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Cricket Wireless Complaints & Reviews

Cricket Wireless / Payment process

Lola Beee on Jan 21, 2017
I have been with Cricket Wireless for about 2 years now. However, I just recently processed a payment of $30 for my account. I received the message && it was on my bank statement. So you would think it went through right? Wrong! I had to make ANOTHER $30 payment and the customer service...

Cricket Wireless / Samsung amp2 cell phone

Elisha Farnan Dickens on Jan 20, 2017
My husband bought me a phone from the Cricket Wireless Store at 6248 Rufe Snow, NRH, Tx on Christmas eve. The speaker immediately did not work when making calls out. As it was a busy week, we had to wait for the weekend to return the phone. When we took the phone back to the retailer to...

Cricket Wireless / Kyocera hydro view

Diana Collins Ramage on Jan 19, 2017
Checked online before buying and Cricket has the Kyocera Hydroview listed as a mobile hot spot combatable phone and the box also says Mobile hotspot. I bought it and now can't get mobile hot spot. Very deceptive . I now have to go buy another phone. Why is this phone listed as mobile hot...

Cricket Wireless / Online order

soterikone on Jan 18, 2017
Order Number: 121057845 Ordered on November 28, 2016 (credit card was charged on that date) I never received my phone. I have paid the monthly protection plan fee for the last 2 months even though I have no phone. Over the last 50 days or so I have spent over 25 hours of my time on the...

Cricket Wireless / I'm complaint about insurance company with cricket

Mets1204 on Jan 16, 2017
Cricket wireless service is a rip off with their insurance protection device by charging million of people protection for your device for 7 dollar a months. After you paying the phone insurance 7 dollar a months and you phone come out broke or defected. The insurance want to charge you 75...

Cricket Wireless / Unethical behaviour

goatfreak on Jan 16, 2017
Cricket wireless store located at 1810 vaughn rd, wood river illinois; on january 14 my wife and I had stopped at the above cricket location to check on getting a sd card put I her phone so as to give phone more storage capacity. Her phone, a motorola (no longer being offered) , could not...

Cricket Wireless / Seller/customer service

Zvjezdan Malesevic on Jan 6, 2017
Cricket Wireless Store at adress: 825 N.Main Newton, KS 67114 Siously this place has some of the most rude people for sellers/customer service. I have never felt so insulted and disrespected by any seller/Manager of store ever in my entire life. The representative and Supervisor/Manager...

Cricket Wireless / Lack of service

Gailee on Jan 5, 2017
Cricket's call center message states that they provide reliable network. This is far from the truth. I was told that with my plan I can call to canada and from canada. I was in toronto, canada from 12/22/16 through 12/29/16. The whole time I was there I did not have service. I called using...

Cricket Wireless / Cell phone company

Sheryl elerick on Jan 1, 2017
I went in to switch to cricket and there was a young guy there who i found out after a while was fresh outta prison. The crew there (including the manager) all knew. He even asked me to tell him how to 'clean up' for a drug test. (Like i would know). He set up my phone in the wrong name...

Cricket Wireless / Refund of my payment since I am not using your wireless

rickbrennan38 on Dec 31, 2016
I have been asking for my refund of the 70.00 I spent for the next month's service and I get told yesterday oh as soon as the money is cleared to cricket I can have it back. Now today I am told that I am not allowed to get the money back since I changed my wireless services to another...

Cricket Wireless / Suspended services

MzTrinitee Min Blanks on Dec 29, 2016
On 12/28/16 I re-activated a 2nd phone onto an already active account. The active account was paid through 01/04/2017. I was asked to pay a certain amt to re-activate which I did and 2nd phone line became active. On 12/29/16 I woke to find both phones had been suspended for payment and...

Cricket Wireless / Unlocking a phone

Emanuel Schrock on Dec 15, 2016
12/15/2016 Someone gave me a Cricket phone, and before they did they called in to have it unlocked. Cricket told them it was now unlocked and we were good to go. After purchasing a service plan with another carrier, I tried to put the new SIM card into the phone and found the phone to be...

Cricket Wireless / LG Stylus 2 cell phone

probationgirl on Dec 12, 2016
I purchased my phone online 12/2/16 and received it 12/5/16, 7 days ago. And as I was leaving work the phone fell out my hand. I had purchased a $30.00 protector case for my cell and the screen still shattered. I would like to purchase the phone again, like I did on line at the same...

Cricket Wireless / Customer rep cancelling without permission and then overcharge omg

Mistyfigs on Nov 29, 2016
I went to pay my bill of 140 dollars in lytle and ask Naomi the customer rep about price difference on my bill if I turned of one line So she mistakly cancelled one of my lines So then we had to call the customer service line after almost almost 2 hrs of talking with manger Gerald id Num...

Cricket Wireless / Im complaining about services being turned off and not refunded back my money

Latosha Young on Nov 19, 2016
I called cricket on the 2nd of november and asked if they can shut my phone off because it has been lost are stoolen so i paid my $70 dollars on the 1st of november and the 2nd is when i told them to shut it off ok my phone i guess reappared in my house and i tried reactivating my service...

Cricket Wireless / Waste of time and money

Yolanda G on Nov 15, 2016
I'm tired of repeating this story I bought a cricket cell phone online, I never got it. I spoke many times to customer service and just wasted my time. No one could offer me a real solution. Even though I am a good customer for two years, who are charged the direct service of my bank...

Cricket Wireless / ZTE monthly phone bill

Veryupset0514 on Nov 4, 2016
I processed a 1 time payment for Cricket Wireless of $50.00 and they have managed to take out 7 payments all together of $50.00 a piece. I contacted my bank yesterday with Richard from Cricket Wireless on the line and spoke to a Manager by the name of Jess. Jess refunded my account the 6...

Cricket Wireless / "scam ripoff, lies"

Jessica W. on Nov 2, 2016
I recently switched my account from Metro PCS to Cricket wireless and joined my fiancé's account. The experience with the management and corporate office at cricket wireless has left me regretting this cell phone carrier switch. My fiancé's bill was due by the 29th who is the account holder...

Cricket Wireless Abilene, TX / Product and service

Katherine Badding on Sep 26, 2016
September, 2016 Decided to change service and service provider. Someone had suggested Cricket although they, personally, had not tried them. I should have know better! Not a single call, incoming or outgoing, was satisfactory--calls dropped, calls so noisy I could not be heard properly...

Cricket Wireless / Phone service

Dana Sia on Sep 17, 2016
My Mother's phone number 469-834-9091 that I purchased at Cricket Wireless kept dropping calls up to 4 and 5 times a call for well over ten days. She is blind and cannot drive so her caregiver drove her to the store on Greenville in Dallas. I had not even been 30 days and the problem did...

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