my profile to show to prospective clients. Their tests - or at least the ones I looked at - cost $5.00 plus a processing fee of around $0.42. Here's an actual question exactly as it appeared on the test I took: "John...

Freelancer.com / Reversal of funds

Reviewer70326 on 2016-01-11
I have a account with freelancer. One client requested me to deposit $90 to his skrill account and he paid $145 in advance to my freelancer account. Everything was fine until the next day I found that the money was reversed by freelancer without giving any reason. When I complained they...

Freelancer.com - New South Wales, Sydney / Freelancer Account is in suspension mode, require expedited assistance asap!

codinglogics on 2016-01-08
Hello Freelancer Support, My ID Codinglogics has been in suspension mode since 3 days and I tried reaching your support team via email and the response has been less than encouraging so far. A customer that had hired me on freelancer.com had raised a complaint against me stating that I had...

Freelancer.com / They STEAL From ALL Members!

FU-Freelancer on 2015-12-18
Stay away from this scam outfit. First they ARE NOT BASED IN Australia. They are based in the land of scams... The Philippines. All of their personnel are assigned fake western names. When a new provider signs up, they squat on the providers funds for 15 days. And then they play this game...

Freelancer.com - Maryland, Capitol Heights / Limited my account

WisdomSwap on 2015-12-01
Out of no where my account was limited and I was required to submit identity documents. That was completed with no problem. On the website it says this is usually resolved within a 48 hour period, and in the email it says within 72 hours. That timing conflict needs to be resolved, but...

Freelancer.com - New South Wales, Sydney / Fraud our payment is not secure

Emak0707 on 2015-11-24
Hello, my name is emraan and i have account on freelancer.com with username "rick47khan" and i have done one job with 659 USD for my bloody cheater client john morino (https://www.freelancer.in/u/iqsoftware.html?ref_project_id=8808434) after work done he request for refund of all money...

Freelancer.com / They suspended my account and take 850$

ecurser1 on 2015-11-15
I have some talk with verification authorities of freelancer. I also successfully verify all documents but they suspend my account .they want me to choose one account but i only have one account which i use. I have $850 in my account with 8 ongoing projects on freelancer and 16 review...

Freelancer / This account has been closed

Reviewer96801 on 2015-11-07
Hi, last time i enter all required information that Freelancer required for Account Completion like Bank statement Copy, NIC Copy, Self Photo and verification code. After success full submitted i received message "we will take 2/3 days for verification" After 2 days (today) i again login...

Freelancer.com - New South Wales, Sydney / Logo design bought - copyright violation

Reviewer51463 on 2015-11-06
I started a contest on freelancer.com. I chose a winner (I like the logo very much). After the contest it turned out my logo was a plagiarism and another company sued me!!! I couldn't contact the freelancer. Neither my lawyer. I know he is from India and I know his nick. Nothing more. Freelancer.com didn't answer me. Avoid this WEBSITE!!!

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