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Cuisinart Complaints & Reviews

Cuisinart / DCG 12BC Coffee Grinder

Reviewer52090 on 2015-12-03
My coffee grinder received as a gift Christmas 2014 burst into flames trying to grind coffee. I called Cuisinart customer service and gave them the serial number and model. The customer service rep stated it was made in 2013 and they wouldn't warrant it. I received it as a Christma...

Cuisinart / The spot was very sticky and the team didn’t tell me what to do

Reviewer14674 on 2015-10-01
Don’t order anything from Cuisinart. I have bought the pan from them, but after 3 days the sticky spot developed. It has spread very quickly and within 2 weeks the whole bottom of the pan was sticky. I emailed the support team and told that it was terrible pan and it could be defective. I...

Cuisinart - Ohio, Cincinnati / lousy warranty service

teddystonewall on 2015-04-06
Purchased a Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker in Feb. 2015. It stopped working 45 days later. Contacted the retailer and was told that they would not accept it for return after 30 days. Contacted Cuisinart Customer service via email. I got the runaround for a week with them telling me...

Freedom Cookware / Cuisinart / Refund for shipping

steve mort on 2014-04-29
I ordered their product and paid with a personal check.They were no mention of shipping charges in the advertisement.I received a letter conforming my order.It stated that the shipping would collected when delivered. Three days later, I received another letter stating the package could not...

Cuisinart - New Jersey, Trenton / Defective Product (twice)

srmknight on 2013-04-24
We purchased a Cuisinart coffee maker, Model Dcc-3000 from R.C. Willey in January 2013. This coffee maker features an internal storage carafe for the brewed coffee as opposed to a traditional external coffee pot. The design idea is the brewed coffee stays warm within the internal carafe...

Cuisinart - New Jersey, East Windsor / 8 Stitches To Left Hand

HonestDriver1975CO on 2012-05-03
I purchased a brand-new Cuisinart SmartStick (R) hand blender. I used it to make a milkshake in the cup provided. I then unplugged it and cleaned it per instructions. The blade snapped into my left thumb during the cleaning process--it happened so fast and shocked me. I received 8 stitche...

Cuisinartwebstore.com / I will never order anything from them again period

Tremde on 2012-04-03
I ordered a part for my blender about a month ago. When I purchased the parts it did not say on the site that the parts are backordered because if that was the case I would not have bothered placing the order in the first place. Just for that reason alone they are not trustworthy. After...

Cuisinartwebstore.com / Avoid this store at all costs

Geberce on 2012-01-29
Three orders trying to get the right part. Now, with over $200 already charged against my credit card, I have to try once more to find someone who knows Cuisinart food processors well enough to find the right part. Some of what they've sent me isn't even in boxes--just has yellow...

Cuisinart Bread Maker - Québec / parts

bluesmanbill on 2012-01-25
Not happy with Cusinart: Bread maker: Shaft seal assembly fell out of the bread pan, and I had to order an entire new bread pan, as they don't sell repair parts for the internal parts. This is unacceptable! I have written to them about this, but seems they don't care to...

Cuisinart Cookware / Poor Quality

Do Not Buy Cuisinart on 2012-01-21
I bought a Cuisinart Stainless Steel Cookware set a little less than a year ago. I did not buy online, in fact, I went to my local Pennys store and bought over the counter after looking over all their cookware. Within 2 mos, the larger sauce pan split up the side (3/4 in split, I am not...

Cuisinart / Terrible Experience!

Flashgagnon on 2011-11-02
This is the 2ND Keurig Coffeemaker I have had to exchange. I paid the premium price because the major selling point was the quietness of the machine, but within weeks both machines became louder than my old Keurig brand. I paid $30 to ship the 2nd machine back to be fixed and I expect to...

Cuisinart / Lack of Customer Service

Semperfi5862 on 2011-08-30
I'm on my second unit and, like the first one, it leaks. Same identical problem that renders the unit unusable. I thought it was a quirk on with the first one going bad but now, the second one is also bad. NEEDLESS TO SAY, CUISINART DOES NOT HAVE A CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT. They have a...

Cuisinart Division / Defective blender

consumer2011 on 2011-06-12
In March 2010 I encountered a serious accident with a Cuisinart Power Blender. The blender caught on fire and seriously burned and injured my left hand and wrist causing a permanent disability. I just learned that reconstructive surgery to improve the appearance of my hand and wrist would...

Cuisinart Espresso Maker - Alberta, Calgary / Poor policy return

LyJackie on 2011-06-07
I just bought Cuisinart Espresso Maker on Saturday Jun 4, 2011 for My Sister at Canadian Tire Store NE of Calgary. Sunday afternoon we want to return this machine back to the store, because the quality is not so good, pump is so noisy, and steamer is vibrated so loud. ( we have found out...

Cuisinart / Non-stick pan

ACatherine on 2011-05-22
I bought a 12" non-stick pan from Bed Bath & Beyond about 6 months ago, and the pan surface is losing its non-stick surface. It appears to be blistering, then the blisters flake off. I've been zealously protective of the pan, never use metal on it, and clean only with the soft side of...

Cuisinartwebstore.com / I am never buying another Cuisinart appliance again

Foliver on 2011-03-30
I ordered parts for my espresso maker from this store through the cuisinart site. I requested the item be shipped via UPS because they would not accept my PO Box address - we do not have home delivery from USPS here. They shipped via "basic" UPS shipping which relies on USPS to make the...

Cuisinart - Florida / Defective coffee maker

mrsamk on 2011-02-22
Two weeks ago I purchased a Cuisinart CBCW-24 Series coffee maker. Worked great up until about 2 hrs ago. I turned on the on/off button and the on light did not come on. It brewed the coffee but no light to indicate whether the machine is on or off is aggravating. So I dug the instruction...

Cuisinart SS-700 - Connecticut / Coffee Maker

Narb on 2011-01-25
I bought the (first one) SS-700 coffee maker in April 2010. It stopped heating water approx. 2 mos. later. Took it back to Bed & Bath who replaced it; I am now on the 5th... yes 5th one, each one having done the exact same thing. When I contact Cuisinart Customer Service I get nowhere. I...

Cuisinart classic cordelss percolator - Ontario / lack or service

Mary Guad on 2011-01-03
In the month of April, 2010 I purchased a Classic Cordless Percolator, and on Christmas Day at breakfast it stopped working. Knowing it was the holiday season I tried to get the name of a place to have my warranty respected. I soon found out that it was not that simple. I was told my voice...

Cuisinart - New Jersey, Gloucester City / Coffee Maker

Purchased a Cuisinart DCC-1100 Series 12-cup Programmable Coffee Maker on 9/29/10. This has the thermal holder for the coffee. I got this so I could keep the coffee hot and save electric. The directions say it keeps the coffee hot for "hours". Not true at all. Best it does is 15 minute...

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