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Cricket Wireless Complaints & Reviews

Cricket Wireless - Texas, Dallas / Phone service

Dana Sia on Sep 17, 2016
My Mother's phone number 469-834-9091 that I purchased at Cricket Wireless kept dropping calls up to 4 and 5 times a call for well over ten days. She is blind and cannot drive so her caregiver drove her to the store on Greenville in Dallas. I had not even been 30 days and the problem did...

Cricket Wireless / Unethical behavior

arnie101 on Sep 16, 2016
I came to this location out of curiosity to see how much i could save in comparison another current provider. The rep managed to sell me on the cheap service rate. She then went into the prices of the phones this threw me off since i spent so much on her previous GalaxyS5 phone so i said...

Cricket Wireless / e-mail scam alert

Nancy Allen on Sep 2, 2016
BEWARE of hsta40@gmail.com>This is the oldest scam in the web...They want to send a check with a stupid amount and deposit it in my bank and send the "installers" the rest of the $$ after i deduct my "pay" Good God, when are people going to stop falling for this crap? Cricket...

Cricket Wireless - New Mexico, Albuquerque / I dont h ave cricket service. Why am I paying $57. 00 for someone else's bill.

Sherry A Bernal on Aug 12, 2016
I have been sending papers in sence may 8 amd tjis still is not taken care of i dont have criclet service please i need my money i only mqkw 801. A month cant aford this . Bennies bargan box 42.86. Pleaae i take care of my things that i do can you please not make me pay for thongs i have...

Cricket Wireless - Florida, Mount Dora / Not giving credit for switching from other company

Greg Borman on Aug 10, 2016
In March I signed up for cricket wirless in Mt dora, fl on 441. I asked the manager if there was a sign up bonus because I was switching from tmobile and he assured me that there was a $100 account credit. Naturally it would be a couple months, but now it has been 5 months. I contacted...

Cricket Wireless - Georgia, Jasper / Customer service and service

karen parr on Aug 1, 2016
Cricket Wireless Cricket Wireless Contacts & Information Posted: Aug 1, 2016 by karen parr phone and customer service Complaint Rating: 0 % with 0 votes Contact information: Jasper, Georgia United States I have been on the phone every day for two weeks trying to get two phones off...

Cricket Wireless / Cellular Phone Service

NeC-Denise Brown Padgett on Jul 11, 2016
Cricket: Hello! How may we help you today? Cricket: Our agents are currently assisting other customers. Your approximate wait time is 4 minute(s). Valeria G: Welcome to Cricket Nation! This is Valeria. How may I help you today? Me: yes...I have had a horrible day. I have been dealing with...

Cricket Wireless - South Carolina, Six Mile / Customer Service and refuses to refund for unauthorized charges

Kaye Kean on Jul 1, 2016
Cricket double charged my debit card and will not refund the funds. I am disabled and Cricket took over $100 for one month of service that ONLY costs $40. When I contacted them first they would refund unauthorized 3 days. When I explained my situation, the man was very rude and purposly...

Cricket Wireless / Getting an unlock code from them when leaving after over 1 year

PlanoBill on Jun 18, 2016
On June 17, 2016 I went to a different company and they ported my number thus cancelling my cricket account. I called cricket wireless to request an unlock code for my Microsoft Lumia 640 that I had purchased from them in May of 2015. I was first told that I could get the number in 24...

Cricket Wireless - Georgia, Toccoa / Community Relations

Haleyp on Jun 17, 2016
The strip mall store in Toccoa, GA, has a HUGE speaker they use to hold the door open. The employees play very loud and vulgar music that broadcasts around the whole area. I don't like that language and definitely don't want my young children hearing it. Very offensive, and they will never...

Cricket Wireless - Arizona, Maricopa / Lack of knowledge & complete negligence

Wendy Wright-Herrera on Jun 13, 2016
LACK OF KNOWLEDGE & FLAT OUT LIARS!!! I contacted Cricket customer service to see if they had an international plan that covered Italy, Switzerland and France. I was told they had 2 international plans, Mexico and Canada for $5 per month or for $15 per month We would have coverage in the...

Cricket Wireless / Phone service

Akblue on Jun 8, 2016
I have been a reliable costumer to cricket close to 15 years and cricket wireless was unreliable on June 3rd 2016 and for days there after. As my experience with costumer service was horrible like always. Of coarse my payment went through during this time and when I asked for service to be...

Cricket Wireless / service for cell phone outage

Tracy Bee on Jun 3, 2016
This evening, June 3, 2016, I and millions of other Cricket customers are without any ability to communicate with the outside world through texting or calling. My family has 5 Cricket lines and none of us were able to communicate with each other which has been very stressful and worrisome...

Cricket Wireless - Oregon, Portland / Phone service, customer service

Melomania on Jun 3, 2016
My cell phone has not had service an entire day now. My Bill is current however only emergency calls can be made. Its impossible to get a customer service rep on the phone, or answers about why they have no network. I do not pay them to not be able to contact anyone. I have missed call...

Cricket Wireless / Cell Phone Service

Ana123456789 on Jun 3, 2016
First of all, they had horrible customer service in the actual store. It took forever for these young girls to get it together and stop laughing and messing up. It is impossible to talk to actual customer service. You can opt to "chat" online, but it may take forever for them to...

Cricket Wireless - Georgia, Atlanta / Will not accept canadian credit card

Andy Motter on May 30, 2016
On recent trip to Florida I bought two cell phones from Cricket wireless .One for my wife and one for me. Purchased 40 dollar plan, which was good for service entire US . When I returned to Canada ', I realized that if I had purchased a $ 70 plan that they would unlock the phone and that I...

Cricket Wireless / Entire website and customer service

William Campbellnc on May 5, 2016
On 5/2/16 I went on the cricket website and attempted to purchase a phone and rate plan. I had difficulty with the website and called cust. serv. The gentleman at cust serv walked me through the transaction as far as he could and I then told him that I would complete it on line. He told me...

Cricket Wireless / Mobile Phone

Egirl3268 on Apr 17, 2016
1 Jenny block my network suspended my service and now I have a brand new phone I paid in full therefore I own it and can not go to another service. I my child has been taken for months and I get no income and to comply with my order because I just got my son back days ago I have to have a...

Cricket Wireless - Washington, Lacey / Phone replacement

Kylette Wilkinson on Apr 14, 2016
Well first of all I am on my sons account with cricket, he bought me a new phone from the cricket store in Lacey wash on gallaxy way, the third day after I finally picked it up to start putting in my account and different info needed the next evening it suddenly made a loud sound for 15...

Cricket Wireless - Georgia, Toccoa / Phone service, employees, customer service representatives, etc.

Reviewer57940 on Mar 2, 2016
In January 2016, I purchased a second phone and line. The phone never worked from activation and was told it was a glitch in the system it will work in 2 hours. 2 days later my phone still not working properly. I took it back and they exchanged Sims and nothing. I til them I wanted to...

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