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Freelancer.com / Freelancer deducted money from my account

John Cruz on Dec 8, 2016
Freelancer.com doesn't go ahead and complete the registration without credit card. This is how they make money. Please refund my money to me. I have not used any of your services. This is not ethical. My email id orangegallery@gmail.com I hope freelancer.com have not saved my credit card...

Freelancer.com / Falsified service/scam

Christopher Vong on Nov 18, 2016
I have had over $100+ stolen from a freelancer due to misrepresentation of both service and product which was promised. Release 2/3 milestones, and when confronted, freelancer asked to end the project and did not respond to any of my messages. Agent is : Sanidhay Kumar Project ID: 11897021 I...

Freelancer.com / Overcharging payment

rs1271 on Nov 3, 2016
The company is taking money out from account where they should be taking and I want a refund on my money that the company have taken out. I don't know why you are taking because I don't have any balance left. I haven't done any query of building a new online store. The company did a...

Freelancer / Fraudulent billing!

Adistar8 on Sep 23, 2016
I was a member of Freelancer for a long time now and actually had a great experience there. About a month ago I found a great job so wasn't interested in their service anymore. I contacted them and asked them to cancel my account and they said they'll do that. Recently I noticed a charged...

Freelancer.com / Scam...

Freelanceruser on Sep 7, 2016
I entered a contest about 37 days ago... submitted my entry to freelancer contest ... the contest went into pending / locked mode "meaning the contest holder did not choose a winning entry" then 30 days went by which means that freelancer will then award top freelancers the prize money...

Freelancer.com / The whole site

Kaya Peters on Sep 2, 2016
Freelancer has stolen money from me. After continuous effort from my side to solve the dispute, sending millions of emails, they keep ignoring my requests to refund the money they stole from my paypal account without permission, and won't refund me the money which is still in my freelancer...

Freelancer.com / Freelancer cheating with money many times

vizz.bob on Aug 29, 2016
Freelancer.com — Freelancer.com is cheating with money 1 Review Vi Vijayendra on Aug 30, 2016 Mark as Resolved 1st Complaint : Project ID: 11370219 is not awarded to me, I have not accepted the Project freelancer.com has deducted money from my account. Now they email me to pay...

Freelancer.com / payment reversal and conversion rate rip off

walter scot on Aug 17, 2016
I had received three milestones payments and proceed to withdraw the money. This converted from british pounds to usd. Then all of a sudden it said that the project was deleted by the user and the milestones were reversed. I got in contact with freelancer and they said that the employer...

Freelancer.com / Scammed by chargeback fraud. Unethical behaviour.

Jonnywishbone on Aug 8, 2016
I do quite a bit of work on Freelancer.com and I recently had a problem. I was contracted by an employer to do a job and a milestone payment agreement was in place. Half up front half when complete. I did the job and received both payments into my Freelancer.com account. Rave reviews and...

Freelancer.com / John franklin, franklin publications 6

Luis Pablo Sibaja on Aug 7, 2016
I am a member of freelancer.com someone post a project about data entry, I spent one bid on that project; after that the guy "John Franklin" chatted me and talked about a retyping job of 25 pages. I gave him my email, then he send me the details where I had to pay $20 as a refundable...

Freelancer.com / I started a petition to NASA to complain about Freelancer.com

FreelancerIsASCAM on Aug 1, 2016
So I like MANY MANY MANY people have been scammed by Freelancer.com I got so angry I set up a petition to NASA for them to boycott Freelancer.com. https://www.change.org/p/nasa-tell-nasa-to-boycott-freelancer-com I am hoping that enough people sign this, NASA will get the message and then so will Matt "Scamming" Barrie the CEO of freelancer.com

Freelancer.com / Freelancer started eating money of workers

Muzamil Ahmad on Jul 28, 2016
I have moved my 3 clients to freelancer after closing elance.com, first two months I faced problems but resolved, and now I am unable to withdraw my money from the freelancer account, see how they are doing fraud now: On my first withdrawal request, they accepted the withdrawal request for...

Freelancer / Scammed

Jane on Jul 26, 2016
I made an account on www.freelancer.com because I really needed to find a job online. I was injured in an accident and was not able to get back to my old working place. I was so happy when I found this website because it seemed like a great opportunity to earn money by working at home. So I wa...

Freelancer.com / Scam and cheating

Kal Parker on Jul 25, 2016
Hi made a deal with a freelancer on Freelancer.com for a project that was going to cost around 11k. As we got closer to end of completion I funded the milestones, but did not release them. When I got a test app, it was a awful. I freaked out and disputed it with American Express. I then...

Freelancer.com / Illegal Charge to my bank account

JPO1713 on Jul 15, 2016
Fortunately my problem is not as severe as other complaints with this company. Using Freelancer it was obvious that they illegally charge my account several times without reason or description. I closed the account a month ago, and today they charged me $31 without explanation. All you can do is send a online message and complain to the bank.

Freelancer.com / Suspended my account and stole over $2000 from me.

GeoHughes on Jul 13, 2016
6 persons from our group opened 6 different accounts in Freelancer.com and were each working with their own skill and expertise. Suddenly Freelancer came along and said that all of these 6 accounts belong to the same person, and asked for identity verification. We started sending our ID...

Freelancer.com / Freelance work

Trotin on Jul 10, 2016
I work with freelancer for many years and I know that they are always greedy and also sometimes ###ed but this new experience really makes me give a good thought about renouncing working through them. I've taken a 750$ project last week from a US client. immediately Freelancer's greedine...

Freelancer.com / Biggest Scammers

hariom123 on Jun 22, 2016
Once again today my project payments (1090 usd) are locked by their support stating that buyer who had paid you is not verified. I had worked for more than a month and what i have earned is just waste of time, energy and zero penny. Just few weeks ago freelancer.com reversed all the...

Freelancer.com / Project fees are non-refundable whether a project is complete, incomplete, canceled or revoked

Adam_K on Jun 6, 2016
My account was charged $60 ($11 of which was taken from my freelancer account and the remaining amount from my PayPal) with no confirmation or anything. As soon as I hit "accept project" the fees were deducted. I wasn't given any sort of heads up about the project fee or anything. Then...

Freelancer.com / Freelancer is not caring employee and employees hard work

Durgesh Mandal on May 29, 2016
Recently I got work on freelancer.com once I accept project freelancer charge 22 USD for acdepting project. Client discussed project with me and get agreed for 50 upfront and two milestone and I accept project because client was created milestone of 50 USD as discussed for 50 upfront. Once...

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