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DentalWorks Complaints & Reviews

DentalWorks - Alabama, Greensboro / No free teeth cleaning as the website promises. False advertising. Random people standing in on my appointment

Lcd1 on 2016-05-31
I read online that there was free teeth whitening as long as your app was before 5/31/2016. Well mine was 5/26/2016 and was only informed that this was not offered when i arrived for my appointment. I did not appreciate the false advertising and really suggest that it is taken off the...

Dental Works - Tennessee, Knoxville / Root canal damage & quote not honored

Reviewer65697 on 2016-01-08
Went to Dental Works in Knoxville, TN for root canal. Dentist stated that she would do procedure with crown for $23 out of pocket. After the procedure, I was told no payment was due. Then I received a bill from Care Credit for $903, which was disputed. The balance is increasing and Dental...

DentAL One of Columbuia Dental Practice / Fraud to Bank of America as of services completed

Judith Pence on 2015-05-30
This Dental Practice made charges to the Bank of America with fraud statements and charges of service that was not completed. Went in with a loose bridge and the dentist cracked it in half trying to remove it to recement it. Then gave an injection to have a new bridge made (Dr. Barrow...

DentalWorks / Sold me to collection agency

Amol8 on 2015-05-07
Just got off phone with the collection agency DentalWorks sold me to. I was there in December for my crown treatment. I paid my portion of the bill while they were supposed to claim the rest of the amount from my insurance company. They forgot to do that. I got a letter in April saying...

Dental Works / Billing service

THESD0 on 2015-02-18
Worst place to go for dental care. Wait times are minimum of 30 minutes. Absolutely worst place for billing issues. They bill incorrectly, do not know the appropriate codes and prompt send bills for collection because of their errors. They have a person who is supposedly dealing with...

Dental Works Chapel Hill Mall, Akron, Oh / wasted 1 1/2 hours of my time

stellamb on 2015-02-05
I was scheduled at 12:00 noon, for a cleaning, xrays and exam. When I arrived, I was told that my name was not on the LIST for cleaning. They told me that there was an opening at 1:00pm, I said lets go ahead and take the xrays, when I was to go back for the exam, there was no room...

DentalWorks - Ohio, Mentor / Rude condescending office manager

lemon1234 on 2014-12-29
Have gone to the Dentalworks in Mentor Ohio since 2008. Have never had a problem and really liked my the woman that cleaned my teeth. All had ortho work done and braces at same facility. A few major complaints, first is the wait time for an appointment, normally sat 30-60 minutes before...

Dental Works - Illinois, Chicago Ridge / Negligent Doctors and incompetent assistants

martydv on 2014-01-18
I was in intense pain Dental Works advertised emergency service so I called them as soon as they opened at 10am and got a 2:30pm appointment that was not the problem. When i got there i told them i have a bad tooth and have been in severe pain for over 24 hrs instead of just doing an x ray...

DentalWorks - Arizona, Surprise / Bait and Switch

pylemj1 on 2012-08-07
I purchased a coupon through Livingsocial.com for "Dental exam with X-rays, cleaning, and enrollment in 'Free Whitening for Life' program". After my exam, I was told that I would have to pay an additional $180 for a "more thorough cleaning". They said that the coupon only covered...

Dental Works/knoxville,tn - Tennessee, Knoxville / service

disappointed patient on 2012-04-16
i had been going to dental works for years, had a couple of partials made there, no problem. then i had to have the rest of my upper teeth pulled and get dentures. no one ever explained to me what was involved as far as wearing dentures would be like. IT HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE!!! doc and her...

DentalWorks - Illinois, Niles / Negligent dentist

cosumer1 on 2012-03-09
Dentist botched a root canal...grossly overfilled the root canal without informing me. Dentist also said that I needed work on 6 other teeth. Went to another dentist...she and the dental hygienist both agreed that none of these teeth needed work. When I tried to work with the company to...

Dental Works - Michigan, Sterling hts / Insurance Fraud

fckedinA$$tooManytimes on 2012-02-03
My husband went there for partials and pulling teeth. They charged us and the insurance company. The insurance company paid more and they kept our $381 till we came in for other work and they said by the way we kept your money for a year. We are on disablility we needed that money. Then we...

DentalWorks - Ohio, Akron / No Show

Lindsay Allen on 2012-01-01
I use DentalWorks for my families dental and orthodontist needs. The orthodontist we see is only in on Thursdays. My daughter had an appointment on Thursday at 11 am she showed up to the appointment and was told there was no appointment scheduled for her and that the orthodontist was not...

Dental Works - Michigan, Sterling Heights / Poorly Run Office!!!

Kaylen on 2011-11-29
This place has done nothing but cause me problems! They do NOT follow standard dental guidelines that insurances are looking to be followed. And when asked about it I was told that there is no such thing as "standard dental practices". Isn't that what a Dentist MUST know to become a...

Dental Works-charlotte Nc / SCAM

NeverEverAgain123 on 2011-07-27
I was a patient of the Charlotte, NC Eastway Dr office for several years due to the proximity to my residence. I too experienced the same gum disease scam that others have posted about, the same selling me products I didn't need and lastly charging for services that didn't take...

DentalWorks - North Carolina / Price quotes raised for root canal

LJ10 on 2011-02-22
I went to Dentalworks for work on a broken tooth. I was charged over 300 dollars for a root canal Oct. 2010. I went back Feb. 2011 and it was supposed to be only 256 dollars and they said 518 dollars to start with, then they made like my tooth was deeply infected and I they would have to...

Dental Works / Unprofessional service

Bnk on 2011-01-24
To make a long story short one of my wisdom teeth was infected. I had a vacation planned in the next week or so. Dental Works of Garfield Hts Ohio urged me to have all four pulled! I listened as I am not a Dr and thought they knew what was best. They assured me I would be healed and ready...

Precision Dental Works - Georgia, Powder Springs / Sent my money-can't contact company

jmuebel on
I paid this company for a custom night guard. They did send me the kit to make the impressions, however I can't fit the plates in my mouth. I can't make any contact with the company as they are not taking phone calls and every e-mail I send comes back as undeliverable. I would...

DentalWorks - North Carolina, Durham / SCAM!!! &DEEP CLEANING&

OK, I'll admit it, I skipped going to the dentist for many years. So I made an appointment to go see DentalWorks at their new location in Durham, NC at Southpoint. I was lured in by the promise of "free whitening for life". I should have thought something was amiss when I made the...

DentalWorks - Tennessee, Memphis / high prices

Jaine on
These people are very greedy and overcharge for everything! I had one xray and it costs $82.00 and a 10 minute filling was $219.00. They are doing nothing in these hard economic times to hold medical costs down. SHAME ON THEM!

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