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Discover Bank Complaints & Reviews

Discover Card / Authorized users

Reviewer15075 on 2016-01-26
The cards for my authorized users were shut don because I refused to supply their social security numbers. My account is still open for me to use. I also learned that my account information is available on the authorized users credit reports. Discover cross reports the account owners info...

Discover Financial Services - North Carolina, Charlotte / Charge for nothing

Reviewer40590 on 2016-01-25
I have no energy left to fight that abuse for making me pay for nothing. I was told, I am entitled to cancel a credit card (account)if unauthorized by me charge was placed on my account. On September 2013, I and my wife called and asked to close the Discover Card account and put charge for...

Discover Bank - Delaware, Wilmington / Unable to verify residence

Conspirator on 2015-11-30
Beware - Discover Card is clueless! After applying for a Discover Card on a form that they pre-approved for me, they rejected my application. I have a stellar credit score and record. At 2 big box home improvement stores, my credit limit is 5-figures. The official reasons were 'unable...

Discover Bank / Online Transfers Backdated

Reviewer85785 on 2015-09-03
Over my six-year experience with Discover Bank, I have found nothing to like. Everything about this joke-of-a-bank is a nightmare ... from horrible customer service (e.g., telephone "hold" times often in excess of an hour), to their slow and antiquated online messaging platform (e.g., they...

Discover Credit Card / application rejected

tiya akarapuu on 2015-08-12
My discover credit card application is rejected twice. I did keep a track of the process every day and each day i was said the documents are under review and one fine day they say its rejected and you have to reapply. Neither was i informed the reason before declining nor i was given any...

Discover Card / owe me money

Darlene E on 2015-05-26
I asked Discover to close my account. I had a minus balance because I overpaid. They sent me my rewards balance of .85 cents. I have a minus balance of $137.94. They did not include that. I am asking for that money back. Thanks you

Discover Card - Utah, Salt Lake City / Unsafe online activity

OnlineSecurityConcerns on 2013-12-16
I have been a Discover card holder for 6 years. This gets a little confusing, but I hope I break it down correctly. I lost my card and called and requested a new one, FOUR months ago. They sent me a new card with a new number. Only problem? Somebody else has the same number! Not knowing...

Discover Bank - Utah, Salt Lake City / Inability to close CD account that is part of an estate

Mark Gustafson on 2013-09-20
As Executor of my mother's will I have requested to close CD account held by Discover Bank. I have completed all requested forms and sent copies of requested documentation. When I have contacted them about the account, I was informed the only document that they needed was a copy of my...

Discover Credit Card - Utah, Salt Lake City / worst dispute service

oitension on 2013-04-30
Throughout several transaction disputes, I quit Discover in my life. They always stand on the side of the evil enterprises. They always believe the scam people, not the customers happily using the high rate cash back. Discover never cares about their customers. For the future safety, I...

Discover On Line Banking - Florida / Closing deceased account

Discover Bank on 2013-03-26
As executor of my wife's estate Discover Bank is requiring documentation, forms, letters etc that no other account has asked for. They state "banking regulations" but I get a different story from every person I talk to. Even after receiving a certified court order they are refusing to...

Discover Card / Purchase protection program

Luckyanjo on 2013-03-02
When I purchased a rug that started bleeding pink dye all over after taken to be professionally cleaned and both the manufactuer, Thomasvile, and the store said they would not do anything about it. I decided to go to Discover and use the purchase protection policy since it was I within 90...

Discover Matrix Visa Card - Indiana / Bad credit ? sSay away from this card

Enodal on 2013-02-09
I found this website by chance to obtain credit for those who have bad credit. I paid multiple fees to get this card. I had read a complaint soon after about this company using Discover's name along with Martrix. (but I hoped I would not have a problem). What I am about to write i...

Discover Card - Washington / Cheated Merchant

Greystone America on 2012-12-11
BEWARE!! Before you accept Discover Card as payment for your product or service know that you may not get paid. Here is our story. On 8/6/12 our product was delivered to our buyer prepaid with a Discover Card. On 8/25/12 (20 days after delivery) the $1850 cost of the product was taken from...

Discover Finance / Ask more money

Ellen Waller on 2012-09-18
Discover Finance called me and told that I am approved for a $6000 loan. They asked to pay me $200 processing fee. Then they asked me to pay another $400 as secure money. Then another number of 600 appeared and etc. I think I will never get the loan but how can I return the money I already paid?

Discover Card / Shop discover program

Mike4211 on 2012-04-30
I purchased air line tickets with expedia.com through shopdiscover. . I found out air tickets are not valid for the 5% cash back bonus. There is a statement in the website. But it is not right under the words earn 5% cash bonus. That is cheating, we all know expedia.com is primarily for...

Discover Card Services / Refuses to obey the law

Almoke on 2012-03-30
In September of 2011, I submitted to Discover Card that I needed copies of my personal information. The law states that they must provide this information to me, and that they must keep copies for ten calendar years. I am being audited, and I am physically disabled. Discover Card ha...

Discover Financial Services / I want refund, never received product

Gutuste on 2012-02-12
I am disputing the charged from Google Furniturestore of $147.56 out of $192.71 since they only refunded my money $45.15. Who would want to be charged for something he/she never received the product/service? The reason I want my money back is because the seller/merchant didn’t give...

Discover Card / Unhappy potential customer

benji on 2011-12-21
I applied for a Discover More card, and was denied. I called Discover to question the decision. I also checked my credit and found that both my Equifax and my Transunion credit reports had been requested by Discover. I was to discuss my application with someone, because I felt that it wa...

Discover Card / Only problems

Terminator007 on 2011-12-21
My credit limit was reduced from $5000 to $500 or near to the amount that I have my current balance in over a year. I was planning to use a balance transfer check Discover sent to me a few days back to pay off my other credit card with higher interest rate. That is, after I pay off the...

Discover Card - Utah, Salt Lake City / Illegal, unethical, dishonest business

discovercardsucks on 2011-10-27
I want to start out by saying no matter what your personal opinion, Discover Financial Services is essentially a white collar terrorist organization, and they are committing acts of financial terrorism against millions of decent, responsible, hardworking, respectful, reasonable American...

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