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DoubleDown Casino Complaints & Reviews

DoubleDown Casino - Texas, Fort Worth / doubledown casino is as crooked as they could possibly be. They cheat at every possible way they can.

Dolan West on Jul 7, 2016
If you do hit a big pot you are totally cut off until all your chips are gone. When I hit a bonus that supposed to be, for example 3x25, 000, 000 plus 3 time this, I got a total of 45, 000, 000. after this they took all the chips. If you bet more than the minimum you will be cut off, My...

DoubleDown Casino / The theft of chips that I clearly won.

Joseph Tiller on Jun 4, 2016
Back on or around March 18th, 2016 I had a good day playing the slots.Built up to over 12 billion in chips.I logged off came back later and it was dropped down to 2 billion.When I contacted them I spoke to a man named Quinn (this was through messaging) who proceeded to tell me that they...

DoubleDown Casino / I won four games on Sunday, January 31, 2016, but did not receive the winnings.

Virginia L. Berry on Feb 1, 2016
I was in the top ten of the following games on Sunday, January 31, 2016: 16732274 16732565 16737379 16737839 When I went to the winnings board instead of showing a positive number, it show a negative number. I did not receive my winnings of over 500, 000, 000. I would my score to be corrected!

DoubleDown Casino / Games

john negrete on Jan 13, 2016
Double Down Casino says the game odds are completely random. This statement in completely not true. They clam slot games have a theoretically expected payback from 92.90% to 95.03% and is in accordance with fair gaming practices. Again this statement is simply not true. In my opinion...

Double Down Casino / Buying chips

Reviewer34365 on Dec 11, 2015
Once I started buying chips my daily free chips numbers dropped significantly. And it has gotten so bad I only get a paultry amount nowadays. And the free chips go quickly. Usually 10 to 20 spins at minimum bet. Never ever buy chips you will regret it. The more I have spent the worst it gets.

Facebook Double Down Casino / Took money from my account today---no authorized

Katie Burns-Lesher on Sep 22, 2015
Today I checked my bank account and Facebook Double Down Casino took $99.00 from my account that I did not authorize. I did authorize $99.00 yesterday, 9/21/15 but not again today. How do I get that back? Katie Burns-Lesher PO Box 167 Delhi, IA 52223

DoubleDown Casino / paid for chips but did not receive

steven brouwer on Jun 27, 2015
6/27/2015 doubledown casino took 3 payments for chips from me but never gave me chips...used visa gift card #4034 4660 8616 6720 exp. date 04/2-- 18 dollars for 6, 000, 000 chips...2 payments of 3 dollars for 600, 000 chips. would like my chips please.

Doubledowncasino / they don't know how to count cards

Diane Bloomquist 1 on Jun 2, 2015
Good Day... The last 3 weeks everyday I have been ripped off by this website. I have purchased chips and when I've had a winning hand I bet it like crazy only to lose to a lesser hand. Like just now I had three sevensw and a pair of kings I et it and lost to a flush. This isn't...

Double Down Casino - Minnesota, dent / They will not pay me the jack pot i won

cc6ec on Jun 2, 2015
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2015 19:00:26 +0000 From: support@doubledowncasino1.zendesk.com To: valfod2010@hotmail.com Subject: [DoubleDown Casino] Re: will not pay out I won a jack pot, yes it is not real money, but now they will not pay me the win, it read xxxxxxxxxxxxx congratulations you have won the...

Doubledown Casino Poker Dept. / Your ripping me off again....

Diane Bloomquist on Jun 2, 2015
Your taking my money and laughing all the way to the bank. Again today I had to buy chips to play your game. Now I shouldn't have to if I was paid for all the games I have won that you gave the pot to a person with a lesser hand. YOu tell me how is this fair? your little box...

Doubledowncasino / didn't get paid when winning gameS

dianna594139 on May 28, 2015
The last three weeks that I have played poker -5 card 7-card-and Omaha poker I have continuously gotton ripped off. I would have a hand that was greater than the one that they paid on. example I had a full house and they paid on a pair. I had a flush and they paid on two pair. etc.. etc...

Doubledown Casino Poker Dept. / they don't know how to count cards

Diane Bloomquist on May 24, 2015
Hello... For the last three weeks I have played poker on DoubleDown Casino. And I am good at it. The problem is that whatever the cards that show up in your hand and on the oard don't compute with there system. today in Omaha texas for example I was dealt 3-5"s and a 7. right away it...

Doubledown Casino Poker / They are ripping me off

Diane Bloomquist on May 23, 2015
I have been playing poker at double down for a few years now and the the couple of weeks when I have had a good hand and truly should of won the game doesn't know how to count cards. example I just was dealt 3 queens and a six and it registered 2 queens and I stayed in like all the...

DoubleDown Casino / All Games

Lola Overton on May 20, 2015
I can get the the Doubledown Casino website up but it will not bring my personal details up and I have over 1 million chips that I have paid for but am not able to use, this has been happening for the last 2 - 3 weeks. I complained that I had pald for my chips through email and they told...

Double Down Casino / Gold coins taken away / level retracted

DEBORAH J on Aug 25, 2014
On Double Down Casino-on line game- I had thousands of gold coins earned from playing the on-line game. Several hours later, I had only 4 coins and my level of expertise had been decreased from 16 to 12-13.( this was approximately August 20th) Yesterday the DDC put $1, 500, 000 in my fund...

Doubledowncasinoslots / chip I was playing with disappeared

wowxmas on Jan 31, 2014
I was playing slots on double down casino today 1/31/14 and left game open and went to do something and came back and was going to continue playing and my game was blacked out and when I went back in to add another 200K to my total, my original total was gone and all it recorded was the...

Facebook Doubledown Casino / charges to my account

Susan Donahue on Nov 12, 2013
on nov 11 i was trying to buy an 18.00 dollar package and it took it out 4 times it was not going through so i did over and over till it did. i only receive 3 million not 12 million which they charge me for. i would not buy them back to back to back within minutes os each other Susan e donahue

Doubledown Casino / Facebook / purchased chip package. did not receive it

Dee Walo on Nov 2, 2013
On October 31, 2013, I purchased a chip package from DoubleDown Casino on Facebook for 59.00. That would have given me 70 Million in chips as it was during their 2x sale. Needless to say, they took the money from my account and failed to credit my account with the chips. I have reported it...

Double Down Casino - Oklahoma, Eufaula / lost credits

wrmcam01 on Aug 10, 2013
About a week ago, i had almost 20, 000, 000 chips on double down casino. Truly enjoyed playing the games. When attempting to play, I was asked several times to log in on Facebook, which I had already done. Finally, I was in and discovered my multi million credits had been reduced to 36...

DoubleDown Casino - North Carolina / CHIPS

IDA STOCKS on Aug 8, 2013
at 8;08pm i was playing da horoscope game i had 48, 372on da game then i won 120, 000 nd it didn't register nd at 10;20 pm i used da code GIFT IT SAY I RECEIVED 1, 000000MIL. CHIPS BUT I DIDN'T GET THEM U CAN CHECK DIS I DID ALL I WAS REQUIRED TO DO I LOVE DIS CASINO EVEN THOUGH IT MAKES ME MAD AT TIMES I STILL PLAY EVERY DAY THANK YOU

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