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Cricket Wireless Complaints & Reviews

Cricket Wireless / Entire website and customer service

William Campbellnc on 2016-05-05
On 5/2/16 I went on the cricket website and attempted to purchase a phone and rate plan. I had difficulty with the website and called cust. serv. The gentleman at cust serv walked me through the transaction as far as he could and I then told him that I would complete it on line. He told me...

Cricket Wireless / Mobile Phone

Egirl3268 on 2016-04-17
1 Jenny block my network suspended my service and now I have a brand new phone I paid in full therefore I own it and can not go to another service. I my child has been taken for months and I get no income and to comply with my order because I just got my son back days ago I have to have a...

Cricket Wireless - Washington, Lacey / Phone replacement

Kylette Wilkinson on 2016-04-14
Well first of all I am on my sons account with cricket, he bought me a new phone from the cricket store in Lacey wash on gallaxy way, the third day after I finally picked it up to start putting in my account and different info needed the next evening it suddenly made a loud sound for 15...

Cricket Wireless - Georgia, Toccoa / Phone service, employees, customer service representatives, etc.

Reviewer57940 on 2016-03-02
In January 2016, I purchased a second phone and line. The phone never worked from activation and was told it was a glitch in the system it will work in 2 hours. 2 days later my phone still not working properly. I took it back and they exchanged Sims and nothing. I til them I wanted to...

Cricket Wireless / Overcharging and suspending my services

Reviewer18392 on 2016-02-13
So I went into my local cricket wireless store on 02/11/2016 and made a payment which wasn't due until 02/12/16. I also upgraded my phone and added 4 additional lines to my account. I was charged $25 to upgrade my phone as well as $25 per line for activation not to mention the payment for...

Cricket Wireless - Florida, Delray Beach / Promotional prize

A cricket truck was in West Palm Beach, FL two weeks ago where I won the grand prize and given the card for proof. The 4 girls at the truck took my picture and some personal information. I went to the local office and switch to Cricket and asked about the prize and they denied thst it came...

Crickett Wireless - Georgia, Jonesboro / unethical behavior

Deanka on 2015-12-30
When I started with Cricket a little over a month ago, it was a somewhat dubious start. I ordered the SIM card online because I didn't have to pay the $25 activation fee that way. When the card came with the adapter, it was really hard to get in, it was somewhat warped on one end. So hard...

Cricket Wireless - Florida, Riverview / Unprofessionalism

Reviewer63307 on 2015-12-24
Cricket Wireless Highway 301 in Riverview...Customer service reps were clearly smoking marijuana in the store the odor was very strong! Phones are old and they refuse to replace when they go bad after 1 month even with insurance!!!

Cricket Wireless - Maryland, Clinton / Unethical Behavior and Poor Customer Service

AKendrick on 2015-10-24
On 10/24/2015 My wife and I went into the Cricket Wireless at Clinton Plaza Shopping Center, 8805 Woodyard Rd., Clinton, MD 20735 to replace a phone. As we were being helped we were shocked to hear the loud uncensored music coming through the store speaker system. While my wife and I were...

Crickett Wireless - Georgia, Thomson / Service and Product

Reviewer24046 on 2015-10-21
Buying a phone from cricket wireless was my first mistake. I never had so many problems with a phone before in my life. Against my better judgement, I decided to try cricket wireless because I wanted to upgrade my phone and try another company. I had too many drop calls and people were...

Cricket Wireless - Oregon, Gaston / Lack of phone service

Reviewer61575 on 2015-10-15
We have been without service for over 24 hours and just get a run around when we call to find out what is happening and how long it will take to fix. The last response was that they are still possibly working on the tower. We have talked to 4 so called customer service people with one...

Cricket - New York, Millerton / ZTE grand max Phone brand new locked

Reviewer52549 on 2015-09-01
The SIM card required a puk code, cricket had me enter codes until my new phone locked up Sim Perm Lock. It's under warranty, but I want either my Phone fixed since it seems to be a software issue per ZTE manufacturer your problem, or a new, not refurbished Phone. I have been...

Cricket Wireless / Overcharged and refused to refund the money

Reviewer17884 on 2015-08-14
Absolutely horrible. Had to cancel service due to poor cell coverage at my house and they refused to refund money that they incorrectly charged me (when I setup auto-pay it immediately charged my account against their policies basically double charging me for the same month). Spent hour...

Cricket Wireless / not honoring promo

dgrg11 on 2015-07-07
Back in April Cricket was offering a promo if you switch to there service you will get the third month for free. the only exclusion was that you are not switching from ATT which is understandable as they are owned by ATT. Upon my request to get credit for third month I was informed that...

Cricketwireless.com - Arkansas, Washington / They sent me wrong order, but they don’t know what they sent me

MAgixa on 2015-07-06
I ordered Samsung phone from the company www.cricketwireless.com. I received the Cricket phone. The customer services were terrible, because when I called there was only machine voice, which advised me to call later. When I finally reached the customer services, the guy was completely...

Cricket Wireless - Illinois, Olive Branch / Sales Rep

Lancerlady on 2015-06-12
I went in to this store on 6/11/15 to look at phones as I am eligible to get out of a contract. The Sales Rep Shane came up and started immediately talking about how bad Sprint service was. I agreed. So I guess he thought it was an open invitation. I had my phone in my hand I was texting...

Cricket / paid for service and did not get it

Carolyn Puryear on 2015-05-05
Paid for service and did not get to use it. Paid $97.00 for May service, two lines. Lost one phone. Called phone service company to let them know. Was told that I could cut the off lost line. The next day they cut both lines off. Call the company, To let them know that the they had cut...

Cricket Wireless / Bad Business/COMPENSATION

drattler on 2015-04-22
Cricket Wireless' legal team goes for drinks with state attorney generals and is afraid to have open cases when meeting. All Attorney General Complaints get what the customer is asking for. NEED A REFUND, REPLACEMENT GSM PHONES, AND COMPENSATION FOR BAD SERVICE? WRITE THE ATTORNEY...

Cricket Wireless - California, Modesto / now charging late fee on prepay phones

I have been a cricket wireless PREPAY customer since 2003 in Modesto California. Both of my son's first phones were Cricket wireless since high school. The reason I choose cricket is because it is prepay without a contract. I get paid biweekly and my pay date never falls on the date...

Cricket Wireless / Nokia phone

enrique villanueva jr on 2015-03-30
Since we first got the phones the phone vibrates by itself and we need to take the battery out so it will stop. The screen goes back and we need to take the battery out. The phone screen dims in and out constantly. It also freezes. This was a promo phone with a rebate back. The service...

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