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Freelancer.com Complaints & Reviews

Freelancer.com - New South Wales, Sydney / Terms and Conditions, Policy

Tawhidur Rahman Dear on 2016-05-15
Freelancer.com is a scam ======================== I am Tawhidur Rahman Dear. I was working as a Freelancer Web Developer in freelancer.com but suddenly they closed my account keeping 12 USD there. They never specify actually which clause of Terms and Conditions imposed to me, and...

Freelancer.com / freelancer.com robbed me of more than $1000

Nishant Dixit on 2016-05-05
I did some work for a client. The work was too install and configure Django with OpenedX with ecommerce. I bid for $150 and got awarded the project. The client paid me in full amount and also appreciated my work with good reviews and ratings. Although when i initiated a withdraw request...

Freelancer.com / Domain name and Hosting

rs1271 on 2016-04-29
I wanted to complain about the company where it is charging me for domain name and hosting and ingratiation. The person was asking for my home address and where i am staying where they should not be asking that. I want as refund of 30 pounds of what i have made today. the is the person...

Freelancer.com / They steal my money

thekeshri on 2016-04-26
Dear All, I am a employee and my account in freelancer.com is "thekeshri" . I got awarded one projects in freelancer.com on 25th March 2016 for $150 by employer "businessworld3" . I finished the job and employer paid me $150 and $5 as bonus. Employer also given me good feedback for project...

Freelancer.com - New South Wales, Sydney / Deduct my money by manipulation

Emak0707 on 2016-04-26
Hello, i was bid on a first project of today i was seen one more check box below price its about to send a message to client from freelancer to highlight your bid and its tagged with FREE so it means if i use that i dont have to pay anything its FREE but when i click on submit it...

Freelancer.com / They are looting my money.

Virender Pal Singh on 2016-04-23
CASE1: I had a project on freelancer.com. I was paid $100 by client. After three months of job completion they took money out of my account and said that client's payment method was not verified. They said that they are sending proof to paypal for the job I have done. After 2 months freelancer...

Freelancer.com - New South Wales, Pyrmont / Did not receive the payment

Andy on 2016-04-21
I was hired by a guy who wanted me to make a website for him. I checked his profile and he had many good reviews. He also promised me a good payment. I agreed and started working on a project. I wasted over a month and when the job was done it looked really amazing and I was proud of...

Freelancer.com / Freelancer.com is a fraud company. Oh my a lot of money

Anthprogrammer on 2016-04-04
Hello.. Freelancer.com is a fraud company... They are a big cheaters... I registered in freelancer.com as an employee.. I got a project of worth 1500Euros.. I completed it and my client paid me.. but after a month I saw my amount had been reversed.. I see -1500EUros in my freelancer...

Freelancer.com - New South Wales, Pyrmont / Closed my account

Musti on 2016-03-03
I was a user of Freelancer for a very long time, and have many good reviews on my profile. But suddenly five days ago my Freelancer account was closed for no reason! I tried to contact customer service many times and received no answer. I have no idea why they did this and the only thing I...

Freelancer.com - New South Wales, Pyrmont / This place needs to be shut down!

Greg on 2016-03-02
The Freelancer creators have found an absolutely amazing way to scam people out of their money. Great job guys! This website is full of thieves and scam artists. And the Freelancer staff does not care at all. I was scammed by one of their employees and still waiting for my money. I've...

Freelancer.com / Thieves!! Stay far away!

Daniel on 2016-02-29
Be careful and better stay away from this website. I think that %95 of the employees are thieves. I ended up working with a person who asked me to pay before the job was done. When I refused he had the nerve to ask for another payment otherwise he would remove some coding. He actually shut...

Freelancer.com / Reversal of done milestone

Reviewer47431 on 2016-02-26
Hello Sir, I am jayphprock freelancer user in freeelancer.com I am using freelancer since 2012 and yesterday i faced the problem of reversal of done milestone. Client is already paid amount then why my already paid milestone reversed. This is not fair freelancer.com I need my money back. Please...

Freelancer.com - New South Wales, Pyrmont / Scam!

Mont09 on 2016-02-17
I joined Freelancer website and decided to try their free trial. One month later they charged my card for a membership and I had no idea I was signed up! I did not want to use this site anymore and I didn't agree to this auto-enrollment! I contacted them many times, but their customer...

Freelancer.com / Stealing Money and Support looks like an automated bot reply

Suresh Paunrajan on 2016-02-15
Just because the guy who gave me the project, did not complete the verification they took my money. But the craziest thing was, they also ask me to pay back the money for the project that was completed long ago and successfully completed. I told Freelancer clearly, that the previous money you...

Freelancer.com / Payment not received

Reviewer47666 on 2016-02-13
Hello, I was the victim of this scam too. Unfortunately I was too late to react in proper way. I also deposited 17$ to him, and confirmed on pay pal everything he asked me to confirm. I worked so bloody hard on typing those stupid pages. It seemed a great way to earn some money. And now...

Freelancer.com - New South Wales, Pyrmont / Support is useless!

Mike H on 2016-02-11
I gave a project to a freelancer, and he promised a to complete the job in two weeks. He also asked me to give him half of the milestone released to start the project which I did. After two weeks, the project was not done! I tried to contact the freelancer, but he completely ignored me. So...

Freelancer.com / Payment and service

Holmarn on 2016-02-09
First I would like to know how much I have paid through Freelancer.com because Paypal seems to show that I have paid 289, 89€ and being robbed of some money or I'm misunderstanding this. In the very least the customer service is TERRIBLE and I've posted the conversation I had with one...

Freelancer.com - New South Wales, Sydney / Billed the project fee for usd project in GBP at a ludicrous exchange rate without consent or notice

elbar79 on 2016-02-07
I accepted a job on freelancer.com priced in USD when they bill the project fee in advance they automatically converted the bill into GBP at a ludicrous exchange rate 10% above wholesale without giving prior notice, gaining consent or publishing exchange rates anywhere on the site. Thi...

Freelancer.com / Milestone Payment Fraud

Imran Bajwa on 2016-02-04
Freelancer is a big Fraud with us. their services and worst. Support is non supporting and worst. Yesterday i got a milestone payment for my project i did, today morning i got up and found my freelancer balance is -$70.00 i was shocked. i checked my details and i was shocked to see my...

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